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Sword or Pen


What is mightier...the sword or pen?
If words fall on deaf ears, what then?
If the written word is always ignored.
Can you justify the use of the sword?
What is more effective, blood or ink?
What makes people sit up and think?
When to every word you get no reply.
Is the threat of the sword worth a try?
Can you win battles with pen in hand?
Or is it just the sword they understand.

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Mask free, I breathe in the fresh air.
I hear snide comments, people stare.
As death on every corner, I see no sign.
But if you disagree with me that's fine.

So please respect my views, let me be.
Just cross the road if you ever see me.
To stand by my convictions, I am proud.
I won't bow to liars, who preach out loud.

Their idea of Passports...liberty to steal.
They want us to grovel ...

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The Grounds of Speke Hall 25/4/2021

I had a hand sanitizer fight, which I won!
I rolled down hills, in the bright Hale Sun.
We saw trees even Monkeys can't climb.
I built a tree shelter in the warm sunshine.

We saw the shoes of a giant, what a pair!
I then looked so tiny, as I sat in his chair.
We looked for the Giants buttons and bows.
He was 9 foot 3 inches, so the story goes!

His name was John Middleton, this his trai...

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Tara Highclere House


Tara Highclere House, I'm moving on.
From County Road, I'll now be from.
I'll miss the lovely Stanley Park view.
Living by Anfield, I will miss that too!
No more poems about you to write.
Struggling with rhymes into the night!
But my itchy feet, are itchy once more.
It won't be the last time I move for sure!
But not too worry, I not moving too far.
Just a short 5 minute drive in my c...

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The Stain of Greed

From our shirt, the Liver bird has flown.
The stain of greed, has further grown.
The LFC Liver bird, has turned its back.
Banners fly at Anfield, not red but black.

'RIP Liverpool FC' those banners say.
As our club has slowly been eaten away.
Is nothing sacred in the quest for gold?
The heart and soul of my club to be sold.

Sold to further the riches of the elite.
A game stolen from '...

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The Sinking of The RMS Titanic (109 years ago today)

The White Star pride of all ocean and sea.

Unfairly labelled ‘unsinkable’ was she.

As who knows what dangers waters hide.

Peril can strike with every wave and tide.


A fresh hope and start for many on board.

She left Southampton, as funnels roared.

Passenger’s classes apart with different aims.

Titanic took to the Atlantic shipping lanes.


As the decks went quiet, o...

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The Other Victims / 2 People


The Other Victims

They may as well have died on the day.
As their life it changed in most every way.
To suffer in silence, the worst type of all.
To try and stand big...when it's ok to fall.

Trying to hide pain, memories to block.
Everyday a challenge, trying to take stock.
Trying to move on, but can only stand still.
Too much time to think, to ponder and kill.

So much anger an...

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Something over, that never begun.
Something lost, that was never won.
Something finished, without a start.
A puzzle completed, missing a part.
Something returned, but never gave.
Something I buried, without a grave.
A gun that was fired, without a shot.
A Sun that shone, but was never hot.
Something that burnt, without smoke.
Something I did have...until I awoke.


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Those Great Days (For Stuart Adamson)

Happy Birthday Stuart, all the best 'Big Man'
I still miss you everyday, as does every fan.
Your messages of pride, I still take onboard.
Your songs of hope for all, are never ignored.
If you felt alone in your life, that saddens me.
Everyone was here for you, over land and sea.
We're still here today, proud to say your name.
Life has moved on...but never quite the same.
So I look back on ...

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Ghost Race

Grand National Day, but it's not the same.
No fans arriving, by River, Tunnel or plane.
No punters in the bookies without a clue!
Those once a year type, including me too!
Placing bets online, nowhere near the fun.
I'm a traditionalist, when all said and done!
The City Centre would be heaving for sure.
Hotels bursting with visitors on every floor.
But more important, its Aintree's day to m...

