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Sugar Smacks

Under her skin
She dreams of violence
Punching her boss
Drowning her co-workers

The most tragic headlines 
Pale in comparison
With her balsamic

Where to put all this
As it burrows deeper into 
Her waking thoughts 
Past her jokey edges

She thinks somehow
Her mind’s preparing her
For the earth’s future 
Or the next election

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what you fail to understand 
takes you by the hand
slaps you repeatedly
until the animal in you learns

he started to repeat himself
pulling attention away from the work
raising questions about his private life things never considered 

his popularity expanded greatly
he bought a suite of identical suits
working his entire life to get here 
now he wanted to torch the room

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The Work

Ignoring biology
Laughing at the gravity
You worship obscure ideas
Moving deeper afield

The day comes down like rain
Without stopping to wipe your face
You climb the steps to the space
To start from zero again

Relying on changing thoughts
Firing on pure impulse
The work takes on a form
Then you take it apart 

It tells you when you’ve had enough
You’re left feeling spent and undo...

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Don't Grow Up

Our dreams get angry with us 

“How come we’re not part of the plan?”


“None of this political maneuvering 

between the chair and the bed.”


Our dreams screaming at us 

from everything heard and said 


“I can’t believe this-don’t let 

your heart get bought by your head.”


And the body moves 

calls a timeout 


Wining and dining 

And sleeping it of...

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The Crazy Teacher


Looks like they’re on crack
Dresses like the circus
Talks five times too fast
Probably escaped from prison

Frequently with coffee
Screaming now singing
Showing videos and cartoons
In hot water with administration

You wouldn’t work with them 
But you’re in a union
Sorry- I wasn’t talking about them
I was describing you

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I lived in Salvador, Bahia for 18 months in the early 00's. It changed my life. A bunch of songs I wrote then have been remixed and are now on streaming sites. You can click the link if you're curious: 


Sunga by Bob Gaulke

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I'm Crysexual

I cry for my students 

cry for their parents 

cry for the species 

I haven’t even heard of yet  


I cry for the ignorant

cry for the intelligent 

cry for the rich 

I cry for the cognizant 


I take all these tears 

I fill a polluted ocean 

and start to swim 

towards that distant horizon 

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Meeting Her Needs

she stood on the platform 

with a chest and two bags 

there was an enormous man 

next to her about double my size 


I came up to meet her 

I kissed her and shook his hand 

she said, “These are my needs. 

I go everywhere with him”


I told her I had a small place

I wasn’t expecting a third 

she told me not to worry

he was vegetarian and mute 


we heade...

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Coming Soon

under the civil surface 

there’s a beast in a cage 

filled with rage

chained to a million formalities 


despite decades of 


centuries of education 

it hungers for a new reckoning 


some well-intentioned fool 

bends the rules 

and is lucky to get away 

in just one piece 


other reformers 

have become pot-boilers 

lacking only a pi...

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What does freedom mean to you?

walk into the room silently 

don’t talk 

take your assigned seat 

and pull out your notebook


copy what’s on the board

I’m putting the timer on 

for three minutes

answer the quick write


“What does freedom mean to you?”

in your own words 

I’m coming around with my stamper 

to check your homework 


be ready to share

if anyone talks

you’ll be sta...

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Who killed whom?


she knew 

it wasn’t a suicide


he dared match his wits 

with hers


she burned 

him alive 


she turned herself 

in involuntarily 


she knew

she wouldn't carry him


not with his 

heavy sides

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What the book wants

when you put it down 

you’re far from done 


thoughts demand action 

demanding blood


you could read another 

but you’d just move deeper 


as you search for signs 

of literacy in the world 

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you move like the weather

think like an anthill

eating the horizon

feeling this anguish


touched by your feelings

your needs like my wings

we dance without moving

without speaking we sing


everything changes me

thoughts rearrange me

you might find it strange

sixty-forty you’re the same


dancing through the boredom

imagining our paper kingdom


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What haunts you the most

I need to stop

But don’t know how

Could you help me stop

Just one more


Then we’ll stop

On the floor

Too late

They’re all gone


It was good

Was it bad

It was the best thing

I ever had


The memory haunts

The pain sticks

But I haven’t

Any regrets


We could go another round

I could quit that job sell everything I own


For that ...

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