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natures can't be parsed

we contain this paradox 

with you where it counts

hours where things fall apart


mysteries remain unmoved

we get into the groove

questions expand, still,

I wanna hold your hand


morning thinking comes

where the evening backs away

residues of dreams

haunt the working day


closer to your dimensions

expanding into space


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Today's friendly poem


as life expands in all directions

as roots stretch to catch sustenance 


as old forms are shed   

decay fulfills its function


turning the dead 

over on a bed of resurrection 


rest assured as life continues  

in creating new likelihoods


it will invent

new forms of stupid


there will always be ways

to clean out the system


the bar w...

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We could be artists


We could live without security 

Jumping between short-term scenes


Being paid exactly what we think 

To produce images of quality 


We'd have the validation of our peers

We wouldn't need our families 


What they considered wasted years

Would return in new opportunities 


Like church without boring parts 

Like school without low marks


We'd get...

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Drawing Circles



  Drawing Circles (Gaulke/Brown)


She's calling you from faraway

from the place that doesn't change

on the border of dreams and memories 

where everything decays


you miss sundays on the beach

weekdays on tv

nothing then seems boring now

in a so-so pizza place


with a magnet in her hand

drawing circl...

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Another Thing Again


shined, ready

reaching equilibrium 

something in the universe 

despises boredom


another thing again

in the world of men 

constant vigilance 

chaos creation


another thing again

maybe two at a time

wearing you down

to a fine finish


century-old harpoons 

stuck in your side 

streams of currents 

smooth the ride


don't get too comf...

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in this city you're always meeting

people working in content 


serving deeply stupid morbidly 

obese racist viewers programs


these people are charming

go to their parties 


meeting their vacations, 

wives, children 


eating while talking

about side projects


and what they want 

to be doing, ideally


recognize the outlines of their s...

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Playing Adults


we find ourselves in situations

without a clue, without directions


going as far as we can

before the line dips in the red


memories of childhood 

through adolescence


remind us that 

we've always done this 


when there was someone 

to call for help


now there's someone on the floor

a fire starting next door 


or bad news from stars 


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Miss Stoic


I never learned how to love

I never pretended to care


people just crashed into me 

and I met them there


I waited with them

then waved them away


I never learned how to give

because I liked what I had


I didn't require strangers 

with problems to share 


I remain a good diplomat

until the end of the affair


the colder I am

the cl...

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lot of explaining to do

lot of catching up


now that they've gotten

a taste of who they are 


there's a world to celebrate

every hidden flaw


a net full of people

to explore meaning through


if they weren't abused as a child 

they will be as an adult

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It's dirty everywhere

It's filthy 

the smell

I don't think will leave


You should see yourself

You should see me 

Our composure left

Before we could


There's no alternative

No experts

We need to start to dig 

With our fingernails


It's inevitable

We could feel it

We stuck around

Out of fear and habit

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pledge drive promises



I could show you nothing

like it was ever before


you’d be entitled 

to your skepticism


I’d show 

you more


taking you to the edge 

of comfortable


we’d peer over the ledge 

without letting go


I ask you how you’re feeling

your eyes start to glow


like an essay question

on speaker phone 


just because 

I’ve got you...

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Traveling with you


from the line of approach
I see the beginning and end
vibrant colors and height
I estimate on fingers


emerging from the cockpit
you're inviting me in
assuring me of efficiencies
swallowing time and distance


cocktails of emotions

excitement and dread
we look at each other
and start to swim


overland, underwater
through dimensions
how were we still

for suc...

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Like Snowden

blow me away like Snowden
tell me everything you know about me

then I’ll take you to an undisclosed location
and we can dick around like cheney

you present as mild mannered and innocent
but I know what’s lurking

under that vanilla email address
in a pair of wolford stockings

you want security you want privacy
yet you post everything you feel

you’re heading for an identity

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Noise of the World


When the noise of the world

Gets under my silence

I bite my lip and think of you 

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It's just not now


I have these moments

Where I forget 

What I'm feeling 

On the bus or in the park


Just for a moment

Before my life resumes

I could be

Anything at all



Outer space dust

Mixed with water 

The mind wanders far


Returning to this life

With a cue 

From my memories

Igniting my brow


Muscles contract

Nerves react 


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The Dreaded Pink Monkey


Never really swings

Feeds on everything

Breeds in forests

Clear cut of trees


Rarely plays with others

Doesn’t detach from mothers

Walks upright while

Cheating on lovers


Communicates with difficulty

Making tools for killing  

Sometimes lives in tribes

Shares styles willingly


We've tried conservation

It only leads to devastation

Scanning ...