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My Decision


Do our duty we are told, just a scratch.
But Coronavirus, we might still catch!
And if so, it's possible to pass it on too.
So still keep our face, hidden from view.
Long term side effects, too soon to tell.
Will they silence or ring any future bell?
If a 'new variant' pops up, as surely it will.
Will the current vaccines protect us still?
The answer being, they're not really sure.

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The 'Cup'

Day by day, I'm slowly giving up.
I no longer want to raise the Cup.
No point of a Cup for a year or 2.
When they always take if off you.
In every direction, I look or peer.
I see loneliness and of that I fear.
I felt love once, but that did fade.
Now of being alone, I'm so afraid.
The Cup feels great, held up high.
But bit by bit, those promises die.
Time goes on, land becomes sea.

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The Lockdown Haircut Curse!


Next Monday, lots of weight I will shed.
As I'll be rid of the hair from my head!
Jimmy might charge me double I guess.
To sort out this unsightly, unruly mess!

They ought to have a support helpline.
With advice for men with hair like mine!
I feel a bit uneven, my had does wobble.
Can it cured by hairband and bobble?

It flops in the wind and it gets in my eye.
People call me a hi...

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Days Without You

Days without you are very grey and dull.
Of heavy, overcast clouds, they are full.
My mind it wanders, in a world of its own.
I go for a walk, but soon wish I was home.

My days without you, lack sparkle and wit.
In a crowded park, I see nobody as I sit.
I count the long hours in days without you.
Those hours drag and the sky never blue.

Unwelcome and empty, they visit and stay.
They w...

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Sing A Song (For us Tonight)

Tonight in Heaven, Doddy has a show planned.
An Easter Special concert in the promised land.
Songs of faith and prayer, the theme of the show.
Just like the choir boy Doddy of many years ago.

Backed by the Angels from God's Heavenly choir.
Will be the one and only...the Knotty Ash Squire.
Doddy will keep all the jokes under wraps tonight.
It's not that kind of show, no ticking stick in si...

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The Childe of Hale (1578-1623)

Do you know about the 'Childe of Hale'?
The man behind much folklore and tale.
As a real life Giant he acquired his fame.
At 9 foot 3, John Middleton was his name.

With just a small house, and no giant bed.
Slept with feet out of the window instead!
His snoring could be heard from far away.
Great strength he had, people would say.

And as the Childe of Hale grew and grew.
So buttons of...

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My Day

I sat in Stanley Park with my late tea.
A chicken meal, plus a coke for me!
I saw a halo like sun, pale but bright.
As late evening slowly turned to night.
I minded 3 children earlier in the day.
North Park in Bootle we went to play.
That park was full, in the glorious sun.
It felt just like the summer had come!
I sat on the bench, a little time to think.
I finished my supper, my food and...

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Who could you touch, cuddle or kiss?
The world had seen nothing like this.
Harrowing warnings everyday on TV.
Dig into your past, any regrets to see?

Victims became 'lepers' to our shame.
A witch hunt went on to pin the blame.
People became defensive or often lie.
The dirty tabloids felt the need to pry.

Victims coaxed to hide away in a shelł
To get through it alone, their living hell...

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I love dreams that take me to a different place.
Where I'm happy and content in my own space.
No ups and downs of love exist to worry about.
And a place where I am rid of all my self doubt.
I don't dream of rainbows, or deep pots of gold.
I dream of happiness and the right hand to hold.
I don't dream of the sunshine or even a blue sky.
And dreams of fame and fortune just pass me by.
One da...

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I don't want a 'passport' to visit a bar.

I don't want a 'passport' to travel afar.

As I can live without a holiday abroad.

Pub prices, these days, I can't afford!

My 'passport' can wait to see a band.

I just want freedom to hold your hand.

A 'passport' for that, I want right away.

As I miss holding your hand every day.

Simple things in life, mean most to me.

Without tho...

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Funtime in Poets Park

With a towel, Mike made the swing dry.
Then I asked him to push me very high!
Then a volcano erupted, oh no, oh no!
Safe from the river of lava, we had to go!

