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Music Lovers

Rock music

Pop music

Old music 

New music


Classical music

Jazz music

Soul music

Sad music


Punk bands

Glam bands

Garage bands

Brass bands


Metal bands

Grunge bands

New age bands

Brit pop bands


Boy bands

Girl bands

Big bands

Bad bands


Local bands

Cash in hand

Open mic

Dim the lights

that’s it

Thank you...

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Replacement Therapy

I need to replace my phone

I need to replace my car

I need to replace my teeth

Or display them in a jar


I need to replace the batteries

In all my fancy gadgets

The things I do to fill my life

Make me look pretty tragic


I need to replace the locks

On all my doors and windows

Oh and on the drinks cabinet too

Where the whisky, rum and gin go


I need t...

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Transcendental meditation

Trance like state for inspiration

Whirlpools of the mind in motion

Thoughts bombarding every notion

Levitation, floating onward

Dancing, prancing, lurching forward

In a dreamlike inner world

Flags of hope and peace unfurl

Revealing reality, will this free me?

Drifting, soaring, skyward leading

Vortex drawing me back in time

Transcendental ...

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Tell Me

Tell me you love me, tell me you care

Tell me I look good, my clothes, my hair

Tell me the truth but no more lies

Tell me the secrets shown in your eyes

Tell me a story, one that’s not true

Tell me it’s not about me and you

Tell me it’s finished, the affair you had

Tell me you’ll come back…

I’m really sad

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I Hear

I hear river levels rising

I hear the howling gale

I hear the pampas grass swaying

I hear the cries of wildlife


I hear the screams of the suffering

I hear that some don’t care

I hear a promise of help

I hear there’s no new money


I hear the sound of war

I hear the bombed out cities

I hear the children grieving

I hear they have no hope


I hear the po...

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I see, you see, they see

When I look at you all, I don’t see

I don’t see the barriers others may see

Others may see what they want to see

What they want to see, I don’t


I see people for who they are

For who they are, I see them

I see them as the same you see

You see, everyone is equal


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Everything’s fake, everything’s plastic

Knees, hips, even knicker elastic

Most things are virtual, and we can’t see

A doctor or nurse at the A and E

Ring 111, speak to a clone

Seventeen hours on hold on your phone

Banking’s a nightmare, interest is gone

You’ll be lucky if you earn 1% on a ton

Many profiles on the internet are fake

Be very careful if you set up a date


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A Perfect World?

In my infancy I only remember darkness

The stillness, a damp and murky existence

Only very occasionally feeling any movement

It seemed that this was it…my life


The strangest thing was the feeling of growth; slowly forming in the black wilderness

Seemingly taking up more room than usual and a sensation of not being alone in here?


Time passed very slowly in the endless da...

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A Writers Life


A writers life, a writers mind

Thoughts bombarding, counting time

You ache to write down what you see

The things you hear, the trapped, the free


Views and opinions, feelings strong

A writer knows not right or wrong

Just wants to capture colour and shade

Like military regalia on parade


To lure, to reel the reader in

To enter the writers mind wi...

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Fathers Day

Fathers Day is here once more

It comes but once a year

As Dad gets up from off the floor

After a long night on the beer

Well it was Saturday night!



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Hippy Shakes

Faded, pegged, denim jeans fashioned by men who’s haberdashery skills were much in doubt

Bright paisley, high necked, tunic styled shirts,

collar as high a a Harry Hill prop


These memories give me the shakes, hippy shakes, like the many songs:  ‘All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey’; Mamas, Papas, flowers, pots, pot and hemp and pipes, the lot


Hip, hep, beatniks, Gree...

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Poor Boris

There is a Prime Minister named Boris

The opposition think he is horrid

He’s made many U turns

So his stomach does churn

And now he can only eat porridge

The Urban Poet 2021

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It’s all about Football

It’s all about football

The goals and the net

Referees and assistants

And the stick they get

It’s now about VAR

And the lines that are seen

To prove how many millimetres

The player has been

Onside or offside

Will the goal be chalked off?


