The universe is very small now,

As broad as a tightrope.

As short as a thought.

We are tiny

As tiny as 


Floating in minds eye.

The world is small

Smaller than a mote.

And we balance on it

Lost but afloat.


The universe is anything.

The universe is anyone.

It can walk alongside you.

One day its your son or daughter.

Another its stars.

Far off in an inky night. 

Sometimes its an atom

Shining halogen bright

Sitting in your heart

Leading the fight.

Sometimes a universe is

Made out of people. 

If there are two

In your universe 

But then its one

Thats half a universe

Just… gone.

So then there’s a fight.

Into the night

To make a new universe.

But keep the old universe

In head and heart

Or it’ll be a black hole

And pull you apart. 

◄ Your seven.

Last Night. ►


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