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Brookside Avenue

There's a house in the corner of a square.
My heart and my memories I left there.
Today as deeper into sadness I slowly sink.
Today I am hurt with another broken link.

Bricks and mortar, gardens, chimney stack.
If I could only return, a clock to turn back.
A family I loved, every day under that roof.
And today my tears of that are living proof.

I pass that house most days, I blow a kis...

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Even little things can jump start their pain.
An everyday activity, minor or mundane.
A trigger pulled, and into loneliness to drift.
To long for companionship, a friendship gift.

Somebody to stick around and understand.
A shoulder to offer and the grip of a hand.
A person with patience with an open door
To put up with stories they've heard before.

Just to listen as listening can go a long...

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The Search

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Today I went searching, once it was light.
I searched long and hard until it was night.
I set out determined, so positive in mind.
As today I went looking for myself  to find.

I had no friends to help, so where to start?
So I looked into my soul and into my heart.
Places and diaries are not much use to me.
Or memories frozen out, that I no longer see.

So my search was just an impossibl...

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Return My Cheer

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It's pouring down in Blackpool, dark is the sand.
A famous face is missing from the Theatre Grand.
The wind is howling all the lights swing and sway.
How we miss our Doddy on such a miserable day!

The sea is angry in Blackpool, no warm embrace.
Only Ken Dodd today could brighten up the place!
The shops are a bit deserted, trade is looking slow.
Top deck on open top buses only the brave will...

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The Tale of Orpheus


A legendary hero, but Orpheus must now not be weak.

As he journeyed into the Underworld, Eurydice to seek.

Through the gates he was allowed one lonely black night.

Respecting all Hades laws, until he returned to the light.


If Eurydice is found, he’s not to turn, a glimpse to share.

If so, she will remain for eternity in the underworld care.


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All of That Time

Until the most precious gold starts to rust.
And until my body returns to ash to dust.
For as long as the sun above does shine.
I'll love you, I'll love you, for all of that time.
For as long as a desert is dressed in sand.
And an Island's water surround the land.
For as long as there are deep rivers to cross.
And bright stars replace the sunshines loss.
For as long as there are mountains ...

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The Descent


Down and down into the darkness I descend.
A forever journey which seemingly has no end.
The abyss awaits for me, when that day is due.
Please arrive the day when my struggles are


Down and down, the spiral spins out of control.
This path has all the hallmarks of the devils role.
Once a grip on your soul, not known to let go.
Prayers, I tried them with the sun high and ...

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I've seen the many medals, I own a plaque.
I played football too, but such things I lack!
I look back and think to myself what a shame.
We never saw each other play the beautiful

I would have seen your honours held high.
But I never did, I don't know the reason why.
Although I played at a lower level than you.
I would have loved for you to have seen me                           ...

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I see the house in the distance, it looks me straight 

in the eye. 

Its chimneys and towers are like daggers, piercing 

holes in the sky.

Shutters have freed from their bolts and flap like the 

wings of a bird.

The storm rages around me, suddenly I don’t feel so 


The old dark trees that surround me shake violently 

side to side.

Each step I take is a st...

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Bill and Ben tales until you fell asleep.
Counting dozens and dozens of sheep!
Fences to jump, lambs needing a hand.
In distant, lush meadows in dreamland.

A losing battle I was fighting at times!
Not seeing any tiny falling asleep signs!
So my imagination went into overdrive.
Until those sleepy, little signs did arrive.

I saw eyes go heavy, fighting the weight.
The final sheep had jumped...

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One More Bottle

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Drink chipped away a once chiseled face.
And dragged him down to a darker place.
Depression and anxiety, certain to unfold.
That yearning for one more bottle to hold.

Massive success, golden discs on the wall.
But it slowly faded away into nothing at all.
His band no more on the papers front page
Two broken marriages, at still a young age.

A missing person, a troubled soul on the run.

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She disappears far into the distant skies.
Day becomes night, for 14 hours she flies.
And with every hour, further we're apart.
I now count the days, with a heavy heart.
Sometimes a reminder a man might need.
A wake up call, I think this is mine indeed.
A blessing in disguise this period could be.
I might realize how special you are to me.
So until that plane returns in 4 weeks time.

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The Greatest City

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My recent Liverpool poem, it wasn't complete.
Much more to add, some great news to greet.
Twickenham studios will use my City as a base.
As for major US movies it will be an ideal place.

Chicago, Paris, New York, Moscow and Rome.
Have all been 'doubled up' in my famous home.
Outside London we are the film set used most.
Just another fact we proud scousers can boast!

Many more verses I ...

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My Demons

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What happened to me, I'm a broken man.
I've come to this place, with my final plan.
With much greater things I need to find.
If it all ends today, will anyone even mind?

The World has now turned its back on me.
It has nothing to offer, for forgiveness I plea.
The clues where there, on deaf ears they fell.
I was coming apart, but nobody could tell.

Today in my loneliness, I'm dealt a new bl...

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Above all That

We are more than the home of the 'fab four'
We are more than the Everton or Kopite roar.
A unique waterfront we own but that's not all.
2 cathedrals we boast, towers and statues tall.

To New Brighton shore our famous ferries sail.
Looking for a comedian, well you couldn't fail!
But our City goes beyond River, joke and fun.
Our fight for justice, has ended in battles won.

Our heritage a...

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Red carpet Props

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You're just a gimmick , one of my tools.
My aid, my prop along with my jewels.
Welcome to my tacky fashion show.
Look your cutest as the spotlights glow.

You're a stooge, a shallow showbiz fact.
A part to play, you're just part of my act.
I'll do whatever to be a 'red carpet' star.
How do you think that I've come this far.

You're my trinket, a ticked box on my list.
Those big brown eyes p...

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Tatty Bye!

It's not a day for the Diddy Men to weep.

Doddy's only in heaven having a sleep.

The squire's having a rest by Gods side. 

Making the angels laugh until they cried.

But something does feel missing from L14

A light gone out, a blank stage and screen.

Now the Liverpool streets, thousands line.

As the 2 horses trot slowly in perfect time.

The early rain and the hail it couldn'...

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The Squire of Knotty Ash

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Up in Heaven God and the Angels await.
For Doddy's arrival at St Peters gate.
Doddy's been called, it was simply his time.
He worked so hard for every laughter line.

In his beloved Knotty Ash, tears they fell.
To the sound of a passsing, mourning bell.
The flags of the City hung at half mast.
As Doddy joined the elite of Heavens cast.

A unique entertainer, and one of our own.
In Knott...

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Galleons Graves

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Far beneath the roar of the ocean waves.

And deeper still than galleons graves.

Sleeps a lost city, with no sun or no moon.

A City buried forever in its watery tomb.


No light falls upon Atlantis from shining stars.

As stricken statues lie cracked with scars.  

Statues once worshipped with the utmost awe.

Now they roll in anger on the deep ocean floor.


Pillars of m...

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