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"excuse my hand..."

entry picture


A term I seldom use

Summer clothes

Packed in tight


A voice declares

"Doors closing"

Faces forward


Such quiet

A hushed phenomena 

What would our ancestors 

make of this crushing


Strangers allowing strangers

their Intimate space

Expelled air 

The body's breath


A nervous cough suppressed 

A weary sigh

eyes meetin...

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Knock - Knock

entry picture


Hard is the knock-knock

of a world bent and lent

against its self, gone awry-


The thinking strands

that cannot find their

ends to meet themself,

this self has ever yet

to mean it; prove it-


Yet all this squandered time,

these uncounted hours have

a time to thrill

a time to its own purpose-


I will post this warning:

(to a self)

I fear de...

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Wipers in D minor

entry picture


Jazz piano
in D minor

A note that's allowed
the pain
that's caused
and delivered
the shadowed sound
from the speakers
is the sigh
that pulls me back
to that place
that she once held
but I wont respond
just keep 
the kerb a foot away-
from turning
back around
to her my wants
are the rear-view
that cause the
eye's to blink
wet memories away washed ...

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Not only time ticks 

but the felt tug

of sadness

ticks its loss

in the un-measured 

wants and aches

and costs.

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The Votive Offering


He quietly asks

''here- hold this''


he offers it to her

she holds out

her hand


''keep your fingers together''

he smiles

she sighs


holding her fingers apart

''try and grasp it''


he watches her

looking at him

she forgets her hand


it drops to the floor

he picks it up

and, again smiling,


he repeats

the votive offerin...

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I never sleep when...

entry picture

I never sleep when

looking at you,


I never sleep when

counting your breaths,


I never sleep when

watching you dress,

when you serve a dish...

when you write a report...

or choosing wine...


I never sleep

when you're turning  a page...

when you're sitting astride...

when you're folding your arms and

pushing your toes into me.


I never sleep...

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entry picture

Please do not turn me into 


leave me out of your


leave my name and


ways for some other


for some other days.


Just write about that

of which you know 


do not speculate


pitch dramatic

verse into the space

I have left.


I've taken my books

from your dusty shelves


stepping over your


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My book shelf

entry picture

My book-shelf


filled with

the campaign



from battles


an inadequate



Words and image Tommy Carroll

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'The trouble with Derek'

( In response to an ITV Documentary attempting character assassination

"The trouble with Derek"

about former  Liverpool City  Council's Deputy Leader Derek Hatton and the furore of his recent re-joining of the Labour Party )


The trouble with Derek :

was that he was a socialist

that he was a militant Socialist


The trouble with Derek

was that he was working class,


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city coucilConservativeDerekDerek HattonHattonKinnocklabourLiverpoolmilitantParlimentToriesvoters

Cheap not cheerful Inner city development

This butchery of space

wears its frontage

like a pantomime dame

wears its lipstick

with eye-lashes to match.


Its sunken eyes

fails to flutter the hearts

of passers-by,

fails to warm to the gaze. 

Facades that portray

a space-invader face.


Words and image  Tommy Carroll


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Not for me another love

entry picture

Not for me another love

like choking fear

It will not budge

I dare not blink

for it now seems

that by choosing drink

I dwell in dreams

I grind to bits

my words and teeth

when searching through

my history:

to lift above

what lay beneath

all that broken masonry. ...


words and foto Tommy Carroll

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Mirror mirror

entry picture

I stood and stared

a long time seeking

a welcoming gaze

that returned my greeting.

The World stared back

then went its way,

perhaps to lunch,

perhaps to play. 


My friend the Mirror-

a listener of sorts-

in silence watched

and kept its thoughts.


Words and foto T Carroll

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by Tommy Carroll


We've each got
different partners now
and we're having

a real nice time
we agreed to separate
Parsley Sage Rosemary and ...

We both were once so in love
now we just stay in touch
we cherish the time

we once had
but we don't see
each other much.

I once saw her on the bus
once chatted on the phone
we sent each other

a couple of  texts
at work an...

