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I liked the way he looked at me

Like I was the only thing he could see

or that was worth looking at. 


I liked the smile he made for me

A tailored face, specifically 

to tell me what he couldn't say. 


I liked the things that went unsaid

The message in the nod, the tilt of his head, 

the eye contact held too long. 


I liked his arms, skin brushing skin

A small communication in 

that neither of us moved away. 


I liked the way he was straight of speech

He was to the point, except in each 

and every time I was close to him. 


I liked his tendency to apologise

For crossing the invisible lines

we knew we shouldn't be breaching. 


But while the implicitness was then a thrill

I wonder now if we could still

Be sharing each other today. 


The timid sweetness that defined our endeavour

While sweet then, now means that more time together 

is a wishful and futile thought. 


And now, for every unspoken word

The voice in my head is louder heard 

with the wonder of whether it ever happened. 


Our memory more distant, day by day by day


illicitpassionforbidden loveforbidden desiresForbidden fruitloveromanceadmirationcrushthe one that got awaypossibilityimpossiblefalling in lovethe endmemoryinnocent

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