The roundabout was safe, so there I sat.
The lava vanished...thank magic for that!
But then I saw a dragon and had to hide.
This time Mike and I ran away to the slide!

I made 2 lovely friends, Tommy and Lou.
And I had lots of gr...

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The Faraway Man


Far in the distance, a man I see.
One lonely, haunted man is he.
He gazes at both moon and sun.
He wishes his life could be rerun.

In winter he shivers, visits are few.
Turned his back on me and you.
The faraway man, sits and stares.
The world may turn, little he cares.

Winding down time in faraway land.
Wants no offer of shoulder or hand.
That faraway man, I see every day.

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No Tutor of Song (The Regent Honeyeater)

An endangered species, a bird, very rare.
Only 300 or so left in the world out there.
It means the young have no tutor of song.
As older males aren't around to singalong.

They learn their song from an older male.
But the search for elders is doomed to fail.
Now resulting in weird songs being heard.
Songs they learn from other breeds of bird.

They now do this, once leaving their nest.

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'Poets Park' (Bootle Merseyside)

I took a little stroll down Bibby's Lane.
The clouds had shifted, no more rain.
Then I walked up Wordsworth Street.
My walk to the park almost complete.
Then up streets called Gower and Gray.
Then into 'Poets Park' I made my way.
All around me I see poet named streets.
Tennyson, Longfellow, Byron and Keats.
I then sat in the park beneath the Sun
Lots of children playing, all having fun.

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'Bad Apples'

In virtually all walks of life, I can guarantee.
Bad apples will exist, I'm sure you'll agree.
Search through history, go back and rewind.
History's littered with bad apples, you'll find.

Within the Police Force it's exactly the same.
Those who fall from grace, bring only shame.
But please give all good UK cops a break.
They are the vast majority, make no mistake.

When an emergency ari...

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Happy Mother's Day

Hello to all you Mums out there.
Enjoy Mother's day, without a care.
To start the day, breakfast in bed!
No washing up, or jobs you dread!

It's not a day for household chores.
For washing dirty dishes or floors.
It's your day to relax, a time to chill.
To please yourself, to do as you will.

So loved all year round, that is true.
For all the wonderful things you do.
For being kind and...

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Every Dream I Have

In touching distance, but unable to hold.
I want your heart to escape from the cold.
So close, but I just want to cuddle you so.
But I think by now, that much you know.
Time goes on, running out of things to say.
Will my feelings be left to simply ebb away?
I'm an open book, read me page by page.
My eyes can't keep secrets, easy to gauge.
I think to myself, where to go from here?
Every dr...

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A Windy Day!

I see discarded litter swirl from A to B.
Some branches have fallen from a tree.
Trees in Stanley Park, bend and sway.
As the cold, howling wind blows today.

A Liverpool banner spins left and right.
Puffs and puffs of wind, full of might.
Not without a voice, this invisible force.
As it twists and turns, changing course.

The wind likes to roar, proving its about.
It likes to turn defi...

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Diddy Tears

The Moggy Skin Ranch was closed today.
And Knotty Ash jam in the mines did stay.
The Gravy Trains did not take to the track.
No repaired biscuits in the factory to pack.
Snuff quarries where so quiet, not a sound.
All over Knotty Ash, no Diddymen around.
Today the Diddymen had no treacle to sell.
As Diddymen tears had filled up the well.
In those wells, I saw a million tears so small.

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A Better Place

To a 'better place' is where people go.
Sunshine if you want it, or lots of snow!
Mountains to climb, or oceans to cross.
Think of that, when you mourn your loss.

In a better place, free from rain or storm.
Free from prejudice, from sin and scorn.
So think of that, with every tear to fall.
When on bended knees, can't face it all.

In a better place, no title, King or Queen.
As everyone...