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We're the news

your brand and my brand

got into a fight

my brand 

is apologizing


your brand is sensitive

to perceptions of hostility

my brand is about

creating understanding


my brand is making love 

to your brand

your brand is 

staring out the window


your brand has a tremendous 

marketing budget

my brand has 

close to zero


our brands fight 


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Ways of Being


I'm him 

you're her

he's me

she's you


they're us

we're them 

that's it

all at once


both alive

at the same time

walking the earth 

as humans 


with sets of genitals 

what a coincidence

we were made 

for each other 

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Meals on Heels


I try to cook 

your recipes by myself

as if I could ever get 

that feeling back as well


spinach goes burning

in the sauce 

what was supposed to be gourmet 

gets fucked up


I allow myself to be seduced 

by labels at the store

I buy things for two 

so the cashier won’t know 


ice cream goes missing

after an hour 

flatware scraping china


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Exactly; I don't know


The death of one thing means

The birth of something else

Stuck in the middle 

We can't see either end


Searching for forwards

The horizon expands

The past shrinks till

It fits in our hands


The photograph shows us

On our backs

Confident the World's 

Behind us


One moment lasts

Until the next one snaps

There's tension's there 

To remind ...

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Drunk in the museum


the floor moves us

hors d'oeuvres, snails

18th century chandeliers 

hang from nails


all this jewelry on 

mummified bodies

a spirit drinks us in

where appetites fail


at a social function 

strutting like lemon chicken 

lost in reverberations

drunk in the museum


history means nothing

without a kiss

missing hints about 

the mystery of ou...

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I’m a very successful alcoholic

have you met my wife


I’ve narrowed the gap between what I feel and do 

to an inch of my life


you’ve probably bought my products

more than a few times 


I seduce you at your weakest 

online late at night 


it would be lovely if we were all 

sober, sane, and nice


but the road to recovery is lined 

with impro...

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Got an eighth of you 

Inside of me


Maybe that's where I got

Certain tendencies


Someone's nose

Someone's toes


A certain impulse

To go for the throat


An arrogant gaze

That can't be backed


By gold in the bank

Or acres of land


An attraction to women

With looks of ice 


A tendency to go

Too deep inside

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Aristocratic Impulse


it’s the taste 

everyone can share


aristocratic in the head

serfs everywhere else


building your third life 

brick by brick


from your working world 

you’ll pay for it


regal, pretentious, just a bit off

biting off more than you can share


pooling resources from the deep end

there’s a breath so there’s hope in there


it’s the waste ...

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something else


never knew her views on the subject

she was polite with everyone


always on time, never absent

kind to strangers and children


when we heard the news 

we were beyond shocked


although her name wasn’t common 

they must have meant someone else


when they opened her door they could find no sign

of what they were looking for


she had a brother; so...

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Own Devices

Your electric face
shines like a star
in a dark night
the size of a closet

in touch with yourself
in the chromium glare
you're reflected in
a thousand products

how much of yourself
can you stand
how much can
anyone else bear

just short of becoming
rich and famous
you've left to the world
by your own devices

the mirror has a name
the mirror talks back
the window's broken

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everyday is a new creation

we remake civilization in miniature


you be the astronaut

I'll be the caveman 


we can share this

slaughter of vegetables


fight the war, I’ll broker peace

we'll agree to terms in a selfie


conquering space while you industrialize 

the kitchen at ikea over the weekend


will we survive ourselves

to reproduce- ...

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Honesty as an organizing principle


It's easier to tell the truth
You don't have to remember
What you said to whom


You don't have to keep
Dark secrets
That require a lot of surgery


You don't have to
Wake up drunk
Looking for keys


I get trouble for my mouth
but my heart’s 

all about feeling easy

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A Slow Fascination


to be ridiculous 

fun to play with

to work on it 

without reason


ice cream together 

listening to our

favorite music 

It's very important


to be obsessed 

despite the consequences

to put your energies 

somewhere else


I still do that 

I'm still there

a slow fascination 

measured in years

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This Situation



last night's dinner
today's weather
last call to your mother
bank account balance
estimated time until
next sexual encounter
feeling at work on friday

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my kingdom


I'm the king of all I can see

With my glasses that's three feet in front of me


You could be my queen

Preparing the royal jelly for tea


We'd spend our days on ikea beds

Texting requests to an army of apps


Anything you could think of is at your command

Don't let a poor imagination get in the way of demands


Sometimes we do good 

Sometimes we don’t


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how do you measure 

your handspan


from the tip of your thumb 

to your latest plans 


those are some tricky 



they don’t feel 

entirely accurate 


when you join them 

with my own 


they more than double 

in their breadth 


wrapping around 

your chest



for an entrance


to stretch into 

a li...

