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I was prompted by the Lloyds Bank advert on the telly with its black horse running alongside the FC to re-post this.


Steel and copper forged and cast

To bring to life a legend’s past

Snorting steam and smoke at last

A spirit now set free

The 60103.


Polished to a brilliant sheen

In LNER racing green

No finer loco has there been

Nor ever will be too

The 4472.


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A re-post from earlier days when dentists were open.


“You keep up with the brushing,

At least twice a day?

And have you done your flossin?”

“Wergly wergly werg”


“You keep good teeth“, he said to me

“But your gums recede.

How hard is your toothbrush?”

“Wergly wergly werg”


“You look well tanned for wintertime;

Have you been away?

“Wergly wergly wergly ...

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If any single event could be said to mark the birth of modern society, my own TOTP would hark back to the 14th century.

The Black Death is reckoned by historians to have accounted for the deaths of between 25 and 60% of England’s population and, in my view, marks the birth of capitalism on which society is organised.

Hitherto serfs were enthralled to landlords by ties of feudalism. The great...

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The tune is Leadbelly's "Bourgeois Blues".  I am to blame for the lyrics. Trump is to blame for the rest.


I’ve always had a mind to visit Nashville Tennessee

But never would you catch me near to Washington, DC.

It’s a Traitor’s town

Ooooh a Traitor’s town

Those redneck traitors they wanna bring their Congress down


Home of the Free, Land of the Brave

Those Dixie boys ...

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A timely reminder, given the current cold snap we're having.


As we crunched through snow together

In inclement Arctic weather,

I thought I’d bring to mind an Old Icelandic song;

There’s a saga of the Viking

That you need to heed when hiking

That “Pissing in His Boots -

Keeps No Man Warm for Long”.


In Nordic runes it’s written

That if your foot’s frost-bitten


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A re-worked piece, updated and prompted by Jimmy Greaves being awarded the MBE in the New Year's Honours List.


Those of us who follow football will no doubt be aware that Wayne Rooney stands as England’s most prolific goalscorer.

A Pretender in my view.

Cited in the New Year’s Honours List is one James Peter Greaves, formerly of Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan, West Ham and Engl...

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