Misses a beat

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Missed a beat

Thursday,3rd January 2019


I made a successful start

involving humanity as art

and made it a glorious part

without failing the smile to look smart


what a joy and encouragement!

when I present

My work before the people

and influence their struggle


If I can't be there by the side

but surely be of some help to decide

I think life has really improved upon

and gone to some extent


I looked back at my efforts

and about the shortcuts

those were taken to build the personal character

I think it was not worth to prove as a stage actor


Wise you pretend and fool to look

it was not the ideal food cooked

it was not taking us anywhere

but causing the distrust and fear


simple and straight at the heart

with a good approach to start

I think that had missed a beat

that I should have taken to greet


Hasmukh Mehta


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