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Teaching bad children

Teaching bad children

Guys you have to keep 
Your hands out of your pants
And you can’t watch porn 
During school hours 

And I agree with your 
Of our colleagues but
I don’t want to undermine them

And please don’t call me after work
They’ll think I’m a child molester
But I do love you it’s just that
I’m supposed to be a cop

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Other people’s bodies

I don’t understand them
I want to command them

They become myself then
Turn into a weapon

I crave a distance
Just to feel a resistance

Then I wanna get hit with
The power of a kiss

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The Throb

spending too much 
time alone
in 2019 means 

feeling face to face
with the stupidity
and greed of others

a dull relentless pain 
electronically chained 

to a world bent on 
destroying itself 
trying to enjoy itself 

at the same time

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To the edge of the ledge with a pickle wedge

You take it to the breaking point
You make it sound so innocent

What is it in us that must
Hang out on a ledge

Craving our own destruction
At the hands of someone familiar

What is it that’s so unknown
Within ourselves

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On rejoining the cult

I was never crazy about the sacrifices 

and definitely think she’d go on 

a little long during 

the Tuesday sermons 


but it was the quality of connection 

I felt was lacking in my life

you just don’t meet people

of that sort on the outside


of course there’ll be certain things

I’ll miss-

ice cream, situation comedies, condominiums


but I was missing 


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The Pitch

We’re bringing back books
As edgy accessories

Imagine that you’re rich enough 
To have the time to read

You’re so wealthy you can afford to
Disconnect while doing it

We’re going to open up
A series of “bookstores”

Designer boutiques
Everything under glass

The catch will be pricing-
The mark-up will only be

500 percent as we’ve noticed
Something funny in our research-


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Ah, yes


Of course I remember 

And it’s not the exactly 


The opposite

Of loneliness 


Other people’s bathrooms

And pulling my arm out


From under your head

For the blood to rush back in


And suddenly much

More of me feels lighter 


With just a small  

Space opening up


For a new set 

Of anxieties

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The fabulist

The fabulist 

The fabulist has been 
Out of work for generations

His tales have all been broken
Its messages replaced with slogans

His children have found jobs
In marketing

(When he wanted them 
To be doctors) 

Scientists have cut 
Deep into his market

Today he does what he can 
To warn them 

The truth

Is never enough

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To the people at the next table talking about their adult children

I’d just like you to know
That I’m 

I’ve never killed anyone
Based on what my company
Has manufactured

I’ve never ruined anyone’s
Based on my family’s ambitions

I’ve never sent anyone into
Therapy based on 
Broken promises

I’ve never left anyone
Questioning the meaning 
Of their life...

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Today's Meeting

I said that the kids have to 

read for pleasure

if you want the writing scores 

to improve


somehow that didn’t sit well with 

data, targets, 

spreadsheets, and minutes

with the group


It was as if I was demanding 

that they were fed 

chocolate for breakfast

or allowed to play freely 


we’re a poor school 

and long ago

they cleaned out 

all ...

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Climbing out of a lie

climbing out of a lie 


she had to use what she had

which were other lies

smaller ones which fit 

in her hands 


they could 

take her only half way 

out of the bigger ones

then she’d have to float


on even bigger ones

to get herself across 

to other people 

and their gaps


thank god for credit cards 

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E. Rigby’s Granddaughter


very polite to the ticketman
is working at the day spa 

visits her mother every Sunday
thinks about getting a small dog

play acts having a boyfriend
treats the apps as a comedy 

is as enthusiastic about zumba
as she is about leaving her
job in publishing

always likes their posts
talks to strangers on a train

thinking about novels for children
and taking up meditation

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