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Don Matthews on The Betting Slip (3 hours ago)

Ruth O'Reilly on The Betting Slip (11 hours ago)

Don Matthews on The Betting Slip (11 hours ago)

Nigel Astell on The Betting Slip (11 hours ago)

Don Matthews on The Betting Slip (1 day ago)

Tom Doolan on The Betting Slip (1 day ago)

Ruth O'Reilly on The Betting Slip (1 day ago)

Nigel Astell on Nothing is what it seems (5 days ago)

Ruth O'Reilly on Nothing is what it seems (6 days ago)

Nigel Astell on Halfway There (Fri, 4 Oct 2019 03:56 pm)

The Betting Slip

entry picture

Racing past the post

one winner but many losers

wealthy bookmaker.

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no slip ups

Nothing is what it seems

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Long distance truck driver, a strange encounter - - - now he fights for his life

She stands motionless waiting

a lone hitch hiker


Observed nervous awkward manner

Where are you going?


Hospital bed, inquisitive nurse asks

Where were you going?


Falling into deep trance

body paralyzed, room lights up


Mystic fiqure looming above

unsettled spirit beckoni...

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Hell of a journey

Halfway There

entry picture

Unsure Street

Nothing changes


Turning corner

Possibility Lane


Right direction

Uncertain Avenue


Move into

Maybe Road


You are

Halfway there.

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Believe in Yourself

Never Closed Always Open

entry picture

Inside the grounds of a Children's Home in Liverpool a young boy plays - - -

Hideaway green

together fields

climbing grey

stone wall

young boy

eager mind

song writer

ideas grow

imagination adventure - - -


Years later

music lovers

singing Strawberry

Fields Forever

walking through

Fab Four

Beatles gateway

always open

never closed.

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Old iron gates opened to Beatle fans

Moody Blue

entry picture

Silent invasion

alien spaceships

tense hystera


Moonlight fantasy

cloud formation

dark misconception.

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cancels sleepless night


entry picture

Searching for socratic inspiration

pen craves poetic appetite

emotional sunbeams golden moments

first taste not enough.

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Hungry for more

The Ambush

entry picture

Weather forecast given

clear as mud

sunbeam window gaze

Summer says hello

coming out today?

white T-shirt, jeans

ready in seconds

halfway down street

dark as night

realizing minimal protection

ambushed without mercy

fast and furious

I returned home

the Gods laughed.

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The storm from nowhere

The Chase

entry picture

Grey blur

lightning speed

tree acrobatics

chasing, scurrying

playing catch

squirrel style.


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Fascinating creatures

Yesterday Stays Only a Dream for Tomorrow

Dreams to come true

kept us moving forward


A lifetime of promises

crushed inside a changing world


A disillusioned today is beyond repair

tomorrow now becomes isolated


As we fail to remember

how it once was.

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Dreaming of tomorrow was only yesterday

The Helter-Skelter of Football

Slipping,sliding downward slope

brushing off past mistakes

fighting talk not enough

prove yourself to the cause

loyal supporters all rally round

proud champions Northern League

Stockport County Football Club

first leg of comeback complete.

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Come on you Hatters!

Soul Searching

Asking various questions of yourself

ability can easily be in doubt


Asking others helps support this quest

disbelief ends only when awareness begins


Asking yourself again, answers will wait

till such time rejection means nothing.

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Soul searcher

When the Screaming Starts

Evil predator strikes

places of worship

killing assembled praying

easy targets slain

millions replace victims

each praying harder

condemning barbaric atrocities.


Guilty as charged

murderer stands unaffected

prayer book placed 

grey stone cell

anxious spirits inflict

inhuman silent screaming

life sentence passed.

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Not even a church is exempt from evil

The Waiting Game

He hides, he waits

what he does not know

are the fatal consequences

that in this waiting game

will soon take place

unfortunately then it's too late.

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The Wardrobe Killer

Chasing Dreams

The faster you run

distance never really alters

only when drawing breath

something or someone says

your dreams never left.

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Let dreams chase you

A Pot of Gold

entry picture

Six rainbow cloudburst smiles

spectrum of radiant colour

leprechauns dance throughout the night.

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magical moments

Lord Goldenjoy verses Sir Redraw

entry picture

Disagreement at the Randy Dandy Gentleman's Club

fruity vodka cocktail thrown, hangbags at dawn

choice words, full verbal onslaught, heated encounter

Tory Boy hurls insults at the Red Queen

as two lovers quarrelled chess match agreed

forfeit for the loser paying for splash out meal

winner has Silvio Quickfinger the barman for the night

Q C Cyril Boychaser voted in as referee


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two Bishops checkout the Queen

Anywhere Will Do

entry picture

On the run

left everything behind

no one believes

I was nowhere

near the place

preying hungry fox

unearthed shallow grave.

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Last seen down the woods

Another Dip into Paradise

entry picture

Manor house countryside views

weekend club exclusive membership


Security measures private grounds

secluded from prying eyes


Oxford Professor Sidney Oddball

Master Keeper bondage dungeon


Physical Instructor Fiona Feelgood

Sauna Mistress, temperature hotspot


Kinky submissive Nicola Toylover

Pink tickler playmaker fantasy


Cambridge Lecturer Herbe...

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