The Ghosts of Qatar


Can you hear a sob and wail.
In this sorry World Cup tale.
Above the roar of every goal.
Listen out for every lost soul.

Beneath the sunny Qatari skies.
Listen to their desperate cries.
How many died, it's hard to tell?
Slave labour, in conditions of hell.

In the desert heat, toiling away.
Brutal conditions, pittance of pay.
Families left to mourn and weep.
Ghosts of Q...

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The Ugly Game

The beautiful game's turned ugly, 
not a pretty sight.
A thousand jagged stitches, scars 
all left and right.
A hideous looking monster, 'football' 
only in name.
A tournament born from corruption, 
greed and shame.

'Welcome to Qatar, but don't make 
yourself at home.
We don't believe in gay love, no mercy 
will be shown'
What kind of place is that, a place it's 
safer to live a lie...

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A Dangerous Man

I'm a dangerous man, when I'm all alone.
To moods of darkness, I am often prone.
I'm a dangerous man when doubts I greet.
When I'm all alone and I can taste defeat.

I'm a dangerous man, when rooms are bare.
When I'm all alone, with nobody to care.  
I'm a dangerous man, when nobody's about.
When I'm all alone and I can see no way out.

I'm a dangerous man when the night is long.
When I...

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One More To Begin

A year ago, I held your hand tight.
I stroked it most of that final night.
I talked of memories, with no reply.
The long night of my final 'Goodbye'

I said loving words to take with you.
Deep inside, I ached right through.
For that extra strength, I had to prey.
The night I ran out of prayers to say.

Today I leave flowers for you to see.
And a packet of buttons...glutton free!
I figh...

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The Black Jelly Baby


To buy those sweets, was a big mistake.
I try to eat them, but my heart does ache.
I should have known, that'd be the case.
As the tears slowly trickle down my face.
As my Mum loved her Jelly Baby sweets.
With Cadburys Fudge, her favourite treats!
Mum always preferred Sainsbury's brand. 
I can just see her now, Jelly Baby in hand!
I've ate the red one Mum, yellow one too.
But as ever...

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The Lonely Road

I'm on this's weary and long.
I keep hearing the words 'stay strong'
Through watery eyes, I follow signs.
This endless road is so tiring at times.

Night times comes and I'm driving still.
I feel like I am driving against my will.
But I carry on, around each silent bend.
I'm hoping this road is nearly at an end.

It deceives at times and it casts a spell.
Are there miles ahead...

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The Little Things

Grabbing crab apples from a tree.
Doing simple things, you and me.
And journeys together in the car.
Nowhere special, not going too far.

Something like that, makes my day.
But it's something I don't dare say!
Taking you shopping, early or late.
If you take forever, it's worth the wait!

Picking you up from work for a break.
Going to Town for coffee and cake.
Making sure you're safe, I...

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It can change its shape, and its form.
Just like the Sun, disguising a storm.
It can even lend you a mask to wear.
But deep inside, it'll always be there.

It can suddenly appear out of the blue.
Just like an old acquaintance to renew.
Sometimes I think has it chose to leave.
Has it got anymore tricks up its sleeve?

On your shoulder, you might feel a tap.
Alł you energy and fervour, it...

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The Voices

An empty house, so silent and still.
To much time on my hands to kill.
Nobody here to call out my name.
Loneliness has staked its evil claim.

My mind wanders, as time goes slow.
It takes me places, I don't want to go.
I look at pictures but look quickly away.
They remind me of many a happier day.

It's 'Goodnight' time, I climb the stairs.
Nothing in this house is done in pairs.
An em...

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Pink For Olivia

Her name in pink letters on the rails.
Her classmates with pink fingernails.
Rainbow stripes and pink butterflies.
The black suits all worn with pink ties.

Horses wearing pink plume and drape.
Lovely pink flowers, in heart like shape.
Pink handbags, pink ribbon and bows.
The number of Angels in Heaven grows. 

