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Nigel Astell on Born to Die (10 days ago)

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Nigel Astell on Empty but Full (13 days ago)

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Nigel Astell on Without Warning Death Comes Calling (Sun, 1 Nov 2020 12:04 am)

Unwrapping Christmas

Colourful illuminated laughter

unwrapping each other

love costs nothing

spend it well.

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Contact means everything

Born to Die

Medical investigation reveals

infants taken unnecessary

life itself stolen

can forgiveness accept?

moral understanding only

starts a beginning

when stressful grief

has time for

tolerance to heal.

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unfair human loss

Empty but Full

As sadness remembers

Courage looks down

On empty streets

Hearts remain full.

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The never lost we always find.

Without Warning Death Comes Calling

Ghostly remains

serial killer

evil spirit

rotting coffin

violently shaking

another victim

forcibly taken

joins devil

for company

inside multiplying

Halloween grave.

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The unexpected is never far away.

Once in a Blue Moon

Unlucky thirteen

twelve say

Starlight Universe

cosmic message

Earth bound

human race

will survive

extra moon

eventually fading

so will

alien virus

returning to

Black Hole

from whence

it came.

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Demons fade along with the Moon

A Sunset Dawn

To forecast a no tomorrow

this moment to last forever

as we moonwalk across stars

guiding us to a sunset dawn.

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Sharing sunset dawns

Masked Up Outside House Bound Inside

Incarcerated with senseless words

burning insanity begs me

to turn them into social obscurity.


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Insecurity spreads faster

Opposites Attract

Slightly hungover

scruffy brown

leather jacket

chats up

somewhat amused

smartly dressed

pin stripe

bespoke suit

mobile numbers

contacts exchanged

text sent

False Eyelashes x

date confirmed

Shiny Shoes x

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Still dating

The Confession

Wrongdoing followed me

everywhere I went

torturing my inner soul

I had to tell.

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A secret no more

Thoughtful Changes

Blaming others

backward thinking

positive turnaround

lies waiting

perhaps inside

thoughtful changes

ourselves can

make happen

if only

to show

certain people

it can.



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Others can change too

Vibrations of Unity

Outrageous Carnival

definitely wicked vibes


Lavish make-up

enticing dance movement


Cascading colour

Manchester Pride Parade


Screening expressive

street party atmosphere


Somewhat different

but so - - -


are we.

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Party but staying safe

Booking Alteration

Cancelled Spain

Straight away

Instead Southport

Sounds promising

No fourteen

Day quarantine

Restrictions there.

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Put passport away


Newspaper delivered remains undisturbed

Samson's silent silver chain

Empty blue plastic bowl

Old John last seen

Being taken, emergency ambulance

His loyal dog waits.

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Still waiting

Arch of Love

Boundless spectrum

jumps over

sky blue haze


Yellow sunflowers

slumber inside

beds of green


Saying to

Mr Rainbow

please stay longer


Before  you

guide love

back into heaven.

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A leprechaun bridge for my Dad's anniversary

My Goodbye Letter


The Last Hello and The Last Goodbye


Sorry I can't

hug and hold


Whispering gentle words

that really matter


Sudden empty heart

will never understand


Bless you eyes

faith filled prayers


Tears of grief

ink well full


Broken spirit writes

I love you


Have lost count

how many times


If no reply

I know that



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Sent by Angel Post

Thank You N.H.S

Without your dedication

unselfish sacrifice throughout

I would not be

able to write this

thank you so much

endeavouring everything to save

us all from this.



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our hearts go out to you

They Say

Sadness holds a photograph

bombed out ruins

once a home, once a boy

but they say

a brave soldier did not return

but we say

instead of medals showing courage

we wanted our boy.

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Two minutes to remember

Pie and Pint Cancelled

Football ground pin drops

hard crust arguments cease

season ticket holders cry

offside rule nobody cares.

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even a kick about gets reported

On The Thirteenth Hour Bloodbath Ends

Domestic row

heated words

temper overload

killer impulse

fake patrol

police imposter

lethal weapon

unsuspecting victims

slain repeatedly

weekend massacre

Sunday showdown

thirteenth hour

bloodbath ended.

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Still counting body bags

Pushing Boundaries

When madness calls

to stop infection

don't answer the door.

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Stay safe

Easter Boxed In

Decorated boxes

Chocolate layers

Guarded by

Brightly coloured

Silver paper

To be

Lightly unwrapped

All wait  

Seems forever.



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Easter Parade Cancelled

Tomorrow says Wait and See

Wait started asking Why?

See Here asks When?

What asks Who Knows?

Not Sure says Why ask?

Now Then requests stop asking

We are doing all right.


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Faith says Keep

You're Dead Meat

Strapped up tight

bandit style white mask

blue sweaty gloves

keeping safe distance


Extremely upset Granny

flying into wild rage

violent ferocious attack

solid walking stick


Next time you

wait outside the bathroom

dressed like that

you're dead meat!

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Pensioner on the war-path

Why are You not Wearing Your Scarf ?

Too tight

Neck complaining

feeling warm

Body warning


Taking off

hanging loose

draping over

comfortable chair


Speak Easy

night ended

homeward bound

forgetting scarf


Both Neck

and Body

said together

Never mind


Only when

freezing cold

antarctic wind

they say


Why are

You not - - -

Wearing your scarf ?



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hanging loose

A Tall Glass of Yesterday

Bottled up tight

blanked out regrets

bitter taste

hard to swallow

that lingers longer

than it should

dark memories

stand tall again.

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Bottle labelled empty

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