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You take pictures of yourself 

When you’re alone

Being in both places at once


How to hold yourself

That’s yet 

To be worked out


Movies speak to you

Songs sing in your ears

Dancers press against your body


(If you could only do

Something with your hands 

There’d be less to worry about)


What was skill was maybe luck

Sense of p...

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The minute you stop screaming
They think they have some 
Freedom or something

They pull things 
Out of their pockets
They adjust their hair

And start touching 
Each other
Which is very not ok

So even though it’s hard to think
And scream at the same time
You must do it it works

It’s tolerated 
if not encouraged 
By higher ups

Like ours 
Thrive on silenc...

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Everything’s breathing 
Expanding contracting
In a rhythm 
Climaxing like my
Bank account 
Sometimes I go 
Against the rhythm
Enjoying the friction 
As much as anything else
That reminds me 
I’m alive

(Pasta for dinner again)

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Situational Insanity

situational insanity


in another context we’re lovers

in this context we’re enemies


sent pictures of your kitty

after I finished the painting 


interviews about the mission

pretending to trust our opinions 


buried now legalese 

threatened but feeling open


body works automatically

skill covers enthusiasm lacking 


but at some point we were...

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Wait Staff

Wait Staff

we pile out between the kitchen 
and dumpster to catch our breaths 
reliving highlights of what seems 
critical to us and meaningless to them

we inhabit these moments for minutes 
can take them out and shake them 
until they’ve been shot through 
with enough laughter and indignation

to drown several steaks in butter 
and sometimes we get stuck on 
the inanities of the w...

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I get so angry 

seeing you use 

all my little tricks


my hustles exposed

done over 

with different accents 


I wanna give you 

the lecture 

to hit us where it hurts



your indignation

I’m there at the net 


I play things over

and over in my mind

with slow-motion analysis 


then I see you


everything d...

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Romance y Death

enacting the rite 

sending the signs 

she got the code

you got the lines


gift you can’t touch 

love you can’t hold 

nuns folding laundry 

statues in the dark


on a trajectory 

you can feel

familiar figure 

behind the wheel 


familiar tragedy 

over as farce

piercing zero 

only once 

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