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O'Neill's with the angels now!

O kneel Harry - and show them how

You came to find your rightful place

In that unseen heavenly space,

And why your sprightly eighty nine

Was a prelude to a life divine.

The guardians of its gates may cheer

But we miss your presence a lot down here!


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Who do I blame for importing the "high five"...

Childish palm slapping - like kids on the skive!

What happened to the respect of the pat on the back

Or the nod and the shaking of hands?

Now it's high fives and hugs

Like punks high on their drugs

Or those posturing scruffbags in bands!

Folk who've achieved their mature years

Now clap hands like kids with far fewer years


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WOL parades a "Poem of the Week" for our edification - and, occasionally, our education.

In the light of various responses to material that is posted, some of which are both enlightening and

educational, perhaps we should juggle the letters of "Poem" around to have a "Mope of the Week"

- with a nod towards the most entertaining variation appertaining to words of  comment and criticism


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War is some fine madness,

A tale of vanity's woe;

But from that great insanity

Can a greater sanity grow -

As successive waves of humanity

In their tides ebb to and fro? 

Is the cruel price of each sacrifice

The cost of what we must know?


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At the outset let me firmly state

I'm all for paying "the going rate"

For what is done - no matter by whom,

But sport itself is a selective broom.

The Olympic female on a winter day

Who throws herself on a tin tea tray

To hurtle down a tube of ice

At speeds that make the sane blink twice

Is worth far more than what comes in pay

To others in the sporting fray.

There ar...

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In lands where they originate

Religion is a tool of hate,

Aimed at the freedoms that we give here,

So why do they choose to come and live here?

Declaring that an infidel

Deserves to feel the fires of hell.

I have this question in my mind

But doubt a "faithful" answer I'll find;

Are Muslim cuckoos flying west

To oust our own bird from its nest?


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I tend to suspect the stuff we're told

About Health Care woes being down to the old;

Those who steadfastly paid their tax

While others get treated off their backs:

Alkys, druggies, and malingerers who

Install themelves in the NHS queue.

The old would rather be off their trolley,

Installed in beds bought by their lolly,

Before being placed in proper care

For those who've ...

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A Minister for the Lonely?

I wait with breathless anticipation for details of the "brief" to be followed by the introduction of a 

Minister for the Lonely.  Happily living alone, content in my own company, but ready to chat to all

so inclined to enjoy what was called "shooting the breeze", I'm not convinced that this new

post is either practical or desirable.  Our human condition is affected by numerous and various


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