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YOU ARE THE MUSIC - revised (currently being recorded)

A personal "take" on a show song.


You are the music in my heart

With each beat I feel a part

Of some romantic symphony

Written just for you and me


You are the prelude that brings joy

The magic touch that you employ

Never ever out of tune

And never will I be immune


And so I see - it's you and me


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Hardly a day goes by in this snowflake age

Without a media rant and rage

And repeated warnings of this and that

While the media moguls are growing fat


On what they feed the gullible masses

With what they presume successfully passes

For fact to trouble the susceptible mind

That wakes each morning expecting to find


The result from posters I can clearly recall


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Too many people go travelling

Taking to the air

With the atmosphere unravelling -

They do not seem to care


Hoping to help their personal woes

By visiting distant shores

That's the way the ozone goes....

Vapour-trails by the scores


Spending cash to head away

At any chance they get

I'd much prefer they made my day

<But I wouldn't place a bet>


On the...

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Music is medicine for the mind

A drug - but of the healing kind

That can serve to sooth the savage breast

Or see a soul rise to the test.


And if words are added to adorn

A tune from inspiration born

Something magical can glisten

To make us see even as we listen.


Amazing Grace of a timeless sort

That survives to give solace and support;

So let us give thanks ...

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