Pink slides and clips, worn in the hair.
Carried by her Mum, a pinky teddy b...

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If It Can Fly

The moon's too bright, ghostly white, I know what
this now means.
This is the final night, no more sunlight, no more
wishes or dreams.
The oceans will rise, right before our eyes; the seas
will all become one.
If it can fly, it will fly, if it can cry. it will cry, warnings
there was none.
Tomorrow won't come, no morning sun, only time
to kiss goodbye.
Nowhere to run, Earths time is n...

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Two Little Girls

Two little girls...aged about 4.
Standing outside their front door.
Friends or sisters, it's hard to tell.
Brought up in such a living hell.
In shelters or under tables to run.
While smokey skies hide the sun.
Another siren, another Hitler raid.
Look at the price these 2 kids paid.
Filthy dirty, in soot, ash and grime.
Sad, tired eyes, that no longer shine.
Both girls cling on to a push ...

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No Hiding Place

Crawl out of your underground well.
Give yourself up, your account to tell.
One day, you'll be trapped and snared.
Stand up now, let your plea be heard.
You'll run out corners in which to hide.
The search for you will go far and wide
Wary of strangers, of whispers and all.
And too afraid to make or receive a call.
A life in hiding, eyes cast to the floor.
That's the kind of 'life' for you...

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An Applause For Olivia


An applause on 9 minutes at Anfield today.
For the life a young girl cruelly taken away.
Olivia lived just 9 years, hence the minute 9.
A senseless loss of life, due to gun crime.

The murder of a child, the worst type of sin.
À City in hasn't quite sunk in.
Olivia the victim of a shooting gone wrong.
So in what kind of world do we now belong?

A bullet can fly anywhe...

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A New Day

I open the blinds and I let in the day.
Some traffic below me is on its way.
Shutters of a shop, roll with a groan.
A weary old cat makes its way home.

Yesterday is a memory, one to forget.
I try and put aside, my every regret.
This is a new day, a fresh clean sheet.
I rid my mind of yesterday's defeat.

The sun cracks a smile, a new day born.
The moon goes to bed, with a yawn.
Today ...

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One horrible day...all out of sorts.
A day all alone, with my thoughts.
Looking back on what went wrong.
Every hour was an hour too long.

Nobody to talk to, to understand.
Nobody to hug and grab my hand.
All my doubts, ganged up on me.
An easy target today, they could see.

Once in control, they never let go.
A vice like grip, with seeds to sow.
I'm so desperate to see this day end.

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'Little Bongs'

'Little Bongs' Knotty Ash, East Prescot Road.
A beautiful little spot, with an L14 postcode.
People ask, 'is there really such an address'?
The simple answer being, most definitely yes!

Each day, when the sun rises in Little Bongs.
Listen very'll hear some songs!
Because, behind the Cottages, 16 in a row.
That's the way to work, the Diddymen will go!

Whether off to the ...

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Never Alone

We were always by your side.
To bring you home with the tide.
With craft and rope in our hand.
To sail you home, on to dry land.
Any sign of fired rocket or flare.
In need of rescue, we were there.
In the sea, fighting storm or wave.
To flounder, a ship in need to save.
A struggling ship, in search of oar.
We were never far from the shore.
A million people to bring you home.
Never once ...

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For Stuart Adamson 4/11/58 -16/12/201

What's The Answer?

Do you ever have days like this too?
When memories alone, just won't do.
When all the photos don't do the trick.
A day, too many boxes are left to tick.
Do you get those days, head in a spin.
When well meant words, don't sink in.
Just when you feel you are moving on.
You wake one day, back to square one.
A day when so many prayers you send.
The kind of day, you just want to end.
So what'...

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The 2 Sides of Grief

I see 2 sides to grief in many a case.
The public face and the private face.
A face that shows you're 'over it' side.
And the opposite you hide.
A side that shows you laugh and joke.
Another that shows a heart still broke.
An enjoyable day, followed up by guilt.
Tears of joy, but followed by tears spilt.
2 sides of grief, one for public display.
And the 'not over it' one, I've ...

