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Breaking Point

in a tense tennis battle two teenage stars of the future each want to win - - - so badly

Relentless rallies

courageously fought

precious points

muscles ache

mental durability

ace played

success delivered

roaring applause

jubilant celebration

Emma Raducanu

lifting trophy

u.s open

endless smiles

extending further

than the

watchful eye

can see.



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When Emma smiles we smile with her.

Dare We Keep On Dreaming

Smiles smiling

nine unbeaten

record breaker

one hurdle

still waits

another outstanding

teen wonder

behind your

tennis racket

match winning

well wishes

serving throughout.

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good luck Emma

Convincing Someone Like You

The number of young people commiting suicide is rising - - - some are saved.

Growing pains

encountering life

dreams beckon

heartache gambled

eager youth

pushes aside

bridges crossed

the grass

not greener

false hope

broken spirit

battered pride

faith responds

courage self-imposed

decisions cancel

mirrored regrets

uplifting dawn

resurfaced horizo...

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every life has a purpose to live they must find it

Superglued with Love

Pink flamingo angels

soft butterfly wings

sweeping virtue gracefully

steadfast gallant knight

dignified splendid blue

white princess bride

elegant breathless beauty

wedding vows bonded

hearts superglued forever.

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get a room - - - then superglue the door.

Betrayal on a Massive Scale

Daily news reporting people being trampled to death in a desperate attempt to leave their country.

Finger pointing combination

everyone blaming each other

heartbreak tidal wave

fleeing no where to go

worthless papers checked

lies crumble into themselves

treachery watches waiting

eventually broken promises depart.


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manmade human misery

Hard Core

Rapid banging bouncing balls

pounding soft cushioned lawn

waking up slumbering pussy

scooping lush green ingredients

slight twist basket full

pulling hard won't budge

shaking tree like crazy


startled cat jumps fence

splashing spontaneous pond attack

leaping frogs goldfish trapped

never mind got enough

homemade apple crumple pie

oven cookin...

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final touch Sunday lunch

Sinister Lurks

Daylight gone

garden overgrown

dark demon

alien eyes

stare mine

advancing closer

nerves tighten

feeling foolish

spiky hedgehog

shuffles past.

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it's a jungle out there

Back in Ten Minutes

Without it

at a loss

a possible replacement

give me

ten minute break


enough to think

as to

why I should.

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no time like the present

Anything Could Happen

Sunday date 11th July 2021 time 8 pm be ready - - -

Background aspirations

farfetched expectations

mission impossible

competitive edge

opinions changeable

results favourable

final countdown

football anthem

coming home.

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the not sure smile pride will override.

Turning Red

Flowers whiter than the moon

transform into hazy buttercup yellow

lime green cooking apple class

bumper crop ripe strawberries spreading

pick me now or never.

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fresh cream waits

Bring It On

Happy go lucky people

cautiously staying on amber

forgotten smiles return

feel good factor

simultaneously spreading togetherness

three lions roar.

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green for Rome

Something More

Insufficient funds  -   saying I will come back a stranger stepped in  - - -  a couple of days later I returned with a sealed envelope.

Soft to touch

with something more

than money inside

note written in love

a thank you poem

especially for evergiving heart.

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no longer a stranger

When Time Stood Still

Euro 2020 millions  of football fans yearning for their treasured game watching Denmark playing Finland were stunned into silence.

Shouting drinking larger

stunned into silence

football was lost

player went down

concerned focus shown

closed team circle

protective ring assembled

the not knowing

time stood still

extreme dark expeditions

uplifting breaking news


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a life saved

I Seek Them Here I Seek Them There

Blind as a bat

dependable glasses were lost

sharp pull cat's tail

not rolled up newspaper

instant super glue tube

mistaken for squeezing toothpaste

permanent smile unfortunately guaranteed

gripping bathroom door knob

Granddad does a flip

worst of all anticipations

do it yourself job

instead of using putty

Aunt May's sturdy porridge

only found out when


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Optician could not stop laughing

Poem For Brian

Three years ago upon this day my friend you passed away.

Converging clouds

looking down

connecting memories

looking back

bonding friendship

looking like

something special

never died.

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missing more than memories

Pimp My Ride

A cycle run organized today in Manchester, weather forecast hot plenty of sun lotion please apply.

Pushing stubborn pedals

sore numb backside

swept off ground

pumped air supply

gasping for breath

crossing finish line

sweating faces smile.

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cool water bottle recommended

Love Found Us

I found Her She found Me

love found Me love found Her

lost number given She lost mine

coincidental meet up second chance given

I found Her She found Me

enthralled in love the rest history.

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True love is yours to find

We Remember You

Cathedral bells ring

twenty two angels

names read out

we remember you

praying sincere sorrow

tragic souls taken

sinister evil act

four years pass

candles melt emotion

silent ashes cry

Manchester faces tonight

weep as one.

