Maybe I'm Amazed

Millions tuned in to the B.B.C to watch Paul McCartney among many other singers and groups perform at Glastonbury.

Dance tonight festival

Singalong rock concert

Enthusiastic Beatle fans

Ageless songs playing

Vocally engaged atmosphere

Reliving ob le di ob le da

Let me roll

It to ya

Elevating your love

Past joins present

Tribute to John

Unforgetable George Harris...

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non-stop feel good sounds does it for me

Hard To Swallow

The Golden Lion pub boozers staggered home without a care in the world.

Traditional pint poured

Regular Happy Hour

Booze succulent taste

Buxom Barmaid serving

Barrel of laughs

Extra time drinking

Drunken sing-song

Behind locked doors

The Yellow Cat

Now distant memory.

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bell ringing last orders last time

The Don't Give Ups Wear Invisible Medals

Bomb blast victim

Trauma mentality disheartened

Physically blown apart

Mountains to climb

Specialist shaking head

Martin Hibbert steadfast

Specially adapted wheelchair

Hardworking team combine

Close friends support

Reaching ultimate summit

A Mother's love

Singing almighty praise

Hero stands up

Higher than any

Mountain to climb.




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Daughter wept well done Dad

Torpedoes of Love Explode on Fake Island

Sitaround villa paradise

Adventurous playtime maker

Rewarding relationships aspire.


Bodybuilding male models

bronze biceps bulge

boyhood cutting edge

charm written script

supertanned workout studs.


Bikini sunkissed babes

perfectionist high maintenance

peach bottom curves

sex scented moves

devious drama Queens.


Cometobed coupled enterainment


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the fame game with a kiss or two

Earwigging Mother Gets Herself Into Trouble

Dozing royalist Mother

Presumably Mutton Geoff

Overhears private conversation

Queen wellcome anytime

silver polish gleaming

double vac extreme

duster does cobwebs

not even there

aching bones collapse

mop in hand

snoring flat out

waking up finding

the unexpected visit

missed it all

swear words unprintable

extra heart tablets

taken at once

Dare not ...

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fancy telling everybody

Bloodstains On The Blackboard

A crazed gunman barricaded himseld forcing frightened children into a school classroom

time was running out - - -


The clock ticks

Rifle trigger clicks

Frenzied mind splutters

Traumatic overwhelming panic

Spontaneous children act

Frantic messages sent

Please Help Us

Please Help Us

Please Help Us

Police stand back

Desperate minutes lost

Door forced eventua...

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asking whys evaporate till asked again

Tiny Terror

Blacksmith's new apprentice

not working out

Tiny misbehaving badly

ducking and darting

deadly firecracker furnace

sizzling hot dog

I took him

off his hands

when getting home

made a bolt

for the door.

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handy to have in the house

Ta Very Much

Spots red volcanoes

Creepy crater skin

White ghost face

Eye lash horror

Peach puff lips

What you need

Full make over

Mud pack needed

In the morning

Stuck like tar.

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mud sticks

Sleepless in Stockport

Numerous text messages apparently sent Door locked don't bother coming home.

Half empty bottles and beerglasses

Banners, flags litter throughout

Edgeley pubs run dry

Both players and supporters

Can be collected anytime.

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party dropouts

More Than A Game

Stockport County open top bus parade, blue smoke bombs, supporters singing, roads closed

Town Hall surrounded by thousands of fans.

Whistle blows

Drumbeat starter

Thunder clapping

Shoulder charge

Diehard tackle

Monstrous chanting

Ball control

Pass complete

Racing anticipation

Shot taken

Jumping high

Clearer view

Goal extreme

Second half

Score doubled


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Stockport County return to the Football League

Glade of Light

Guardian Angels

Circled love

Monarch opening

Marple monument

Names inscribed

Stories recorded

City dweller's

Personal sanctuary

Salvation arena

Sentimental garden

Silent prayers

Manchester remembers

Tragic loss

Twenty two victims.

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those taken never forgotten

Sacrificed to the Gods of War

When it is taken

Your want becomes stronger

Only this time freedom

Demands a high price

Homes empty friends taken

Despair and suffering prays

Sacrifices are increasing daily

Men, Women, Children, Families

Peace for those left

Freedom to right wrongs.


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War has no gains to offer

That Sinking Feeling

Love beckons me on

a tower of strength

Seductive says

carry me upstairs

Boring says

I'll rather not

Frivolous says

turn the light out

I'm waiting in bed

Lifesaver says

I can't do that

will loose my job

Not Working Out says

thinning fast relationship

floundering passionless rocks

Sailing Into The Sunset says

ex-lover still holds a

bright shinning b...

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no love island here

Hey Diddle Diddle

Ken Dodd sent one of his Diddy men to see Mr Baker

Can I have a steak and diddle pie please

Don't you mean a steak and kidney pie

That's what I said

Diddle I ?

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care to try a tickle pickle ?

Yes Mum

Cradled kindness

motherhood in abundance


Open mind

whatever the wrongdoing


Gentle touch

our hearts connect


Without you

life becomes non-essential


Recognizable voice

abrupt harsh tone


Stop snivelling

pull yourself together


Just because I

have moved upstairs


Does not mean

I have stopped  - - -


Loving you son x x ...

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love you forever Mum x

Needle in a Haystack

Life itself

complex tapestry

woven different

integrated paths

ourselves single

pertinacious threads.

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a weaver of words

Without Peace Souls Don't Sleep

Heart wrenched grief

diehard prays defiance

human corpse mountains

no longer asking

their freedom lost.

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senseless killing has to cease

Handcuffed in Love

Squeezing clasping tight

hands fold themselves

fingerprinting their love

no key needed.

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squeeze me please me

Only Champions Combat Here

Two tennis trojans

clash fighting continuously

rackets point direction

mental physical strength

five hour marathon

breaking tactical serve

line of fire

champions equally matched

lifting Open Trophy

true grit was

the only call.

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a fight to the finish

Open Mic

Unfamiliar faces stare

words are yours

read out loud

both meet halfway.

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the first time

Caught in The Act

Shameless sinners stir

Constable home early

Hello, hello, hello

three lovers depart

unwavering Wife says

Your not talking

to me then?

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half-naked lawbreakers

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