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Ulysses and Argos

Once of splendid build, nothing he couldn't track.
Now neglected Argos yearns for his master back.
Argos, so frail and tired lies on a cow dung heap.
Lice invested, he dreams of Ulysses in his sleep.
Ulysses left his homeland for Troy 20 years ago.
Argos was a noble, faithful dog, not just for show.
In those years, he wasn't cared for, grew old alone.
Then after much struggle, Ulysses retur...

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The Devil's Lair

Forcibly dragged down from the air.
Another prisoner sucked into the lair.
Its propellers spin, and engines roar.
Bit this is a plane in control no more.
The pilots put up a brave, futile fight.
But the Devil's got other plans tonight.
This craft can't escape the Devils grip.
Just like so many other plane or ship.
Down she falls through layers of cloud.
All wrapped up in the Devils shroud...

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Deep Jail

I've lost all the hunger, all the desire.
Nothing out there to rekindle the fire.
I feel so lonely...everyday is the same.
I have nobody but myself to blame.

Chasing dreams, I've no right to chase.
I'm scared of this lonely future I face.
Nowhere to turn, and no easy way out.
Help is out there, of that no doubt.

But my feelings, I'd prefer not to share.
As to burden others, doesn't se...

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Hug For Mum!

In our garden, under the Sun.
A surprise hug for my Mum!
Because I love her, deeply so.
I love her more each day I grow.

Hugs like this, a million to come.
Even then they won't be done!
Hugs in the day, hugs in the night.
In Winter, hugs warm and tight!

But the Winter is a long time away.
So this a hug for a Summer's day!
So as the July Sun brightly shined.
A surprise Mum hug from b...

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Forever Chained

Trapped in this underwater mine.
Misery and solitude, all the time.
A land of silence, one of despair.
How long will the World still care?

The water is clear, clean and blue.
Crippled boats, all around in view.
And twisted metal, buried remains.
A burial ground of ships and planes.

Today we saw a vessel torn in two.
A deserted ship, no sign of crew.
It floated down, no fuss or no s...

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'Big Boys don't cry' is what they say.
On record on TV, in movies and play.
To me that's so outdated and wrong.
A man who cries, can still be strong.

Emotions and fears some men will hide.
They don't like to reveal what's inside.
To cry is to be mocked, some men feel.
Just take the blows, with heart of steel.

An image to live up to and that's not fair.
'Man up' w...

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Layla Wells

Strangers gather deep into the night.

When black is the sky, no stars in sight.

In silence they walk down narrow street.

Then in Layla Wells house, they all meet.

But why is this gathering, nobody is sure.

Dark stories hark back to times of yore.

Covens of Witches and visions of Hell.

In Layla's house are rumoured to dwell.

Whispers of sorcery, just one of the tales.

A h...

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The Past

Saw an old music video today, from 2009.
Those days were great, such a lovely time.
But happy memories came flooding back.
So tears they fell while watching that track.
Funny how some music can do that to you.
I tried in vain to watch that song through.
Look the past in the face, leave it all behind.
Take on the challenge, the strength to find.
But before long I soon realised it wasn't to ...

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Sunken Graveyard

So down and down and down we spin.
Through the water, I see the Devil's grin.
Swiftly dragged down to the ocean floor.
Where the ocean waves no longer roar.

Other sunken boats and ships we see.
Many ghostly tombs of what used to be.
Lying on its side, the carcass of a plane.
More vanished souls...the Devil to blame.

Our boat comes to rest on the Ocean bed.
Now trapped in a world of th...

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The Trick

An Ocean calm...the sky was clear.
But deep inside, still lay some fear.
So off we sailed, 4 friends and crew.
Into the Atlantic water, all pale blue.

