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From Highclere House (21/1/2021)

The rain and hail hammer my window pane.
Leaving a rolling river down Arkles Lane!
On the central reservation, not much green.
Just swathes of muddy puddles to be seen.
Tonight is match night, so traffic cones to lay.
Seems a bit early with kick off 12 hours away!
I'm not sure why football even goes ahead.
But then again money talks, it has to be said.
A dog in the park, shakes water of it...

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The Best Place Ever!

In Knotty Ash, it's a busy old time.
As Diddymen work down the mine.
Mining for jam for your butties or jar.
Knotty Ash jam, the very best by far!

It's a busy time in Knotty Ash today.
As factory workers make there way.
On assembly lines, biscuits to repair.
As happy Diddymen songs fill the air!

Plantation black puddings taste great.
So put them on your breakfast plate!
In Knotty Ash...

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The Futuristic Dragon (28/2/1976)

On this special day, a Dragon memory to recall.
It took place at the New Brighton Floral Hall.
T.Rex appeared on their Futuristic Dragon Tour.
The lights they dimmed, would the Dragon roar?

The mighty Dragon appeared as the curtain rose.
Swirls of smoke engulfed the stage from its nose.
It's eyes gazed right at me, all red they rolled.
Reflecting in dazzling light, it's armour lit like go...

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'The Birkenhead Drill'

HMS Birkenhead struggled in vain.
A rock she struck, in waters tame.
A rock in calm waters, not in view.
Before too long she was torn in 2

Damaged too great was the ship.
A losing fight with the waters grip.
But on final piece of floating stern.
Soldiers stood, disciplined and firm.

In the chaos that reigned all about.
To a man, they carried all orders out.
Woman and children to safe...

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Just 3 Colours

Take away the cars and just 3 colours I see.
Green grass, grey sky and many a brown tree.
Stanley Park car park is wet, empty and grey.
It mirrors the sky above on this bleak old day!

Below, a length of grass brightens the scene.
Though in winters toll it looks far from pristine.
Dark green and muddy, dyed from the rain.
Tyre tracks have left a streaky, patterned stain.

The trees line ...

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Happines Is....

Happiness is a dry day, with winter sun.
Happiness is a lazy day, no jobs to be done!
Happiness is freedom, take in the fresh air.
Happiness is friendship, with love to share.

Happiness is walking baby Alba in her pram.
Happiness is choice, seeing through a plan.
Happiness is Princess Emily tormenting me!
Happiness is the school run, at quarter to 3.

Happiness is a phone call out of th...

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Covid Woe

Counting down the days left to isolate 
I've still 6 days to go, I can hardly wait!
I share this house, just 1 room is mine.
So just 4 walls to stare at, all of the time!

I love my window view, but I need a break.
I feel envy, looking at walks people take.
I see cars passing, and bus number 17c.
I wish a seat on that bus belonged to me.

I look at the white Covid Tents in the park.

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