Has Anyone Seen My Brother?

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Has Anyone Seen My Brother?


Brian's brother has just posted this as a heartfelt plea to all WOLers.  He  is pining and can't find his brother.


Has anyone seen my brother?

Can't find him on the site

It seems he's gone, just disappeared

Which is quite strange, not right


I went through all WOL's profiles

And no, he isn't there

It seems he has just vanished

Just gone into thin air


Have you seen my brother?

He spiders round the site

Spreading wit and humour

Making all feel bright


We both look rather scary

We both were born this way

Our parents are to blame for this

So what more can I say?


I find it all quite puzzling

Why he has left WOL

No way would he just get up

Get up and go AWOL


So have you seen my brother?

Nowhere is he around

Which is a shame, a pity

Gone, nowhere to be found


There seems to be another guy

Using my brother's name

I hope he's not impostering

Cos that would be a shame


Brian's brother January 2019


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Thu 10th Jan 2019 17:24


Something/one is amiss


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 10th Jan 2019 16:37

Brian looking for his brother?
Could it be there's another
With similar robust humour
Or is that just a rumour?
But it's logical - truth to tell
To search via "double you" - oh 'ell !! 😐

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