Counting fingers

Shall I count
my friends? -
use my memory
or my fingers?  -
when looking
in the mirror
do their smiles
smile back? -
when wiping cutlery
does the weight
of near
forgotten voices
hang heavy? -
or do they shine
for me 
a laughing knowing gleam
of welcome? “
Words and image Tommy Carroll

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Spilling a whiskey in an Irish bar

Shouting down the stairs in an empty house

Forgetting her middle name


Abandoning your pen


Words and foto Tommy Carroll



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9 taps to access


Like wandering

Thoughts in a shouldering



Humming, pointing

But not knowing that


Is my last.


I used to know you

When once
I saw you.


And then I recalled

That to write

I should have

Thrown away all of my



And open the thinking curtins


This sun

Was suggesting

That I remove

My sunglasses.


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Stood up

Held back

Turned away

Bit lip

Silently swore

Left alone

Waited a lifetime

For her return.


words and images TH Carroll


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Hold back the louring sky!

In revolt:

Those that condemn a lie,

pave the faltering ground-

Those that stand their ground, 

hold back the louring sky.


Words and foto Tommy Carroll

 (minor change)


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A turning look


The more I see beyond
your reckoning words
and their sweet ache,
I realize you won
You always did
I gave,
You hid.

And this boyish want
has walked its way,
away from you
and despite my stay
and turning look
I was leaving by weighted
line and flying hook.

And this turning to your
wished for face
has piled the wanting
piled the weight
like stones not counted
but hurtful t...

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Who decides?

When is a frog not a tadpole?

when is a giant just tall?

how far must you travel to journey?

and whom deems a sacrifice small?


It depends on whom does the sizing

for they choose what's big and what's small

for whom holds the tape,  measures context

holding history's context in thrawl. 

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Children running and screaming

Murder of children

and thier children

are mothers and

cousins who recall

their grandmothers

and forget


the loss.

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W in black


such a time,

was an air




wanted mail,



the sort that fall when

news is good to arrive.

She would traffic

your bumper-to-bumper


your ushered


of firm respect,

with your belief,

Her laugh accompanied

that gentle shake of head

was more

fond of you

through open doorways.

Then glancin...

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Waiting for balance


At what point
is love in balance?
love is not an
unyielding beam,
flects as weight
of want or force
of need offsets
another's wishes.
such scales can
never measure
loss nor the loss
of balance.


Verse and photo' by Tommy Carroll.

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Down by the sea

I lost my care-full




down by the sea...


She cast a smiling




looking back at me...


I'm sure

I left my soul...



down by the sea...


I stooped to pick

it up...



down by the sea...


I watched as

she walked away...



into the wait...

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Again? or Capital Gains Taxed

To suffer
then kill
then suffer again
is the consequence
of profit
and enjoying its gain
of knowing
the difference
shouldering the blame
ignoring the consequence
again and again.


Words and foto Tommy Carroll

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My rhyming couplet

-at the metre's expence-

is knowing the difference

My rhyming couplet

-at the metre's expence-

is knowing the difference

if this makes sence-

is when to use when


when to use whence.

if this makes sence-

is when to use when


when to use whence.


Words and image by Thomas H Carroll


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Wheeled luggage

I smoke and watch her


The taxi waits.

Then like a premonition

I have a mirrored memory

of her departure-

the scent of her 

washed skin-

recalling the

ins and outs of our arguments...

She's smiling as she 

leaves the echo of

our space.

She's laughing as we fail

to finish yet another argument...

I pick through the remains

of the accusations


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Time to decide

...along the shoreline 

water's edge

Her loss skims across

its foaming roar,

I see her standing

on the ledge

of rock,

she's stood waiting

wanting more...


foto and words Tommy Carroll

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After the nearly before

Before the after
I'm now nearly bald
once considered shorn,
like now nearly dead
not being un-born.
I used to be young
but now I'm not old,
like being informed
not being untold.
I used to be slight
but now I'm substantial,
like being skint
then becoming financial.
Words and image by Tommy Carroll

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"Taking the knee"?


We clap some Blacks,
we clap them Blacks,
tho' we mow those
others shacks
and dish out smacks,
we clap them Blacks
and forget those whacks
and their blistered backs
and hands that pick the
music tracks,

and then we clap them Blacks
them stand-up Blacks
but not them bent over blacks
for earning all your stacks
of dirty cash
and maids we lash
and keep from dash

yet we s...

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Waiting for our Mum


I saw you waiting 

in the light 

stood there waiting

standing there

saw you in

the window's light

standing facing

to the light

from the windows

tall and bright

from the shopping

arcade's light

from the arcade's

neon glare

I saw you shopping

standing there


I saw you standing

shopping there

saw you with the

shopping there

In the...

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