Movie Dreams


Once in awhile

a dream will circle back

it's rare but some dreams recycle

like part II of a serial

they play out again in rerun reels

with the same story line

the same cast of characters


in the glow of misty light

dreams project upon our mind

this dream is so familiar

we recognize the lead

and so we let it play

to see if the plot resolves itself

if the hero gets the girl


the dream leaves an impression

in the workings of the mind

for here it comes again

in a strange mysterious way

tickets please


we know the story line

we've seen it once before

and we find the hero

looks remarkably like us

his character strong and brave


then awkwardly we awake

to find it ended way too quickly

in drowsiness we can only hope

the sequel will be coming soon


we would gladly watch it one more time

this dream recycled in our deepest sleep

like those who watch a movie twice

we would pay to see it all again.



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Wed 23rd Jan 2019 14:42

Great poem

I always see things the second time around I missed the first time.

PLUS.... The older I get the more I forget.

hence we often have the same loop conversation...

The Duchess: We have seen this before!
Me: Nope! I don't remember any of it!


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