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(a beginning

and while they kiss

(and what a Kiss,

a kiss to send atoms spiralling,

luminousStars above) the world ends

and ends around their feet (her reds

on his browns, the better to reach)

the collision of planets (like lips,

like feet,

hers red his brown) StarLights

the night sky white

until nothing never moves no-more

SadSad they kiss

FeetLips dissolve

the great (di...

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me and Annie (or is it Annie and i) (or poem which succeeded a period of time in which i only read e.e. cummings)


(in my sixty years)

was there One

(in my


slate grey



that felt




than yOu

(just dOn’t




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jocasta awakens from a dream

a breath away from sunrise, she swallows the neon light

that casts xylophonic slivers on to the cardboard walls

draped in nothing but a smile she whirls;

cyclonic amongst the explosion of monarchs

stained glass skippers she catches in her hand

some flying free, some crushed beneath bare feet

like panic breaths taken while held underwater

and when the sun turns up the volume on...

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