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I dreamt I was a brand
People sprayed me, ate me 

Recommended me
To their friends

There was some controversy
About how healthy I was

But the marketing department
Told me this was an advantage

And I went everywhere 
On both sides of the conflict

I left a good impression
I didn’t need product placement

One day things turned
And I was denounced

I plunged and
Took a job in...

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Lizzy MD, Patron Saint of the Inappropriate 

touring the continent 

with counterfeiters 

on the corporation’s nickel 


drinking in the 


where white girls don’t go 



spotlessly while drunk 

the label asking for more control 


never having 

to work a job 

barely ever playing a show 


skipping through   

hundred thousand more dollars

before anyone pulled the pl...

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As the references fade
And new humans are made
You can trace your own 
Ascendancy in decades

A few centimeters
Off the ground 
Soon you’ll be above the crowds
Still thousands below the clouds
Blowing with the wind 

They can’t hear you down there
They can see your outline 
Colorful shapes against the sun
Ghosts floating through daytimes

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Rugged Individualisms

The middle aged bike rider stops
Three feet away from me 
Ignoring my salutation 
He’s on his own

The teenaged boys share
Stories of fighting 
other gangs
They’re on their own

The city workers on their break
Eating sandwiches complaining 
About boss
Are on their own

The retired white joggers 
Without masks who don’t 
Make way on the path
Are on their own 

I’m typing this on...

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you’d always wanted 

to go with them 

no matter where it was 


it was something about how they 

breathed into their destination 

making it more exotic than it was 


if it was for school 

a job or love 

movement was the thing 


now you’re surrounded by 

four narrow walls 

and a lot of packaging 


it must be something primal 

keep moving 

or ...

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Men’s Feelings

Be gentle with us
We’re really sort of weak
Of course we can lift things up
But it’s another thing to feel

We need so much approval 
We’re still looking for our moms 
And we’re ready to smash everything
If we can’t get what we want

That’s why the lort gave us ignorance
We’re easy to fool
You’ve just got to stay ahead of us
And give us lots of approval

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Young Musicians

Young musicians 
Have three years
To make it
Before their parents
Demand a return
On their investment

Young musicians just
Finding their voice
When unexpected 
Force a choice

Playing with such
Passion and conviction
The energy of youth 
Controlled demolitions

Young musicians 
Against numbers
And statistics
Frontline workers
On the fight to be human

Old musi...

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