Memories like keepsakes

they have to tell

clinging to life on the edge

of pits and ovens still


have to let us know of

those they loved whose lives

were parted to the bone

departed from their rightful place


have to relive for history's sake

the interminable pointless ache

leaving their mark on youth's

wide open expectations,

living now in relative grace.





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Wed 30th Jan 2019 22:47

First off, thanks for liking: Big Sal, Jon and Lisa.

I found this hard to write, but also the subject is full of pitfalls for a poem. I don't pretend any special knowledge of the subject, which in a way speaks for itself thanks to the survivors who were interviewed and followed in their last years; difficult viewing.

I hoped to hit the right note, and at least give a few readers on Holocaust Day a window of comment, and I am grateful indeed for those in return.

Dave, that really grates on me; I would be wary of your neighbour if this is his belief. The Knights Templar are a shadow of their former selves surely, and perform in relative security and privilege. Not to be trusted in my book. Thanks for pointing it out.

David, in a simple and perceptive way , you have explained my efforts and aims. thanks for that.

Thank you Phil. The guilt you rightfully mention which I didn't really although the "pointless ache" was part of that. If Zionism is to be accepted, then we in a quandary, for there lies more strife.


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Phil Kay

Wed 30th Jan 2019 21:16

I totally agree with Davids comments. The survivors have to carry so much guilt but also fear of being forgotten. Lets not forget, even as zionism undoes so much.

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Dave Caplan

Tue 29th Jan 2019 23:01

According to my neighbour it never happened.....
seemingly you learn this 'truth' when you are accepted
into the brotherhood of Knights Templar !

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