You breathe out, I breathe in,

Symbiosis, balancing,

The process of my respiration,

Depends upon your exhalation.


Then I exhale the gas you need,

To feed your growth, your fruit, your seed,

Reciprocity ensured,

The balance of our breath restored.


And so you feed me with your fruit,

Shower me with nuts and seeds,

Give me fuel for hearth and home,

Furnish all my earthly needs.


There was a time you were my home,

My sanctuary in times of need,

Saved me from both tooth and claw,

You were my friend, my friend indeed.


But now it seems our friendship's lost,

Our mutual contract disavowed,

It seems that I forgot the cost,

Of being ignorant and proud.


And when the last of you is gone,

It's only then I'll see my sin,

Only then will I remember,

You breathe out what I breathe in.

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Thu 7th Feb 2019 22:59

Reading this rekindled a memory of an evening experiencing this exact experience. It was both ecstatic, and terrifying in equal measure.

It is as if it was last night... It was 30 years ago.

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