Poor me ' poor you ' poor us

As you sit there. ' in dispare .

Remember its your own doing that lead you here.... 

Blame thy neighbor.

Blame thy boss.

Your pity party is your own " dame loss.

As you walk ' talk and pounder your life.

Worries and struggles and a un happy life.

Your pitty party had created your doing.

Your pitty party is the cause of your ruins.

The morning breeze has secrets to tell. 

Stay awake and leave your own hell.

The future is bright.

The future is calm.

You hold your world in your very own pam.

Blame thy universe.

Blame your god

Look in the mirror and give that nod, oo look its me , begins the pitty. 

You can only change your self and not your city.

Looking pretty / pathetic .

Acting extremely wreckless.

Thrown away all of your effort all because your feeling nackerd. 

Thats bulls##t and you know it, so act like it and show it...

Your pitty party is a lame game. 

Your The only cause of your own pain.

Pull up your socks and slap on that lippy,calm your own storm and keep that mind zipped ' tell your worries " no more lip..


Gracefully gliding and constant reminding of where you want to be.

Open your eyes and jump for faith, take control and dont contemplate.

If ones to blame and still points that finger.

Take responsibility and it shall no longer linger..

Frown not no more '  and open those doors and allow the magic to flow.

To fall is not failure ' to give up is quite sad. 

Change ones perspective and be empowered not mad.

I bet tomorrow you be extremely happy. you found your big girls pants and no longer need your nappy.

A pat on the back is what you should give now go take control and continue to live :-)






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lisa donohoe

Tue 15th Jan 2019 00:29

Very true sal... And thank you po 😃


Mon 14th Jan 2019 17:10

Reading in awe...



Big Sal

Mon 14th Jan 2019 13:31

I think tests of resolve happen to us all, but it is the strength to rise above such notions and manifestations that make us better people than we once were.

Strength to you and yours.


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lisa donohoe

Mon 14th Jan 2019 12:44

I was once this individual, but after much soul searching and alot of sucking up. I learnt to fight trew all of my storms and still struggle but I shall never give up and bow down to my own problems no more. Hopefully it will inspire more to cop on and act accordingly in order to keep moving with the wind...
A strong mind is 100% your best friend.
Thank you for your support sal, love and light to you.

Big Sal

Mon 14th Jan 2019 12:28

Immediately upon reading the title I was drawn in to this piece.

I truly hate when people play 'pity me' or play the victim for their own benefit instead of sucking it up and strengthening their resolve for one more fight - they simply roll over and let the worst happen.

Lovely sentiment, should be placed on a plaque above Cus D'Amato's headstone.

Like the elegy to a fighter's spirit, since living humans rarely fight that hard to gain a positive mental attitude.

Great piece, Lisa.👍

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