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7 Years

7 years without you, 7 years crying.
I've tried to move on, 7 years trying.
7 years of regret, full of self blame.
7 years of loneliness and all its pain.

7 years of pretence, of self doubt.
Into hiding I've been if love was about.
7 years on, where do I go from here?
7 more years of the same is my fear.

7 years of dreams of how things were.
Why didn't I show you love and care?
7 years o...

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The Void

Each time love fails, the more I miss you.

A void you left in my life, that’s so true.

As nobody else can compare or compete.

Each search for happiness ends in defeat.

I have to get over you, do my best to try.

As seven long years have now drifted on by.

I have to move on, and make a fresh start.

To forget the past and to find a new heart.

But treasured memories stan...

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For Rachel


If today for you the sun does not shine.

As there’s nobody to call your valentine.

Don’t feel you’ve been left out in the cold.

Because love is out there, it’s just on hold.

Don’t feel disappointed or let down today.

If a bunch of red roses don’t come your way.

Somebody is out there to love you and care.

All of a sudden by your side he’ll be there.

The right person is ...

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Whatever Happened To Me And You?

Gone are the days I cheered you up.

Gone are the days we lifted the Cup.

The days of cuddles they're gone too.

Whatever happened to me and you?

Dark skies where the sun once shone.

A smile to die for has long since gone.

Cold nights alone, restless is my sleep.

Unwanted dreams that cut me deep.

Will the sky above ever again be blue?

Whatever happened to me and you?

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Sefton Park

To Sefton Park, I have visited today.
But it was so different in every way!
I bought a coat hanging from a tree.
It didn't fit my friend but it fitted me!

Magically it turned colour once worn.
It was a beautiful coat, cosy and warm.
Trees we then saw in a pair they came.
Record breaking with a strange name.

We had never heard that name before.
Shelter they gave as the rain did pour.

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Seems Like Yesterday

Seems like yesterday we were playing games.

Now here you are choosing clothes and names.

Only seems like yesterday we sat on the Kop.

Supporting the Reds in your Michael Owen top!


Doesn't seem so long ago when Kim was a pup.

When your little sister would cutely dress her up!

Concerts and shows, our time was fun packed.

A lovely summer’s day to see a T.Rex tribute act.


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The Fly

So to keep the piece, I ate a fly.
Jeab had insisted, the reason why!
I really didn't fancy an insect snack.
So I tried to hide and turn my back.
But then I gave in, just to be polite....
I held my breath, eyes closed tight!
I was told not to shallow but chew.
Just like the lovely Thai people do!
How is my fly served hot or cold?
An expensive treat, or so I'm told.
Rich with protein, wit...

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'Mr July'

'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'
The untouchable elite within these shores.
Secret hand shakes and the old school tie.
They look after each other, turn a blind eye.

An Immigration Judge as in this latest case.
Walks free from a Court, no justice to face.
Why did he weep, a verdict never in doubt.
His class and type, the law they often flout.

Class and breeding in court go a lon...

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She left early one morning, to take to the sky.
The wind had changed direction, the reason why.
The children are now happy, so her job complete.
Now another family in need, soon in for a treat!
Where children will visit magical faraway places.
And take part in fairground carousel horse races.
They may enjoy tea parties while floating on air.
Every day a joyous one in their new Nannies care!

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