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Amoebius (For National Poetry Day)

and yes, they said it was the end  

on the screaming siren news channels  

before the set was switched off by hands  

that had, just an hour ago, touched the purest part of you  

as the ball of fire cut ribbons of blinding despair  

through the evening sigh like a sunset  

but 50x the speed 

50x the oh my god isn't it beautiful 


because we don’t fear death in this hous...

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tanka for the nemophilia

entry picture

spring defies winter 


ibaraki's acid bruise 


piercing litmus noise 


detune freezing radio 


submission to fleeting hope 

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even though it's all switched off, a constant hum

the world is finally ending and everyone is in the street fucking

and we cling to this awful rock while somewhere a wild dog rips a child

to pieces, its jaws locking together like lovers hands on a cold night as they

explore the cartography on their wrists, laughing at the idea they

will ever be old and spitting softly in aching, welcome mouths

the world is finally ending and everyo...

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Azeotropic distillation

in svalbard, i watch the northern lights

a neon bruise on the tiny patch of infinity that 

fizzes endless chaos atoms above my head


we’re the ghosts of those who touched us

but if you distil the maelstrom down to its purest form

all that’s left is your heart pumping blood, your brain crackling

and the saliva that passes between our lips when we kiss

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cellular automata

i found a single seashell alone in outer space

engraved with  ancient language


i climbed into the wash of its vacuum

rest my head against the smooth inner wall


closed my eyes, let it drift towards so much nothing

a billion years of starlight warmed my blood


and this is how i learned to love, upon the letting go

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haiku - jasmine

winds from shikoku

wild jasmine falls like pale clouds

settles on white hair

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the quiet room

there is a room in minnesota that is so quiet

you can hear your blood trickle through your veins

no one can stand it, but I wish I was there

to hear my body shut down

     here is a liver

     here is a lung

     here is the panicked thrum of a heart that is dying

     here is the piss and fuzz of the brain

     realising it is alone


what does hope sound like?


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