Government Of The Heat

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The jungle life 
Kill or be killed
At alert always or be blamed for it
Move alone and become a gunner
Government of the heat

Little freedom in your territory 
But doesn't last long
Those with flat foots will assail 
Give them everything still won't be ok
Always insatiable they are

Followed you everywhere 
Know your every move 
Their job is to protect 
Now devour and claim 
Our rights live with them

You come out like a prince
You give account of the price 
Your private life their public eye
Visit the safe, they spy like a dice
Protect you, to rob you of your ice

Your private cell phone 
Their public office
Your affairs, their daily job
Give them everything 
The cricket is still not save

Order from aloft
They give space for days
From the bottom to the zenith 
Settlement all around 
They masticate from the peak 
But go by the name innocent 

Every planet has a canon
The wild dare not hunt the wrong
Their worst friend, the law
Their best enemy,
The camouflage forest colour

The constitution,our protection
Adheres and get demotion 
Autocrats get recognition 
Our rights no longer a conversation 
Only the money is the motion.

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