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The happiness of others


in the rush of senses
heat of moments
in young ambitions
on wheels of commerce

fleets of feeling
ping our sonar
pushing emotions
beyond borders  

into the happiness of others
what we discover
in looks of couples
in historical novels

in the happiness of others
pressing our desires
into shapes
we struggle to handle 

other people 
invade our dreaming
with hands and mout...

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O, Lve



love lies in pieces

half of it at home

big part with you

rest, out the door 


landing on billboard posters

taken with exhaust

of a fleet distribution network

interstate trailer trucks


particles on people I work with

particles with strangers in pain

molecules on pornography

quarks within the city state


what's the use of gathering it 


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Habits Change


he never had nervous ticks; 

he wasn’t Zizek

lately he’d been getting

into the habit of choking himself


it wasn’t a fetish; that he’d checked

rather it came after

a series of bodily warnings

that he was coming out of himself


he started pruning hairs 

in strange places 

he started to sweat 

on the top of his head


he had to shave now 


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face of god


live your life 

in a deep state of uncertainty 



slaughtered by a thousand


doubts lined up 

in artillery squadrons 


on the furrows 

of the brow 



echo through the morning 



through plumbing


search for survivors

won’t be called off for another eight hours


still time left

to get in and ou...

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what we crave

everything we make

what's baking us hungry 

minds can't stop eating


replayed again and again 

meals in miniature form

no need to explain  

know the taste when you taste it


somebody loved you too much

they couldn't get enough

an empty stomach

full of disappointments


three directions at once

always out to lunch

trinity screa...

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Survival, Carolina


the nature of things

when everything is

flailing around your head



might depend

on a flashlight

loaf of bread 


arrogance of man 

splayed for all to see 

saints sinners flung toys 

on a sandless beach


tragedy feels

satisfying somehow

when we lose everything

but raw bleeding love

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cheap watches

cheap watches


we met on this poetry blog

her work needed work


mine didn’t stop her 

from telling me what to throw out


cutting adverbs

until we were throwing 



against lamps 


pants against 

the glass


moments laid out 

in cheap watches


red lines against black

sensing satisfaction 


furtive at best 

when ...

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you play the game desperately

desperately is how you play it


with the luck of a beginner

and the fatalism of an expert


at any moment you could surprise us

with a brilliant move


at any moment you could quit

with an expression that stops us cold


we tell stories about you

we're telling them about ourselves


ripping a hole through our myths


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Hiding Out


I wanna crawl into you

the world is too cruel


Into a ball into your fur

make that tick-tock stop for good


you’ve got a calm 

I could never achieve


I’ve got anxieties 

you’d never believe


they wait for me 

outside your door 


I could give you all

my energy 


you could take it

turn it into heat


burning through this life


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you have to flatten people

it makes them more collectible

then you put them in categories


arranged by how 

helpful they are

to you in your life


sort them by situations 


or intuitions


of course they might 


surprise you 


and do 




but that’s one of the 



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take your crayons
use my pen
mark up books
leave ink stains


scratching lines
paint them over again

try on sizes
see what happens


mix in some pain
and some happiness
two sides
of the same process


we’ll call it a draw

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Janell at the NYPL

Janella at the NYPL

I always felt like 
I was the daughter of 
someone important

that this woman
whom I called “mom”
was little more than a servant

I couldn’t belong
to such a family
that appeared so ignorant

I heard about 
myself in songs

caught glimpses 
of myself in films

and was certain
I could learn 

who I really was 
from books

and in this
I wasn’t wrong

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