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together we remember

Love Lives Here

Urgent house repairs

cracked damp window

shiny peeling wallpaper

musty smelling carpet

plaster flaking ceiling

heart to heart

mental stress showdown

depression discreetly leaves

when you say

I love you

knowing battle lost

limited influences here.

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sunshine shines within

Held Accountable

Corruption investigated

suspect everyone

trust nobody

lies uncovered

files discovered

theories changeable

emotional ties

dangerous behaviour

evidence collected

framed possibility

your turn

will come

back up

potential treachery

false uniform

deception wears

too late

the tables

are turned.

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Line of duty

Football Makes a Stand

Grass roots

floodlight stars

green stage

first match

Dad held

my hand

emotional bond

connecting club

instant fan

supporters's banta

cheering loud

singing songs

forever journey

memories played

final whistle

souvenir programme

history made.

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Super Cup shares skydive

Always by Her Side

Leadership immense responsibility

sharing royal understanding

loving Husband supports

waking up knowing

no longer there

heartbroken sombre monarch

Wife and Queen

Prince of Princes

side by side

sealed with love

a nation mourns.



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Duke of Edinburgh R.I.P

A Hair's Breath on a Sure Bet

Credit cards gallop

everything I own

horse comes home

next race due

can't go wrong.

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each way which way slips away

Starship Shining Love

Blind in seeing

what I should

opening gravitating eyes

starship shining love

moonbeams stirs rebirth

unknown night sky

reveals less dark.

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Super Moon tonight

Dentist, Doctor and getting to The Hospital

Waiting for appointments

we might not get

Waiting for appointments

making us nervous wrecks

Waiting for appointments

thinking it's bad news

Waiting for appointments

finding out nothing wrong

the best cure ever.

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stuck in a telephone queue

One Pink Rose equals another Day Without You

Young seeds thrown upon unexpected ground

sunlight Spring garden basking in love

on Mother's Day I weep with joy

as a hundred pink roses grow.

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missing you lots as I place a rose on your grave

Set Your Sights then go for The Kill

Slimline tonic

bronze tan

workout body

lover's confrontation

brazen outburst

personal take

getting involved

outrageous bitching

controversial matching



rival sorted

clear path

killer move

crazy flirting

boundaries broken

who's watching?

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island of promiscuity down under

Can't Put It Down

Appealing cover

or not

fresh print

fingers lick

reading glasses

permanently glued

fighting sleep

saying Goodnight

only when

novel complete.

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World Book Day

Whiter Than White

Over rooftops of sky satellites

a million candles circle bright

eyes squint as you stare

so worried Sun senses a takeover

as morning Moon awakens the day.

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Which little star left the light on?

When My Heart Starts Dancing

Photographs can find lost connections instead I put my record player on.

Certain favourite songs

rhythm takes flight

full volume on

heart starts dancing

good times spinning

rocking rolling lovers

summers keep coming

past moments click

when needle lifts

records slot time

back into place

feelings stacked ready

to relive love

when music returns

me to somet...

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Lets twist again

Surrender Not An Option

Infection spreads

relentless vaccination

virus finds

uncaring collaborators

I'm o. k

selfish people

non-stop parties

mixing together

can only

allow distressed

done no

wrong suffer

then die

leaving love

to grieve

then fear

for the

rest of

all mankind.


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the selfish few

When Cold Nights Just Got Better

Compelling chance encounter

lips spontaneously kiss

tearaway tongues tangle

single cold bed

instantly central heated.


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goodbye hot water bottle

Giving Something Back

Snail vaccination queue

stress nervously inquiring

How much longer?

legs absolutely aching

reassuring smile replies

Your turn soon

afterwards much later

overcome with relief

grateful lady returns

each nurse given

box of biscuits

Doctors under pressure

a special gift

giving something back

meant so much

to them both.



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a true act of kindness

That Certain Twinkle in His Eye

Extraordinary courage

overpowering pride

fighter extreme

a nation

he carried

hundred times

more than

his years

together maker

kind humble

unlimited love

Sir Tom

touched hearts

connecting Worldwide

in return

we gracefully

touched his.


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Tomorrow will always with you be a good day.

Playing My Trump Card

Disaster strikes peaceful law-abiding party

apparently exquisite show-stopper double-booked

last minute texting Deposed President Invited

resourceful fake news noone turned up.

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both our parties fail

They Held Their Heads up High

Relentless turbulent rain

crucial sliding tackles

F. A Cup drama unfolds

West Ham strike

eight minutes left

defence line broken

fearless Stockport County

heads up high

battle was lost

proud players stand.

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County lost the match but not their pride.

The Irresponsible Protest

Those who shout out

death rates all untrue

will only cease when

isolated they too become.

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Harmful only if you listen

Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

Tearful break up

Gerry emotions high

no sleep that night

feelings caught the words

when singing this song

two hearts became one.

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Gerry Marsden R I P

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