I've never made this journey before.
Nerves kick in as we leave the shore.
Friends try and put my mind at ease.
But I'm still wary of the sky and seas.

Most tales are dismissed out of hand.
'Nothing to stop you reaching land'
That's wh...

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White Feather

A cute white feather floated into my hall.
I think it was my Mum making a call!
As today she wanted to come with me.
Because beautiful Nola, I was off to see!

Clever idea Mum, so off to Emma's I went.
And some lovely time with Nola we spent.
I played in the garden with Alba while there.
Silly Grandad left with soaking wet hair!

As Nola slept and Alba had her little snack.
It became ti...

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3 Legged Devil

Deep down on the ocean floor.
Is there a mysterious trap door?
Is there a greedy fog in the air.
That catches travellers unaware.

Can anybody then please explain.
The fate of many a ship and plane.
A 3 legged devil, and its evil way.
A parallel world, some people say.

Theories exist of a UFO hot spot.
Who's to say are they right or not?
A sea monster, on ships to prey?
A spiteful gh...

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True Love Meaning!

Tonight there's silence in the air.
Furrowed brows, an angry stare.
A distance keeps us both apart.
2 stubborn souls, 1 shared heart!
Our backs are turned, so let it be.
But there is only one you and me!
Lovers tiff...they will come and go.
They don't stop me loving you so!
So I will 'blink first' like I always do!
To prove how much that I love you!


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Yew Tree 19/6/22

To Yew Tree Cemetary, I've just been.

Just across the Road from Finch Dene.

My Dad just lived a few doors away.

I never knew that until too late in the day.


In the Cemetary, a now familiar path I tred.

I leave some flowers in Liverpool Red!

The grass near Dad, is untidy and overgrown.

So I clear it away, to reveal my Dad's stone.


Some letters are chipped...fading ...

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For My Dad

If things where different, different as can be.
Me there for Dad, and my Dad there for me.
Alas it wasn't to be...too young to know why.
But that's doesn't mean tomorrow, I won't cry

And tonight I think of what could have been.
I've thought exactly the same in many a dream.
I've got a few bits and pieces, a football plaque.
Post Cards, with lovely messages on the back.

So to the cemete...

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Made Once

When you are young, a long trip it may seem.
Enough time to see it all, fill it with every dream.
Year after year, for you so many of them ahead.
An eternity it may seem, a million paths to tread.

But in reality, life is actually quite a short trip.
So don't waste a moment, not a minute to skip!
Enjoy the great moments, be generous and kind.
If a dark past haunts you, then leave it behind...

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I can almost smell the sea salt in the air
I can imagine the screams from the Fair.
Wish I was there now, holding your hand.
Like we did years ago on Blackpool sand.
A chance meeting on that blazing hot day.
Just a friendly 'hello' that went a long way.
The lights they shone on the Golden Mile.
Summer football fans with beaming smile.
But I wasn't interested in England's game.
I just list...

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Behind Every Badge

For my Mum and others, I wear this pin today.
It's only a small badge, but it has a lot to say.
An orange ribbon symbol, simple in its design.
My Sister pinned it to a jacket pocket of mine.
And behind every badge, there's a story to tell.
And with each story, a million tears will have fell.
My story is not unique, one of many a sad case.
We have all lost somebody, we cannot replace.
I loo...

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The Lukemia awareness and support badge

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mum

There's a Birthday Party in Heaven today.
Mum's friends and family make their way.
My Mum had a special request for her cake
To be like the ones Lucinda used to bake!
Much better than any cakes money can buy.
So with Mum's wish, the Angels did comply!
If I close my eyes tight, my Mum I can see.
Enjoying her Heavenly Happy Birthday tea!
But Mum I'll miss so much your Birthday song.
So it'l...

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Now My Foe

Under heavy clouds, low and black.
You thrust that dagger into my back.
But you couldn't look me in the eye.
We used to be friends, the reason why.

