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Stick Around

stick around 
see how it comes out 
what blows up 
how it goes down 

this all can’t be right 
suckers just having a good night 
as time goes by 
even simple recognizes

a bad thing that can’t last
all things must pass 
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

I’ve done my time 
with lessons that weren’t mine 
wanna sit back awhile 
watch it all burn down

how the mighty fall 
leaving spa...

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it’s this or it’s that 
could be anything 

it can’t 

it’s how you frame it
what you name it 

taxonomic chills 
nomenclatural walls 

what do you take me for
 “why” explains it 

one day they’ll drop the labels 
and the names 

this against that 
white against black 

dog versus cat 
all cliches 

the only thing that matters 
as you prepare to battle is how it’s fra...

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Hey Youth!!!

you got that thing 

everybody wants 


simplicity; innocence 

you can’t bottle up


truth comes late 

quickly turns hard 


some say 

it cant be regained 


few know 

how to hold on 


I say it’s in mind 

don’t sell it out


you know what it is 

don’t think that hard


I take and give it 

the way I love






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Plot Reversals

Plot reversals

burned my tongue on you 
words hot 
how the smoke rose 
from my pockets  

I broke my head on these
very thoughts 
concussions echo
losing the plot 

things have been flipped 
I seem to be in your film 
all my assumptions
on the ground

middle class artists
hesitate and miss
haunts them from above

what am I without these tools
these indulgences 

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A lot of people

I warned him I told him 

a pretty girl is never alone 


he seemed to work on instinct 

jealous of my phone 


lie he’d try what hundreds 

had already done 


you’d be amazed how unoriginal 

most of them truly are 


a lot of people want to touch me 

but I’m rarely touched 


I thought I’d give him a taste 

of what he wanted or so he thought



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Public Performance


lonely America
I wanna put my arms around you 
before you reach for yours 

I wanna kiss you scandalously 
I wanna know how your day's been 

before you collapse into 
your familiar patterns 

of hate 
and sugar addiction 

I’m listening 
I’m here 

you know how to 
touch me

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how amusing

I go to the edge of myself 

then take a step back 

I suspect it’s courage 

that I lack 


I look at where I’ve been then 

vertigo calls 

telling me to keep moving 

leading me on 


I meet you on this journey 

I love the company 

but where I’m going 

there’s not even space for one


the muse refuses all tributes

the muse denies salvation

cracking t...

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I like it done medium 

my pleasures, rare 

more than a bit of repetition 

is more than I can bear 


counted up to a trillion stars 

in the night sky 

I’ve tied one shoe on while

undressing you twice 


and it all gets tedious 

it all gets heavy 

with the taste of wine 

and the smell of yesterday 


it all gets tedious 

you were just saying 

that ...

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Good Readers

good readers 
never finish books

they pick up 
missing straws 

trying to forget 
those images 

turning memories 
over hot surfaces 

until love melts 
over their hands 

on the messy slice
of a page

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Finishing Strong

first act was hastily written 

lot of characters quickly forgotten 

technical problems with lighting and sets 


second added complications 

it was not without distractions 

it was dark but held my interest 


in the third they made it all work 

energy and music came together 

unexpected themes and twists


tied up in patterns that made 

the whole experience ...

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ideas against steel 

ideas against law 

blood and bone 


lighting up your mind 

haunting your daytime 

always looking for a home 


they feel realer 

than stress 

or disappointment 


they come straight 

from the divine 

to land in your heart

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People you may know

you demand complexity 
your heart’s bored 
as if people were a problem 
that could be solved 

they’re well put together 
maybe not 
you always get to a point 
where they fall apart 

then you’re smug 
how strong you are 
it’s never enough 

as you’ve always known 
you’ve got to be tough
heart’s just a muscle 
that wants to work out 

