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it is a sphere

after Newfound Planets


i have discovered a planet

a peach bruise cloud scoots sweet along the sky

now visualise the starshine spatter like pastels

and a drop that drips

then drops again

and ‘piffs’ in the kiln baked apricot dust

sending up a whisper of dirt.

we have discovered a planet

it is a sphere of awful seas and glaciers that move…

…at their own pace. perha...

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the fawn

something soft fell to the earth that night

still warm from descent, chalk on slate

the sleep abandoned heard the faint hum

the damp leather crack as it hit the island

pulsing, the colour of ripe corn and battery yolks

the smell of june drop fruit and charcoal

from its bowels crawled a single, white fawn

all teeter and stumble, dripped with mucus

from the throat of a child,...

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a new anhedonia

my first real kiss was with a man I did not know

who took his pants down while I cried    and

held me up against the wall

behind the shops             I was nine and

I felt him against me

as he taught me my body was for giving

to whoever was saddest              angriest

and that night I ran home to my mother

thinking of the softness of his tongue

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he must be full by now

once her daughter had called her beautiful so she wore it like silk

with a smile of clarified butter that smokes in the pan

the second before the heady pits of cumin, mustard

and cardamom hit the tarnished copper,

release their muddy fragrances in to the kitchen that now

is made up of the man who took her ocean away

every surface a split lip smile, windows flecked with spittle


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tabitha and the lawn

when tabitha died the whole street lit up like a neon wilderness

the birds fluttered crazy in the ghost trees and around the roofs

the small, simple man from the corner house opened his mouth

and from it poured radiance the likes of which we had never seen before

a creature moved in to tabitha’s place, something mossy and revolting

we called it the lawn because it had patches of gra...

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dramamine blues

notice: the dirty light through the window is picking out

the melanotic filaments that runrampantinthecorneroftheeye(s)

fixed on an upturned shoe its sole smeared

with shit notice: every book i own tells a story

but not one book tells mine notice: can we blink

through that something that the sun bakes in to our eyes notice:

all the gifted people are asleep on the floor dreaming


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seventeen children

blood like spilt milk

coats the floor but

it’s not the amniotic blood

that signals a purple life

it’s an exit wound

a splinter of bone

it’s walking hand in hand

like a snake across a schoolyard

cursed, like the serpent

not to crawl on its stomach

but for stomachs to crawl

here is my best friends face

jawbone peeking, so

lord, let mother nature

spread her l...

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i shall be dumped where the weed decays

as i walked in the hot kiln sun

i saw two men sat beside a haiku pond

complete with emerald-pad lilies, swollen frog

and blossom that pinked as I approached

one man was made of screeching flesh

he dangled a fishing line in to the cloudless water

he made my thick, warm blood harden

with swollen cock against my pork fat cheeks

he did not catch a thing but shame

the other m...

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folds of lace

[like winter smoke]

[like quires of tear stained parchment]

sit heavy against the ruddy


of the shabby white van

[there are some noises she cannot hear]

where the man with the limp

[like a pirate she thought at first]

[[still young]]

will drive her to the trees

to touch her again

through winter tears

through folds of lace [like smoke]



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me and Annie (or is it Annie and i) (or poem which succeeded a period of time in which i only read e.e. cummings)


(in my sixty years)

was there One

(in my


slate grey



that felt




than yOu

(just dOn’t




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