The rain it pours, I wasn't prepared.
Revenge you've took, without a word.
On a lonely night, a wet Winter scene.
The cold air crackles with my scream.

Like a coward you crept up from behind.
Waited for that right moment to find. 
Your se...

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'Again Again'!!

I got very wet in the garden, despite no rain.
It was me and Alba playing the water game!
I fill up with water her little blue plastic cup.
Then into the garden I go, and trip myself up!

The water pours all over me, drip drip drip!
Alba laughs and giggles as I stumble and trip.
So I go back into the kitchen for a cup refill.
Then more water over my face and hair I spill!

'Again, again'...

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I think it's the end...I know well the signs.
I've been here before, I've heard all the lines.
The silence, the disinterest, I know it well.
In each other's eyes, the same story to tell.

Living on memories, surviving on the past.
There's only so long on that we can last.
A fire long gone out...just embers and ash.
Now everyday, I await and dread the clash.

So where do we go now, where ...

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Come To Me

The tears they fell like it was yesterday.
It hardly seems worth wiping them away.
Sometimes they fall from Sun to Moon.
As I stare at 4 walls in an empty room.

And there's too many hours in the day.
If only I could, I would chase them away.
But they hang around, they drag and crawl.
As I look at the time, it's not moved at all.

Come to me, I think I need a helping hand.
As this is no...

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The Traveller

I'm travelling through space, looking for a home.
Some unwelcome Worlds, want to be left alone.
On other Worlds, I see loneliness in every soul.
And I see Worlds were fires rage out of control.

On others, I see vast lands of dusty, arid plains.
Barren, infertile, in need of the quench of rains.
I have travelled light years, in the blink of an eye.
And I've seen a million different colours...

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Fun Times With Alba

In the garden under the hot May sun.
Playing with Alba, having lots of fun.
We boarded a rocket, flew into Space.
Waving goodbye to the Human Race!
We circled the Stars and Moon twice.
In her little Rocket...made of juicy ice!
Back to Earth, we returned to land.
We came in fast, so I held her hand!
We had a pretend sleep, without a care.
I poured lots of water all over my hair!
Her lolly...

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8 Years

8 years without you, 8 years crying.
I've tried to move on, 8 years trying.
8 years of regret, full of self blame.
8 years of loneliness and all its pain.

8 years of pretence, of self doubt.
Into hiding I've been if love was about.
8 years on, where do I go from here?
8 more years of the same is my fear.

8 years of dreams of how things were.
Why didn't I show you love and care?
8 yea...

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So Sorry Mum

That final journey I will never forget.
It was full of guilt and full of regret.
I got the call...I rushed to my car.
A journey I was used too, not too far.
But every obstacle was put in my way
Road works, red lights, one long delay.
I ignored them all...horns they blew.
I didn't care, I just had to be with you.
Almost there, and another red light.
I cared not, my tears I could not fight.

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'The Party'

I'm late to the party, I'm very late.
I'm just so happy to see you wait.
All the candles have been blown.
Lots of people already gone home.

The music by now is soft and slow.
Bright lights now turned down low.
I'm late, as another place I had to be.
I wasn't sure if you'd wait for me.

That 'other place' was a lonely Hell.
Everyone has the same story to tell.
I dreamt of this party ev...

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A New Dawn


Just something about you, I can't decide.
Like you are hiding something deep inside.
Beneath your 60's hat, with its wide brim.
Is there something a bit sad going on within?

Above those painted drops, I see your eyes.
Is there something you're trying to disguise?
Your smile to me, it looks a little incomplete.
Was it time to move on, a new dawn to greet?


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Backward steps I've taken, quite a few.
The sky is dark again, instead of blue.
This 'healing process' is all new to me.
Is it just a case of 'let's wait and see'
All I see now are many triggers to find.
Once pulled, my heart goes into rewind.
No magic wand exists, wish that was so.
Then maybe it would help me to let go.
In the meantime, I just take it 'day by day'
Maybe God is very busy,...

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