Lyrical Lecture

You wanna know how to write?
Then learn from me,
My words are from the heart,
So true and free,
So listen up,
And listen good,
My rhymes always flow,
Just like they should,
I'll stomp you out,
And throw you about,
I'll kick you in the face,
Without a doubt,
I'll drag you around,
And beat you to a pulp,
I'm breaking bones,
Just like the hulk,
Gashes and bruises,
I'm tired of your excuses,
There's a beautiful red puddle,
Of your blood it oozes,
Your brains are smashed,
They look like spaghetti,
So there's no need,
To pull out my machete,
So listen up,
And listen quick,
I laid down my rhymes,
And I let 'em rip.


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