19 The Sun

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19 – The Sun Success in the Light of the Sun

Day light has come and now the Fool stands with his held high in all his success and in will all of his glory. The Sun comes to illuminate his entire world and with the Light of the Sun nothing is hidden from the Fool. He has found himself victorious in all that he has come to achieve as the path of Enlightenment has never shone brighter upon the Fool’s journey. The Sun has come out and the Fool feels invigorated and energised, he expresses his real self and his efforts are rewarded with success. He is renewed and walks completely in the light for he hides nothing of himself as he is victorious in all his wonder.

Here the Fool feels all the bliss and joy of success and his accomplishments, finding his happiness by showing his true enlighten self to the world and holding nothing back. He finds that he is liberated from the pains of his past and can move forward free from strife. All is well with the Fool and he finds pleasure in his material accomplishments and he feels contentment with his spiritual connection to the unknown realms around him.

The Sun shines bright and nothing is now hidden from the Fool and here the Fool will learn to maintain control over himself and his mind. Here he will find complete understanding of his path and here all is revealed to him. The Fool now finds freedom from the bonds of uncertainty which has held him back from truly ascending. All his hard work will now start to pay off and he here he will see fruit of his success.

The journey of enlightenment has rewarded the Fool far more than he had ever imagined and he has found his strength in the knowledge that he has gain upon this journey of the soul and with that strength he has overcome all obstacles.

The Fool has come to a long way and here all his effects shall be rewarded and here the Fool will know the true bliss of all his achievements.

In the Light of the Sun the Fool will find that everything is now within his reach and the Light of his enlightenment will continue to guide him faithfully to where his heart most longs to be.

Interpretation: A ray of sunshine enters your life and brings with it hope, joy, success, good fortune, health, happiness and optimism. The Sun represents that all your hard work will now pay off and you will receive good fortune for all your accomplishments.  This card indicates to the seeker that they have achieved material happiness and good fortune and the contentment of success is now right in front of you. This card is all about the pleasures and success of your hard work and promises that you will be joyous in all that you have achieved.

You are vital, healthy and fully alive. Nothing is hidden from you and you hide nothing from the world. The warmth of the Sun brings new hope and gives you a sense of victory for you are indeed victorious and should hold your head up high.

This card also represents to the seeker liberation from that which has held them back and freedom from the bonds that keep you from moving forward. This card is about the success in your accomplishment and this card promises contentment and joy for all your effects.

The Sun also represents that your relationships and friendship are at its best and there is nothing that is been kept hidden from you and you can take pleasure knowing all is well. If you are thinking of venturing into a new relationship or partnership this card represents success and a good marriage or friendship. Whatever your question may be, if this card appears in the outcome position it indicates abundant success.

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