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Accidental Curator

entry picture

Liverpool Biennial TATE is the largest festival of contemporary visual art in the UK.


Children's coats were dumped

in a pile on the floor

so I lifted them up

to some hooks on a door.

When I came back

to my lasting surprise

a crowd was now gathering

to award me first prize.


Words and images Tommy Carroll

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entry picture

A page turner

another page turned...

The book's folded jaws


with written teeth

my fingered marker.


Looking out the window

from my seat.

And back to the book's

closed jaws.

Yet another attempt

at un-giving text?


Looking at the fire...

Feel the warmth

from its coals.


The words...

will not make sense...


Why am I wakin...

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Aphasia or inebriated spoke schism

entry picture

My letraseted syntax

with its addled Lexicon

and garbled scrabble pattern

with their coats and hats not on.


Words and foto Tommy Carroll

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Away from my shoulder

entry picture

As a passing cloud

lit by moonlight marked

a rimmed spectacle

of a tv arial

I shifted weight and blinked

and recalled wordless feelings

before trying to put into words

useless aphorisms.


It's the words

with their wanton

un-mouthed ache

that bleat silently

against the ear

and tangle those as yet

un-marked and un-surveyed

desires while their cerebral


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Philosophy made simple

entry picture

Wittgenstein posits:

''language pictures facts''

Then changes his mind and retracts. ''

It's more complex than I at first thought;

my tractatus has all come to nought,

and there's more, to them cats, on those mats''.


And If logic's the theory of proof

and inference a process to truth;

then it's impossible to state,

a premise, then negate,

the conclusion-


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Break down

entry picture

In the mirror

It held a face

that held a face's stare,


In that mirror

the face that stared

stared back at me in fear...


I knew that once

I turned away

that we would meet again


that he would watch

the back of my head

whispering my name.


Words and photo Tommy Carroll

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Trouble and strife

The complainant's


is a constant refrain

Woe is me yes me

they're all to blame!

I'm squeezed in the middle

by those with no name

pity me not them

they're all to blame!

why don't they just send 'em

all off to jail?

give to me not to them

coz they want the same

give to me not to them

coz they're all to blame

them paki's and blacks

them poles ...

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Elliot {Le Spectacle}

entry picture

Elliot likes to show 

his learning 

In French, Latin 

and Greek 

And with references 

hiding aplenty 

There's  work in his words 

so to speak 


Words and foto Tommy Carroll  

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Robbie Burns warned -

entry picture

My love is like...

Another's name

a missed bus

a forgotten address

a lost key

an unread message

a belated apology

a frivolous excuse

an unanswered  call

unsubstantiated rumours

but then...

another missed taxi

another missed bus

another forgotten date

another forgotten address

another forgotten birthday

another lost key

another unread message


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Everything is in context or not

entry picture


When is a frog not a tadpole?

when is a giant just tall?

how far must you travel to journey?

and whom deems a sacrifice small?


It depends on whom does the sizing

for they choose what's big and what's small

for whom holds the tape,  measures context

holding history's context in thrawl.


Words and image  Tommy Carroll

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Higg's Boson

entry picture

(125 GeV/c2)


The Boson that is Higgs,

hides when it jiggs,

with an end nearly instant

-and the unification of quantum chromodynamics still quite distant-

the search for the particle,

was often quite farcical

the technology involved

in the mass that's financial

unlike the thing itself

was massively substantial.


Words and lmage Tommy Carroll

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Come and see

entry picture



Come and see

Young Alexander

whoes shadow is cast upon

the arm of a man at rest.

And declares of him

"It is yours, just ask,

I will grant you all

that you request."



Then come and see

as Alexander casts a shadow

upon the sunbathing Diogenese,

Alexander waited for his

considered reply,

"move out of my light if you please."


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Expressive Allowence

entry picture

The penned letter upon the page

is made from strokes and swirls

not rage

forget not the colour of the ink

nor its impression upon the reader

let into reason those thoughts

to sink

not the Editorial into its Leader.


Words and Image:  Tommy Carroll


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