On a Knife Edge

Crimes involving knives

Affecting peoples lives

Senseless reasons why

young people sometimes die

At the hand with icy blade

Too late the price is paid


A tragedy avoidable?

An issue or conundrum?

Is knife education working

from Edinburgh to London?

Is this a sign of the times?

Statistics, rising crime?

A social problem?

A youth rebellion?

To reasons we can’t be blind


Young people facing pressure

More than we can measure

Do we need to listen?

Encourage them to think?

before carrying a weapon

Their future’s on the brink


Make decisions on behaviour

It could be your saviour

Staying away from knives

Will prevent more ruined lives

The Urban Poet 2019









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Wed 2nd Jan 2019 16:55

Peaky blinders MC

Always been there, always will be there.

…"The current bad is born out of something on
an ascending alien level."

That's an interesting comment!

Us Mods were a much more civilised bunch lol


Profile image

M.C. Newberry

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 16:26

Back in the 50s there was the "flick knife" and the idiot "Teds" who
used to think they were handy; and don't forget the Rockers who took
to wielding bike chains. The current bad is born out of something on
an ascending alien level. Check out those involved and wonder what
is to be done with their own idiocy.


Wed 2nd Jan 2019 10:49

They cry out Fred

Sadly all to often on deaf ears.

Great piece of poetry

Sometimes a whisper is louder than a shout from the rooftop


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