I try to speak up when words need to be said..

But I sit in silence and stay quiet instead.


I cry and I walk and I laugh and I talk

But im silent..

Im not dead ' im just breathless...

I want to shout it out to you

But im breathless..

I want to tell you but the silence quietens my voice and I become restless.

With my arms stretched out wide

And my hands in reach,

Known you wont grab on feels like im drowning in bleach...

My eyes they burn and my skin feels rough.

My chest it clenches and makes breathing tough..

I hold onto hope

I hold into my faith

Are you willing to listen befour its to late..

I am breathless..

The sky is limitless and so is our life

You cant silence me and demand a good wife.

A listing ear can go along way.

A listing ear could make me stay.


This mess is yours and yet im still here.

And all I ask for is a listing ear.

I know some words. May be tough to hear " but we can be strong with tears and fears.


I am breathless and restless but still full of love.

I always be thankful to the man up above.

He gave me you and gave you me..

PLEASE let me talk to set this pain free.


You want me to marry you but will you listen today



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R. kelly ►


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lisa donohoe

Sat 19th Jan 2019 19:11

Hi Wendy
Its a struggle im sure many face..
To be torn between your own needs and not wanting to be selfish is extremely hard..
Its important to be heard " its apart of the commitment we signed up for....
I have learnt that silence only makes it worse..
Speak up Wendy and keep speaking until every last word enters the eardrums and lays eggs for one day the words will ripping and expand until their is no denying them anymore...
My eggs hatched after eight long agonizing months.... I pray yours will hatch soon so you can be as free as I ?xx

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Sat 19th Jan 2019 08:12

Hi Lisa my breathlessness has come from falling on deaf ears for a great number of years keep up your good work love it Wendy x

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lisa donohoe

Thu 17th Jan 2019 20:58

C'Q. Your extremely welcome. Hope you like your stay at WOL... Looking forward to reading more of yours ?

<Deleted User> (19708)

Thu 17th Jan 2019 20:43


I needed this one. Thanks!

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lisa donohoe

Wed 16th Jan 2019 17:34

Sometimes golden , sometimes worrying and many times peaceful ghaza ?

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lisa donohoe

Wed 16th Jan 2019 17:33

It makes it more fun and challenging big sal ?

<Deleted User> (16837)

Wed 16th Jan 2019 17:32

Silence has so many stories to relate. ?

Well expressed!!?

Big Sal

Wed 16th Jan 2019 16:18

You always can imbue a piece with a great rhythm.?

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lisa donohoe

Wed 16th Jan 2019 15:50

Bottle it all up
Trevor... 100%... Sometimes its hard to speak when it falls on deaf ears, sad but true.. Being heard is a blessing and those who dont listen can teach a great lesson ?

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Trevor Alexander

Wed 16th Jan 2019 14:56

Those times when you want to say something, but you 'bottle it' and it just comes out sotto voce.

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lisa donohoe

Wed 16th Jan 2019 12:29

This was one of my very first poem's.. Enjoy ?

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