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Into the camera

look into the camera 

staring at yourself 

from a future you think 

“what a naive kid”


into the camera 

you understand 

all the expressions 

of dead relatives


for a moment you can feel 

time in your hands 

from a sense of recognition 

to the blur in your stare


empty hours 

through the glass 

vibrate your possessions 

with hums of the past


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Prove you're not a robot

I am not a robot 

I’m not that handsome 

I make too many mistakes 

have messy penmanship 


I meet many robots 

I understand your concerns 

why are you showing me pictures 

of hills and motorcycles 


some day a robot will do my job 

some day a robot will make my love 

until that day i’ll do my best to respond 

make jokes and get many things wrong 

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No hands



everything moves 

towards freedom 



demands release 


entropy as beauty 

beauty as a way of being



and mushrooms



as we take off our pants



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This is a gift

This is a gift

don’t tell me

you don’t know

what it is


we work till we

can’t afford it

open it there’s no time

like the present


I give you everything

that’s hidden

you can do anything

you want with it


spend it all

in one place

or save every last

second of it


we could dream eight billion dreams

we could speak a million languages


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This song will save us

while we’re rolling pennies 
and cooking on a wire 
and all your sisters millions 
have gone up in a fire 

this song will save us 
It’ll roll off our tongues 

locked in the laundry room 
robots are broken 
all delivery vans 
gone flat in Hoboken 

I’ll sing you a line 
and you’ll reply with a rhyme 

when he’s back in power 
and promises rain down 
in the final hours before 

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Zooming You

I don’t talk for free 
I get paid to talk 
while you’re talking to me 
my rate just went up 

we can talk about anything 
I’ll make something up 
let me give you a code 
that connects to your account 

“the world’s bothering me” 
I hear that a lot 
there’s still something for free
you can do about it 

direct action 
or making art 
or doing nothing 
just talking about it

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Do you want my fries?

I’ve got your keys 
you need them, they’re here 

you can come over and get them 
or I can meet you in an hour 

I know you were worried 
I didn’t see your messages 

I was doing my own thing 
sorry I was so distracted 

but I’ve got your keys 
don’t worry they’re here 

I can meet you in an hour 
or I could come there

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My Very Own Mistakes

they’re so beautiful 
they’re mine 
I visit them all the time 

I rewind them 
remix them 
with you I revisit them 

I never let them go 
I dress them up
for my shows 

My very own mistakes 
polished to a glare
My very own mistakes 
haunt me everywhere 

I think of the horrible things 
I’ve said 
cruel things I’ve done 
before I go to bed 
I think of you all at once
new mi...

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I am the problem

it’s me 

it’s always been me

 as long as you’ve 

been watching 


I’ve been counting 

the times 

I’ve stepped on 

your lines 


and it’s taken 


from me 

at times 


what makes the fit 

what makes sense

 what do you get when 

you can’t make it all blend 


I’m the problem 

I take the blame

into my stomach 

and can make ...

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Curing the Past

is there something I can do

one thing, nothing 

that scent, that perfume

wafting, grating


no one else in the room 

moods talk, memories start

everything melts into you 



curing the past 

without your hands

signs dance 

every color in black


curing the past 

bending spoons

imaging this world 

feeling the solitude



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You’re imperfect 

so imperfect 

I worship 

the idea of you 


in practice 

things go badly 

in my mind 

it always works 


I need you to be strong for me

in those moments when all seems lost 


I’ll be whatever you want

in our hearts we know we’re not wrong 


just imperfect 

so imperfect 

we’ve got our work 

cut out for us 


for a li...

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Something else

try if you dare 

where no one treads 

that singular path 

deep into nowhere 


that something else 

eludes you still 

keeps you restless 

for good or ill


until your last breath

you’ll be doing it to death  

as you still haven’t felt

that something else 


nobody holds it 

no one owns 

tempted by it 

driven by madness 


carved from rawn...

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Try and try 

an act of will 

touch yourself 

like taking a pill 


curtains down 

on the world 

someone’ll do 

your job at work 


preserve yourself

precious amber 

before reality 

reaches its hammer 


self-care aisle 

stretches a mile 

turn those fears 

into smiles 


those rituals 

mystical powers 

allow you to act 

normal tom...

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The Humanities

It wrote me- 


I can’t make any claim to musical virtuosity, vocal prowess, or poetic genius, but I think I just made the best record of my career. 

I have no idea how it happened, what I did, or how the pieces fit, but this thing just came out of me and I can almost pretend it’s not mine and I think it sounds pretty good. 

I wrote my own parts quickly- I don’t really remember the “ho...

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