When Nanny died, her hot water bottle cried;

"I've no one to warm up," she sighed.

Hiding her maker's mark face down,

as sad as a cast off children's clown.


The charity shops refused to take her

saying she was unhygienic,

and even though she was made of rubber

and quite dried out, she began to blubber.


In spite of her fondness for bodily contact

she'd reached the end of her lifetime contract.

Then one of the grandchildren fell for her,

a novelty in this digital age,

just right for cuddling up to at night.


Thus a new lease of life was assured,

her chest again began to swell,

hot bloodied, she came to life again

in a younger bed once more to dwell.




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Mon 14th Jan 2019 14:07

That's an interesting piece of history Jennifer, thank you. It could be updated to one of those posh spas perhaps. Health and safety though?! The trouble with those bottles is that when they got cold you couldn't kick them out of bed. x

Po. That request was a nice surprise, as are all unexpected good things. I do a couple of readings a month which is a good social event and builds confidence if needed!



Sun 13th Jan 2019 19:08

Ray you said …"I read this out on Monday at an open mike, and a lady asked me to forward it to her, so really chuffed.

That must have been a nice warming feeing in it's own right.

Can I ask Ray do you attend many open mic nights?


jennifer Malden

Sun 13th Jan 2019 18:04

Lovely and very nostalgic! Glad someone else (keith) had one of those cilindrical stone bottles. Really uncomfortable, but meant to air the bed. In Italy in those days they had a contraption called 'the priest's wife' - a kind of lightweight wooden frame where they hung a little iron pan filled with charcoal. It did warm the bed but probably caused a few fires too!

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Fri 11th Jan 2019 21:13

Keith, I too have a memory of that ! It went during the fifties. Thanks for your reading.

Hi Brian, my wife still talks of a hottle bottle, but now I know where it comes from. I would never have known that character, so thanks!

Thank you Taylor. I read this out on Monday at an open mike, and a lady asked me to forward it to her, so really chuffed.

Po, Quite right and thanks for that.

Good of you to drop by, Jon and Anya!



Thu 10th Jan 2019 17:33

heart warming poem


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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 10th Jan 2019 06:44

Really enjoyed this poem Ray. Nostalgic and humorous. 😃

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Brian Maryon

Wed 9th Jan 2019 22:35

Ha ha Ray. I can't think of hot water bottle without thinking of a comic book character from the 60's/70's called Walter Hottle Bottle. Completely irrelevant I know but just thought I'd share it.

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keith jeffries

Wed 9th Jan 2019 22:20


My hot water bottle of years back was of stone with a towel wrapped round it. A good poem. Thank you


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