When You Cannot Speak


I now have Larry's Gitis

I don't know how I got it

I don't even know anyone named Larry

wonder if Larry knows

he has a disease named after him

I know I know

it's not actually a disease

but it's still bad

when you try to speak

the words get stuck

in the back of your throat

and can't get out

then a few seconds later

like on a time delay they fall out

I guess better late than never

it puts you in the weird position

of waiting for what you thought you said

to actually hearing if that's what comes out

like a stopped-up toilet

the words eventually release

but by that time

you are onto the next thought

my wife likes it though

now she does not have to

listen to me

my being unable to speak

is a blessing for her

and she thanks Larry everyday

for giving me his God-awful condition.



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Don Matthews

Sat 26th Jan 2019 20:50

Gosh, Tom and Larry I've not met
Least I 'aint met yet
I guess one day they'll come along
And little me beset ?

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 26th Jan 2019 15:12

Ha-ha...the wife will probably hope it continues so she can get more
words in without you being able to interrupt or disagree.
Your condition brings to mind an affliction apparently suffered by
the odd contributor to WOL - "Tom's-silly-itis" - a relation to your own
affliction but not recognised by its sufferer who aggravates it by
spouting gratuitous tosh of a "sore" nature.

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