It’s all about football

The fans chanting loud

Obsessed with their team

As they’ve done them proud

To stay up or co...

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Down the Pub

“Going down the pub darling”


“For what reason?”


“It’s the football season

and I want to see my mates

To discuss some dates

of the games and stuff”


“I’ve had enough

You’re not going”


“Oh stop moaning

I’m only having the one”


“You mean one too many

Well you’re not having any

‘cos you’re staying in”


“Oh stop your din

I’m getting ...

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Lady Desiree

The object of my innermost desires

are neither abstract, theoretical, 

hypothetical, or borne out of delusion

No confusion exists in my thoughts at all

just Lady Desiree


At first sight, in a glint of morning light

I observed her flowing form, at which point

I think I was reborn, because my life became transformed for the better

Although I'd not had a tryst, I started


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Forming the Arts

Art forms, forms of art

are they part of a personal mystery?

Expression or explanation?

Statements of rebellion or frustration?

Pastel shades on canvas: life forms

Pottery in slate grey and terracotta

Tangled ironwork, challenging logic

Listed buildings, standing profound

Victorian factory chimney razed to the ground

Music through the ages, captivating,

Enthralling, e...

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Springing Up

Observing budding flowers in the balmy rain

Rain falling heavily, cascading through drains

Drains are there for such a time as this


This is the moment, I think it is spring

Spring, that time we all feel free

Free to meander through the trees and fields


Fields are ready, ready for planting

Planting, sowing seeds, becoming excited

Excited because Spring is here



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Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty, Kitty

Go Kitty, Kitty

No not in the snow

Kitty, Kitty

Your far too old

To go out in the cold

Kitty, Kitty

So Stay in with me

Share a cup of tea

Or a saucer of milk

It will go down like silk

Curl up in a ball

In your basket

against the wall

Or on your radiator bed

Kitty, Kitty

You can sleep there instead

Dream lovely dreams

Of bowls ...

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Hello Fido my old friend

I've come to walk you out again

Near your kennel softly creeping

I am hoping your still sleeping

But the soft, rattle of your collar

and chain, still remains

Amid the sound of barking


In fitful dream I walked alone

Dreamt you’d run off with a bone

You’d had a pee upon a street lamp

It blended in with the cold and damp

But my eyes, were...

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Zoom Tomorrow

We’re all going to the zoom tomorrow

zoom tomorrow, zoom tomorrow,

We’re all going to the zoom tomorrow

We can talk all day


Going to the zoom, zoom, zoom

What about you, you, you?

You can log on too, too, too

going to the zoom, zoom, zoom


We’re all going to have a virtual party

virtual party, virtual party

We’re all going to have a virtual party

We can dr...

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As you flash through my thoughts

And I shake off the mist, and the dew

of the tears I look through

It’s the images I see;

that keep drawing me

And I’m drifting


I am drifting, drifting along 

Floating on to where I belong

Which is with you, wherever you are

I’m just drifting, drifting


You just stood up there with

a guitar in your hand

And you sang with ...

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I’m a footie fan!

I’m a man, I’m a man
I’m a football fan
Everything else you can keep
Football’s what I eat and drink
No need for any sleep
That’s only wasting precious time,
for me to tweet about that team of mine
Or watch ‘em on the box with a beer
Don’t ask macho me to drink any wine

I’m very sporting, win, lose or draw
It doesn’t matter to me if things get a bit raw
In a fight or brawl when we pla...

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A New Year Rant

A new year, a new start?

Don’t make me laugh 

Nobody gives a fart 

Whether it’s old or new

The years just flew

Stuck in your ways

Over endless days

That all seemed the same

Mainly tears and pain

And the fact remains

That it never seems to end

On whom can we depend?

And what’s a ‘real friend’?

‘Cos when the chips are down

And you look all around

There’s ...

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