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the wonder


digging deep into the center

under layers of clever


where you’re the most vulnerable 

there you discover the wonder 


late into the night 

way below sea level


where involuntary sounds 

follow the strictest grammar


decode the code send the signal

nature responds unavailable   


wonder all around us

thunder of existence



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future ghosts

out of recycled


come ghosts 

of tomorrow


we fail to pose 


that die 

on our tongues


we know what 

the future meant 

we’re sure 

about the answers



else is free

to do 

what it wants

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Best Idea



the idea of you is 

enough to get me started

I imagine you 

with the desires of an artist


I put you in a natural setting

I pencil myself in 

tear you up and redraw your body

in various positions  


dreams come true 

after so much work is put in

the world is cruel

full of untalented critics


beauty in the eye of the beholder

maybe you’re...

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Now is all we have


we can dress it up 

with money

throw it in the car 

and drive it


flip it upside down 

and hide it

hold it 

under the blanket


make it sound funny

wax and wane nostalgic

not spend more time 

thinking about it 


now is all we have


good old days  

just a trick of memory

when I can’t find my way

pull the plug on me



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Baggage Claim


It's yours; gotta take it
I could carry it for a while

As long as we're headed
In the same direction

The pleasure would
Be mine

It's heavy what's in it
I prefer to travel light

The further I get the less I need
Call it a lack of style

It's yours gotta own it
Then you can give it away

You might try to sell it
Someone's got the space

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Emergency Romance


You excuse me 

while I rush off to love


Sure that it can never 

amount to much


You ask me if 

she's really fucked up


I play your mirror 

on the wall


The same process seen

from different spots


Excuse me 

as I rush off to love


Knowing it means 

nothing at all



that’s enough

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Back of the Label

our refining process has been perfected

over the past 20,000 years

only the finest ingredients

get selected by our engineers

you should feel assured

you are an optimal blend

of fears, desires, anxieties,

and passions that know no end

if you have any questions 

or concerns be assured 

you're protected 

by a lifetime guarantee

simply save the empty package 


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Zen Ads

Zen Ads


What do I get/ 

the kid with everything/

she's already on it /

And finds it boring


Give her slow motion

She can't afford it

Doesn't know what it is

Will thank you for it


Where to go /

with all your miles/

that's not so dangerous/

but cheerfully exotic 


Go to the moment 

Without moving

Take the time

When no one leaves it


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"Lover" and "Loser" have  

one different letter


"Fool" and "Fall" must 

be intentional


"Mystery" and "Misery" confuse

English learners


"Deserted dessert" has

second helpings for all


"Hard" and "Hearted” follow

one another


"Bitter/better” is just a 

question of timing


"New date" and "Nude day"

are easily mistake-able  



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I don’t know why I do what I do 

but it doesn’t stop me 


want to do these things with you 

perfecting the copy 


haven’t seen directions I came with 

would they change something 


feel compelled to use what I deal with 

constructing nothing out of something 


compulsions updated just now 

compulsions can’t figure out


obsessions don’t co...

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Problems Curated



everything's been curated

everyone demands


that you enter the space 

on their terms 


I'm open to negotiation

before the dialogue begins


but don't feel I can be 

a character in your film


the salary is problematic

and there's 


a lot of work to do 

on the script


I'm problematic

I can admit to that


maybe we can


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Stuck in Trees

it’s a slow ascent up this face 

hundred stories up mostly unread


lose ground cry for help 

echoing sounds make music 


passed by while others fell 

now we’re two on a ledge


infinite surface few cracks

extremities freeze bodies need rest   


I look for you can't hear anything

sometimes you give me a sign

sometimes I get nothing

for faith in delaye...

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these are your cousins

I don’t see the resemblance 


you should love them

they leave me indifferent


why did you wait

until I was twelve 


I wish I was related

to that girl in my class


what do they want

how do I play with them


they’re stealing affection

from my grandparents


I just want to live in 

a single bedroom



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Insomnia (2)



scratched on the walls 

of this insomnia


are faithful transcriptions

of every failed romantic conversation I’ve had


its cumulative effects 

are breath-taking 


the stalactites attract 

emotional tourists from the world over


there will be always be 

another tragic accident


bookish type wonders

too close to the edge 


someone ...

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Why I Left


you couldn't have guessed
so I drew a map
from where we're at
to where it'll never end

you didn't notice
me feeling stressed
you were on your mission
under my dress

as you counted the stars
I navigated by heart
to a place calm and warm
off the map

If you never knew
enough to ask
you'll never know
why I left


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Stronger Than You


everything  scratches your nerves

you step back 

and try to observe 


ourselves in our 

mammalian ways

there’s not a thing to say  


stronger than you 

she was patient 

while you matured 


all giving when 

all you had 

was hunger 


you had no time to see it 

now you can’t 

even remember


you scour the city 



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Bad Writer


I write with my body  

I write with my hands

my heart's no more  

than a hundred crumpled pages


every desire            

every demand

follows the line       

my pencil traces


panties where you left them 

socks miles apart

I'm living on the floor

where my inspiration's gone


I'm bad a writer 

with no imagination

I need to see you 

to k...

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