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'White Rabbit'

'White Rabbit' I said as I awoke today.
Good Luck, I hope now comes my way.
Say 'Rabbit' 3 times, and in it believe.
And a gift this month you may receive!
If you're sitting around a campfire glow.
And in your face the smoke does blow.
Then say 'White Rabbit' to the breeze.
And then the wind like magic will ease!
If ever a Witch has much evil to speak.
Then a 'pinch' of salt will make her...

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Last Day of Febuary

Last day of February, it feels like Spring.
Flowers are in bloom, morning birds sing.
The baby blue sky is totally cloud free.
And beautiful Stanley Park is inviting me.

An invite I gladly accept, how could I not?
On my doorstop, this lovely park I've got.
The gentlest of breezes kiss my cheek.
The trees look healthy not so winter weak.

So off I go, leaving my winter coat behind.
In S...

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A Preview ?

There's a land in my dreams I often go.
There's no left or right, no high no low.
People listen, respect and understand.
All warm and bright, yet a sunless land.

A place like time has been put on hold.
All around I hear love stories being told.
I also hear music, but see nobody play.
I don't want to awake, as I want to stay.

Is this place a preview of what's to be?
When time on Earth ...

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Sophie Scholl (White Rose)

An evil regime, they set out to oppose.
Munich students called the White Rose.
Their aim to stop Hitler's war machine.
Young Sophie Scholl, part of that team.

Passive in their actions and their views
Leaflets to write, a right path to choose.
In danger with every word they spread.
But courageously, a resistance they led.

Eventually captured, 3 people, so brave.
Their only wish, countl...

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Stanley Park (21/2/21)

Sitting in Stanley Park, distant hills I see.
A dog called Ludo jumped on my knee!
Children picked dahlias purple and white.
Two cute little puppies began a toy fight!

Plenty of joggers of course, out for a run!
The playground was full, kids having fun.
Roundabouts spinning a pyramid to climb.
Felt a bit lonely today, so I was killing time.

I saw an old work mate, Sharon her name.
As ...

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Tir Na Nog (Land of the Young)

Would anybody like to come along with me?
On an enchanted 3 day crossing over the sea.
The secret path is known as Honeys Plain.
An Otherworld awaits us, Tir Na Nog its name.
A land beneath our waters with Cities of gold.
Paradise is everywhere and nobody grows old.
We'll travel through caves and a magical mist.
To discover that Tir Na Nog really does exist!
A land where flowers in bloom a...

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Elisa Lam (The Hotel Cecil)

A long history of murder, suicide and pain.
Unexplained mysteries, that still remain.
The Hotel Cecil, found in Downtown LA.
Its haunting dark past seems here to stay.

A problem elevator, a women in distress?
Erratic behaviour, random buttons to press.
She seems to be talking, but if so, to who?
The woman seems to be hiding out of view.

From hidden peril, was she trying to escape?

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No Barriers (Happy Valentines Day)

If I hold your hand would people stare?
Would some tongues wag at such a pair?
But should we even care at what they say?
As no barriers should ever stand in our way.

Some people might talk behind our back.
Because an understanding of love they lack.
People will eagerly do sums in their head.
But should we worry what's thought or said?

Friends will ask questions who only mean well.

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Orpheus and Eurydice

Into the Underworld, Orpheus was allowed to go.
To rescue Eurydice from a land of the dead below.
But the Gods laid down laws, that he had to obey.
Or in the clutches of hell, she would forever stay.

If Eurydice was found, a promise he had to keep.                                                                                                  Not to look at her face, until away from the dee...

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Puddle Jumping (For Cancer Research)

Jump into a puddle, make a splash!
For Cancer Research, raise some cash.
Go and find your wellies, any old pair.
Take a pal with you, a puddle to share!

Lots of puddles about this time of year.
So find one today, in your winter gear!
Then jump into it, like a child would do.
And if you are still a child, lucky you!

You can show your folks how it's done.
For an extra splash, first ta...

