"Taking the knee"?


We clap some Blacks,
we clap them Blacks,
tho' we mow those
others shacks
and dish out smacks,
we clap them Blacks
and forget those whacks
and their blistered backs
and hands that pick the
music tracks,

and then we clap them Blacks
them stand-up Blacks
but not them bent over blacks
for earning all your stacks
of dirty cash
and maids we lash
and keep from dash

yet we s...

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Waiting for my Mum


I saw you waiting 

in the light 

stood there waiting

standing there

saw you in

the window's light

standing facing

to the light

from the windows

tall and bright

from the shopping

arcade's light

from the arcade's

neon glare

I saw you shopping

standing there


I saw you standing

shopping there

saw you with the

shopping there

In the...

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