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The Loss Leader

The loss leader

I'm filing these outcomes
In alphabetical order

To appreciate these moments
After they've been forgotten

I'll hold onto the smell
After the faded photo

Fails to evoke what you had in mind
And what was agreed upon

There'll be no new notes to make
Across a torn border

No reminders needed about
How far we've come

We know in our blood
How much further

We ...

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You Little American

You Little American

Foreign policy decisions
In the dessert order

Racism apparent in
Choice of flavors

History of oppression
In the name of your team

Conscience of a colonizer
Evidenced by your sneeze

Making love like
A clumsy army

Small talk in a scene
From a hulu series

Choosing friends based
On their utility

Vacationing like
An olympic team

And you tell me

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The Next Assignment

The Next Assignment


The names will be different

The faces the same


There'll be a desk with a printer

And a lot of people in pain


You'll share the laughter

You'll cry over your check


Mondays will still be Monday

You'll have the weekend


And those thoughts in your head

Those terrible thoughts in your head

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Lot of explaining to do

Lot of catching up


Now that they've gotten

A taste of who they are 


There's a world to celebrate

Every hidden flaw


A net full of people

To explore meaning through


If they weren't abused as a child 

They will be as an adult

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