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Tonight the moon will pull all its strings.
Tides with wash over rocks and things.
Sands will breathe again, and feel the air.
The weight of the water no longer to bare.

The sea has turned its back for the night.
It slowly rolled away, until far out of sight.
Another victim for its winter anger to find.
A calm beach at peace it has left behind.

Lonely rocks once adrift, come into ...

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Key To The Door!

On a day out from his Croxteth home.
Jimmy gets a carry up a path of stone.
All around, I see a lovely nature scene
Hilly fields and trees, brown and green.

In this green and pleasant winter land.
Birthday boy Jimmy gets a help in hand.
But that's ok Steve, no need to be sad.
There's plenty of life left in the old lad

Lots more adventures together to share.
Together you'll still make ...

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Stadt Moers Park

We went to a park with a German name.
Stadt Moers, Whiston, off Dragon Lane.
It was a bitter cold day, snow in the air.
But on our lovely days out, we don't care!

I took our usual goodies in my back pack.
In the playground it was time for a snack.
The boys came down a long narrow slide.
Princess Emily spun on a roundabout ride.

The snow it teased, but it never quite fell.
Cyclists pas...

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Pine Cone Cottage

Through youthful eyes, you have a dream.
A cottage in meadows, by flow of stream.
Close to the sands and splash of the sea.
To live your life, just how you want it to be.

And in this place, just gentle breezes blow.
Hurricanes with names, not allowed to go!
Only the smiling Sun will shine in this land.
Like the one you drew in the Formby sand!

It left a huge smile in the fine sandy gro...

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The Underground Yard

In the Underground Yard, the freezing dwell.
Alien is the sun, forever night time has fell.
A land where no shadow, can be seen or cast.
A world where fallen people, pay for their past.

In the Underground Yard, weary eyes strain.
People shiver in the torrents of the frozen rain.
In the darkest of dungeons, lie banks of bones.
The hidden Underground Yard, the devil owns.

A monsters last...

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The 4th Wall

The scene is built, the boys no longer haul.
A 4th wall stands before us, invisible to all.
My heart is racing, it skips a beat in fright.
A stranger looks back, in the mirror tonight.
Hushed murmurs and whispers fade away.
The lights go down, as night becomes day.
To the familiar spike, I slowly take my place.
Caught on film, a thousand flashes to façe.
I can't see you, but my heart and s...

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At 2.36, I get chills down my spine.
It happens without fail, every time.
Heaving lads, dripped in sweat too.
One more curtain to face, a final cue.

Smiling, though smiling can be fake.
A chance now to see my final take.
It gets no finer, my audience to seek.
So remember me like this, at my peak.

It's over now, move on from the past.
A great man fell from a bullet blast.
Heave n...

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Arkles Lane Snowfall


I wake up to an overnight snowfall.
Snow brings out the child in us all!
Greeted with a Christmas card sight.
A camouflaged milk float all in white!
2 joggers run together side by side.
Where they've run they leave a guide.
Their footprints leave a perfect trail.
Stanley Park hides neath snowy veil.
Cars all parked up in matching coats.
As snow lightly falls, drifts and floats.
An e...

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Little Bongs

Hidden on East Prescot Road.
With a Knotty Ash post code!
An area with a claim to fame.
It has in Britain a unique name!

A name at home in a fairy tale.
Picture an idyllic, dreamy dale.
In a timeless valley, take a stroll.
In bedtime stories it has a role.

So when in bed all tucked away 
Here in dreams children can play.
Say its name in nursery songs.
The name I mean is Little Bongs...

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From Highclere House (21/1/2021)

The rain and hail hammer my window pane.
Leaving a rolling river down Arkles Lane!
On the central reservation, not much green.
Just swathes of muddy puddles to be seen.
Tonight is match night, so traffic cones to lay.
Seems a bit early with kick off 12 hours away!
I'm not sure why football even goes ahead.
But then again money talks, it has to be said.
A dog in the park, shakes water of it...

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