No one is better than anyone

Expressing one's self

Should never be judged

Its takes strength and courage

With that  extra nudge

A passion for writing

A problem too spell

Should never be an issue, bloody hell

To say awful things , your soul needs guidance

Go talk to jesus, he can provide things

A dark soul, has story's to tell

An egotistical mind will always yell

To think your better ' to which your not

May just suggest 

One is losing the plot

We are all the same

Playing the one game

Standing on other's wont bring you to fame

Your lack of empathy

Has your self to blame

Stay in your lane 

And ill stay in mine

Your nasty comments

Wont reduce me to crying

An evil smile and a hurtful tongue

Has now caused what has begun

You lie with dogs

And you will get fleas

No one died  saying thank you and please

I banish all with a negative mind

Only room for the real and the kind

I bid you farewell

Ill say my goodbye

I hope one day, you will see why

The tide has taking out the waste

No one will ever take my place

For I am me 

And their's only one

Its to late the damage is done.......






◄ Ghostly encounter

You pair are both great :-) ►


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lisa donohoe

Sat 9th Feb 2019 10:10

Their are many law's in the universe dear farag.
Manners are without a doubt compulsory.

The law of attraction state's that one must act in such a way in order to be treated in a way one would like.

In order to get the ball rolling alot faster is to never forget we are all the same, no matter the status. 😉

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lisa donohoe

Sat 9th Feb 2019 10:03

Thank you mae, that comment is appreciated immensely.
I use that saying when I am not wanting drama..
It gets used quite alot in my neck of the woods. Haha..
Mainly when dealing with the kids and their arguments with pal's...

Sometimes they fight then 10 minutes later they are all best friend's again.

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Farag Afify

Sat 9th Feb 2019 09:48

"No one died saying thank you and please"
WOW .. what a meaningful statement .. that I should learn from .. I see it as a law .. should not be ignored or neglected .. it is one of happiness secrets .. to successfully deal with humankind.

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Mae Foreman

Thu 7th Feb 2019 12:05

All I have to say is kudos and thank you for the "Not my monkeys, not my circus" , it's just a pity. Peace people!!!
Aside from that lovely piece Lisa. Hold on any way you can.
Thank you 🎈

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 31st Jan 2019 16:30

I suspect that Big Sal makes a reference to yours truly about "preach" and "practice". We all have a right to a point of view but also a responsibility to those who share this online platform we are so fortunate to use.
If I put in writing on WOL something which attracts adverse
comment, then my respect for other users of this site demands
I approach such comments via the use of explanation/ humour
and compromise where relevant. It is pointless taking a non- negotiable position and becoming "precious"/ protective about
one's work and seeing it as above reproach, with anything
other than agreement/praise unacceptable. An old saying goes:
sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt
me. Not a bad stance for putting one's own before an online
global audience with very different ways of seeing things.
Good luck.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 31st Jan 2019 00:26

Love it!😀

Big Sal

Wed 30th Jan 2019 15:55

The guy likes to preach it but doesn't want to practice it.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 30th Jan 2019 15:00

LD - don't get downhearted because of perceived negativity
Any work of whatever sort placed before the wider world will obtain
opinions as to its message, meaning or essential worth/value to the
reader. This sort of site is a place for poetry that stands on its own for the attentions and comments of others, welcome or otherwise.
Personal subjects can connect and have their value accordingly - so
do not be discouraged from posting your work and think of it from
the eyes and mind of someone who finds a kindred spirit in you.

Big Sal

Wed 30th Jan 2019 14:34

Keep your head up, Lisa. Do try to remain a little bit positive through it all.

We lose that, then we lose ourselves. Even using humor can subside the nastiness if just for a moment.

I'm glad you're here.😌

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lisa donohoe

Wed 30th Jan 2019 12:39


Big Sal

Wed 30th Jan 2019 12:30

All these petty right-wingers pretending they're poets think they're better than everyone on the site. Them and their toy poodle! Haha😂

They're one of the reasons a few great people have left this site, and trust me, they ALWAYS think they do no wrong.

Is it any surprise then that most of them are accepting of Trump and his racist ass policies? White men playing tennis don't get frisked by the police.

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