I looked out my window and saw the sun.
And the formation of a rainbow had begun.
All that wonderful colour, a beautiful sight.
Too soon swallowed up by the dark of night..
I looked out my window and saw the moon.
That bright sunshine had gone all too soon.
The dull, starless sky, hung heavy and low.
The smothered moon couldn't muster a glow.
I looked out my window, I saw nothing at a...

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It made no sense, what I just did today.
It's impossible to explain, I have to say.
Did a moment of madness take over me?
Or was my heart broken mind all at sea?

Maybe a moment a sorrow took control.
What was my possible objective or goal?
Perhaps for normality, I reached out for.
I don't know the answer, I'll never be sure.

I sent a text message, longing for a reply.
But I will ...

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Mother's Day 19/3/23

If you look down and see me cry.
Please Mum, don't worry why.
Today is special, it belongs to you.
'Staying strong' just won't do.
I will leave you flowers on your plot.
With all the strength that I have got.
And my tears will fall as I walk away.
A strong person...I cannot be today.


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Through Raindrops

I saw a lovely, little old lady today.
Hair, a familiar style of silver grey.
Sat in my car, watched her walk by.
My mind it wandered of, cloud high.

She turned slightly, her glasses I saw.
I looked hard at the clothes she wore.
Her movement, her walk, rang a bell.
Suddenly, a tear onto my cheek fell.

She took small steps, with aid of hand.
Another tear fell, onto my lap to land.

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My Secret

I've taken you to rail stations, said goodbye.
I've driven you to Airports...before you fly.
And those things, they get no easier to do.
Because secretly, I've fallen in love with you.

And when either the train or plane depart.
I get the same old aching feeling in my heart.
Then I fall into the old, familiar sad routine.
It will take a lonely lover to know what I mean.

Life goes on, th...

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A Lone Light

A harrowing gale, tortures the moors.
For me, no welcome of open doors.
A relentless storm, with no remorse.
Has blown my life totally of its course.

I try to find my bearings, find my feet.
Somebody to help me, I need to meet.
The cruel elements are not on my side.
I look for shelter, a safe place to hide.

In the distance, a lone light, I can see.
If peers through the gloom...calling...

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Back In Knotty Ash (I'd Rather Be)

From your loaf, get 2 slices of bread.
Put on some butter...evenly spread!
Put away the cheese, bacon or ham.
For this butty, you only require Jam!
When I was a Diddy Knotty Ash lad.
They were the best butties I ever had.
Strawberry Jam, Raspberry or Plum.
They all tasted lovely, made by Mum!
Eating one now, I've gone back in time.
To when I lived by a Jam Butty Mine!
I'm older now, trav...

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One outstayed welcome, your invite was short.
I turned to you, when in dark times I was caught.
I was trapped, had nowhere to go, so I let you in.
You convinced me of a battle, that I could not win.
You painted my past, present and my future black.
You crept in, stole my soul and now I want it back.
I was in troubled times, full of doubt and self hate.
But an even darker life for me, you he...

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Cowards Are We

You hate your life and I hate mine.
So, what lies further down the line?
Heaping on the sorrow and the pain.
In our silence, each other we blame.
I think to myself, cowards are we.
Wasting our lives, never to be free.
From each other, stealing the years.
Never confronting our inner fears.
Nipped in the bud this should of been.
Dealt with and buried, end of a dream.
Which way to turn, I...

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The Jester

I fool around, I joke and I jest.
But put my happiness to the test.
It's mostly an act, like part of a play.
It's helps me pass the time of day.
No stage needed, no lights to glow.
Just funny me in my one man show.
My true feelings, I've learnt to hide.
Nobody knows what's really inside.
From this pretence, I try to break free.
But the jester has long taken over me.

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The 'Gift'

The sun shines, but in the rain I drown.
I know The Low Men are in my Town.
I have the gift to see and the gift to heal.
A God or Devil gift, how would you feel?
I travel so much in life, my friends are few.
I sense who to avoid, to love would be new.
Posters appear on wall and street lamp.
It's time to move on, in the Summer damp.
I would love a home, the loneliness I dread,
But I must...

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Let Summer Be Nigh


A brand New Year, only day one.
'Stay strong Michael, life goes on'
That is what you'd whisper to me.
But it gets no easier, can't you see.

I miss the things you did and said.
So, now I rely on memories instead.
A brand New Year, just one day in.
When will normality start to begin?

I hope these coming months fly by.
Be rid of Spring, let Summer be nigh.
Maybe by then, if I wish ...

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