The Raging Fire

We lit a fire, you and I,

It burned so bright it lit the day,

It glowed with incandescent light.

It's hard to watch it fade away.


It lit the way ahead so bright,

It left no chance that we could stray,

From the path we knew was right,

And in its light we forged our way.


It burned so hot it almost hurt,

Yet in its fiery tongues we lay,

But as the flames subside, avert,

It's hard to watch it fade away.


Now all there are, are smouldering coals,

Embers craving fuel and air,

Burning still, but only just,

You'd hardly know that it was there.


But in those smouldering coals there lies,

A spark that just will not expire,

That tiny spark is just enough,

To light a raging, burning fire.

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