Twin flame

Oneness and yet divided.

For we split only to gain more insight to the true meaning of unconditional love.

You are my mirror ' and I am yours.

No filter or secret compartments locked away in our souls.

You see what I see and in return I am also your eyes.

I breathe and your heart beats.

I walk a million steps ' yet its your feet that bleed.

I climb the mountains and yet your body carrys the aches.

Wholeness and exploring.

Loving and adoring.

Arguments and snoring.

Exciting and boring.

The good ' the bad ' the ugly.

I signed this contract with the pulse of my heart.

I stand by it , even when we part.

You can run & you can hide

But I will keep searching until I win my find.

He was a runner and that was ok Because in his absence I found my own way.....

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 13th Feb 2019 21:54

That is one of the most touching things I think I've read. I said before there's a kind of raw honesty in your writing that comes across so clearly. It's beautiful Lisa. I really love this.☺

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lisa donohoe

Wed 9th Jan 2019 14:04

Unfortunately when they find each other it is inevitable that one will run, and one will chase, the runner is 99% of the time the man.. The separation is so painful and yet its only purpose is to help each grow..

And that we did.
And now he has returned and after the deep rawness of our past has finally been laid to rest, the beginning of our future is more exciting than our last...
Eternally grateful and always expressed. 💕

<Deleted User> (16837)

Wed 9th Jan 2019 12:02

this is just so so awesome 😍

...if a person can feel their twin flame, they should never let them go....this is one in a trillion opportunity, and you could b one lucky person, tz a blessing from God.❤

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