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kiss boom


there are electrons passing from my lips to yours 

when we kiss 

some infinite number of universes  

dissolve between us in the warm spit of passion 

and when I close my eyes and feel your tongue 

ask such sweet questions it's like  

it’s like 

the most enormous thing 

could not possibly mean less  

and I can feel it now  

it is the life that we live again as we ...

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the bird and the puddle

there is a small grey puddle 

in a cave in a far-off country  

that may or may not exist  

and at night a plain black bird  

flies a thousand miles  

to land in this puddle  

and when its feet and legs  

raise the temperature of the puddle  

by just 0.001%  

it is enough to warm the water  

and because of this 

the most beautiful orchid  

is finally allowed to b...

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perfect grass poem

mother said there is a garden inside me  

and not father not no-one can kick me so hard  

that the grass will bruise and I will drink enough  

from fractured men that the fountain behind my   

midnight will keep flowing out keep everything wet  

warm sacred and if I ever let you cut me open  

the orchids will smell of a beautiful confusion 

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sexual apocalypse at the gym poem

imagine if you had stayed there forever 

on the cross fit, arms flailing comically 

legs metronomic, pumping sad alone 

nothing in your stomach but powdery bile 

sweat pouring off you, drenching the floor 

pooling in dewy puddles on the pedals 

staining the blue carpet tiles, trickling  

in salty ravines, hitting the mirrors 

cascading down the steps, bursting forth 


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you are freefall among the pine needles 

motes of dust and sunset pepper your face 

we had found a box of matches  

burnt every one within five minutes 

gambled away our fingertips 

on who could last the longest 

if i could weigh this memory now 

it would be wolves and yearning 

a liquid mess seething through the forest 

some jawline ruining my welcoming throat 

a fai...

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cosmic fuck poem

the search for god becomes a suffocation 

stab the fat star spill yolk across the sky 

yellow a scream across the de-tuned darkness 

touch my lips, breakdown this sunset songbird 

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i found your fingernails in my cereal again this morning  

then you float in to the room like a virus or a daydream 

we take out our eyes and place them on the table 

such horrible things, like birthday jelly they wait patiently 

 for the atrocities to occur, a metronomic ebb and flow 

a cat is rescued from a fire/five dead in school shooting 

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think back/pink black

i am idiot young and 

in the back of the car 

i close my eyes just so 

the light of the sun 

between the trees beats a tattoo 

behind my lids and lenses 

and that is all I want to be 

just then - isolation 

pink black pink black pink black 

a heartbeat from 8 minutes before 

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when i was younger i was terrified of death  

of light peeking through my tired skin 

but now I am positive that death is just like 

leaning back on a chair and it tips over but  

never hits the floor,  

and you fall and you fall 

soft warm hands 

touching the parts of you that are fracture

breathless and that brings me comfort so maybe 

i am going crazy or maybe all thi...

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i am made of water and so are you



oh monster/oh mother now here is confusion 

when i lay with you, lets sleep with nothing on 

the lamps on fire and oh would you put it 

where i am made of childhood fear 

plant seeds in my mouth and pull wolves from my tongue 

that trees could flow forth from smoothest confusion 

grow apples so red that the doctor is weeping 

while for you I am starving I am starving...

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short poem after chronicling the lessening of sentience in my mothers emails during the past year

one day my mother will die 

trembling yellow fracture 

birdsong on the radio 

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Amoebius (For National Poetry Day)

and yes, they said it was the end  

on the screaming siren news channels  

before the set was switched off by hands  

that had, just an hour ago, touched the purest part of you  

as the ball of fire cut ribbons of blinding despair  

through the evening sigh like a sunset  

but 50x the speed 

50x the oh my god isn't it beautiful 


because we don’t fear death in this hous...

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tanka for the nemophilia

spring defies winter 


ibaraki's acid bruise 


piercing litmus noise 


detune freezing radio 


submission to fleeting hope 

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even though it's all switched off, a constant hum

the world is finally ending and everyone is in the street fucking

and we cling to this awful rock while somewhere a wild dog rips a child

to pieces, its jaws locking together like lovers hands on a cold night as they

explore the cartography on their wrists, laughing at the idea they

will ever be old and spitting softly in aching, welcome mouths

the world is finally ending and everyo...

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Azeotropic distillation

in svalbard, i watch the northern lights

a neon bruise on the tiny patch of infinity that 

fizzes endless chaos atoms above my head


we’re the ghosts of those who touched us

but if you distil the maelstrom down to its purest form

all that’s left is your heart pumping blood, your brain crackling

and the saliva that passes between our lips when we kiss

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cellular automata

i found a single seashell alone in outer space

engraved with  ancient language


i climbed into the wash of its vacuum

rest my head against the smooth inner wall


closed my eyes, let it drift towards so much nothing

a billion years of starlight warmed my blood


and this is how i learned to love, upon the letting go

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haiku - jasmine

winds from shikoku

wild jasmine falls like pale clouds

settles on white hair

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the quiet room

there is a room in minnesota that is so quiet

you can hear your blood trickle through your veins

no one can stand it, but I wish I was there

to hear my body shut down

     here is a liver

     here is a lung

     here is the panicked thrum of a heart that is dying

     here is the piss and fuzz of the brain

     realising it is alone


what does hope sound like?


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