Forgetful Flu

as spirit shadows of the past wait children of the sunlight remember - - -but there was this one time.

Forgot the card

Forgot to visit

Forgot to say

just how much

I love you Mum.


Facing Mother's wrath

Spirit wind blows

Icy cold blast

shivering fever strikes

giving me intolerable flu.


Coughing and spluttering

Mum's ghostly voice

whispers in delight


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putting it right prescription says don't forget

Sea Spray Lover

A last gasp gesture towards resolving a troublesome tempestuous relationship, a romantic day planned but continuous personal problems sent love in a different direction.

Valentine day special

Sun drenched beach

Moody temperamental boyfriend

Raging stormy row

Tearful wave goodbye

Full tide cry

Quick-fix loving needed

Hi there Babe

Hot bronzed surfer

Care to ride


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a true lifesaver

When Hope Calls

Tremors massive shock waves

Buildings topple colossal scale

Tissue paper concrete collapses

Thousands upon thousands lost

Rubble mountains sealed tombs

Skin torn hands dig

Dramatic rescue frantic disbelief

Silence waits in hesitation

Faint cries of help

Trapped bodies pulled clear

New-born child feared dead

Life saved tears shed

Family crushed to death

Laid s...

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as fires burn hearts remain cold

Sex On A Water Bed

A few years ago after watching Pirates of the Caribbean a huge water bed was ordered - - -

Sea dog pirate captain

Spanking jolly roger

Wicked tavern serving wench

Naked breast strokes

Caribbean paradise fantasy ocean

Totally laid back

Love island tobacco roll

Fire stick strike

No smoking in bed

Warning too late

Stormy tidal waves crashing

Luxury carpet waterlogg...

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Water board emergency number not recommended

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