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Goddess of Monday hiding my keys
rearranging all my memories

got me counting reasons I work 
searching for quarters in a drawer

tease me with sex 
tease me with vacations 

I still can’t stand 
your fluorescence

I’ll be forever under your spell
I’ll never retire with this pension plan

you’ve got me running you’ve got me 
panting for the bx12

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Poetry with Music

entry picture




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everything you 


eat throw away 








are you better for it


does it make you 

last longer 

help more people

make someone feel 






shouldn’t that

be the measure


shouldn’t that

be what we’re all after


I look at how much 

I t...

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The Remission

The Remission


At the financial district mixer 

Where the white women 

In line discuss how they 

Never have sex on the 

Second date despite

The cost of the meal 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t

Spend my evening talking

To the Dominican hustler

About end of the world 

Scenarios in Costa Rica

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When do you think you are?

When do you think you are? 


on the bed eyes on ceiling 

accountant in head flips a coin for morning 


heartbeat synchs to a bus schedule 

desires like cream in the styrofoam 


recite the mantra check the window 

porn on the phone overdraft notices 


she suggests another vacation 

a sickday dream of emigration


lunch feels a way 

to dreams clouding...

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impulse control

do you read me


impulse control

we’re going down


surrounded by sirens 

the entire mission's lost


schooled against temptation 

fighting an invisible enemy


bigger than our desires

we bow down at her feet


she’s the night 

we submit our tiny lives


for that feeling 

of certainty 


we haven’t been able to fin...

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The Kinks

the middle school history teacher 

feels like she’s losing her mind 

covering the state test in roomsfull

of kids who can’t see why 


we have to speak english

the president’s insane 

what’s the point of all these

meaningless names and dates


the middle school history teacher’s 

got two of her own two hours away

in the middle class suburb inherited

from the ...

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