Money, money, isn’t funny

in a poor man’s world.

When your boric acid and lint, ‘skint’

You’ve not got any to compare to the many

who have a lot, yea the have’s and have nots


It’s always been this way they say

So deal with it in any which way, but how

Learn to say “how now brown cow”

Start to posh up, sip from your cup

or glass, don’t slurp, that’s crass



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Where do You Belong?

In the big city amongst municipal concrete?

Along a rugged coastline, rocks protruding? 

Within a deprived enclave, bereft of tears

No apparent progress for years and years 

Where do you belong?


Breathing clean country air out in the sticks? 

Near woodland or forest with healthy walks?

In a has-been village where coal was mined?

Where in desperation people turn to crim...

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Needles and Pins

Pine needles

  Fine needles 

      Sewing needles 

          Knitting needles

Hat pins

   Straight pins

     Ten pins

        And tie pins

Syringe needles 

   Thread needles 

       Record needles

           Haystack needles

Ear pins

   Nose pins

      Hair pins

         And rolling pins

My needles 

    Your pins

         Sewing boxes 


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This Silent Landscape

A beach, calm seas, blue sky

Seagulls gliding in the morning mist

Migrant starlings circle overhead in groups

As fish swim naively in the shallow waters


Early morning walkers tread the sand dunes

A circuit they’ve walked many times before

Health and fitness being top of their agenda’s 

No stiff sea breeze to deal with this new day


Volunteer litter pickers share fr...

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The Jingle Jangle Jailer

The jingle jangle jailer

had some jingle jangle keys

Some of them were so big

They dangled right down to his knees


But this jingle jangle jailer

He ran the strictest of cells

The inmates drove him crazy

Especially with the smells


When the Jingle Jangle Jailer

tried to clean the cells out

They’d rattle the bars on their doors

curse, scream and shout



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Fantasy Football

Red and white, blue and green

What colour represents your football team?

Is it the colour they actually play in?

Or is it the one that they play away in?


These days of course,

some teams have three strips

To make you shell out more money

when you’re on your away trips


How long will the new manager last?

Longer than those sacked in the past?

But being sacked ...

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Can’t Get Close

Dancing, prancing across the floor

I lap it up and want some more

The tempo increases as does the heat

We glide around gyrating to its beat


The music, famous in the sixties

Excites us, drives us, now it’s the remixes

I’m thinking why I like you the most

But somehow I just can’t get close


We talk, I listen, you seem mysterious

Either that or your cautious, more ...

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The Decorator

When this fellow is upset

he gets all emulsional

Instead of telling the truth he

Always glosses things over


In Preparation

For a good night out, he starts

Stripping off his work clothes

Brushes his hair

Then climbs into his flashy new Roller


He’s gagging for a drink

His throat feels like sandpaper

Before long, he’s steaming drunk

Then, uses a cheesy li...

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Bless me Father for I have sinned

I honestly didn’t intend not recycling my bins

All that glass got mixed in with the paper

I swear I was gonna sort through it all later


But I got distracted by that young lady

Oh and whilst it’s confession time,

I’ve been a bit shady

I told her I was single you see

When I invited her in for a cup of tea

I’m not sure she believed me ...

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The Theatre of Our Minds

The mind is a wonderful phenomenon

It can’t be seen or read, or duplicated

Nor controlled fully by the person

It wanders uncontrollably at times

From and to many extremes, and places

The conscious and the unconscious

And what about it’s relationship to the body?

Thoughts, real or imagined, good and bad

Creating the will to carry out actions with or without intent



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No Rest for the Wicked (Insomnia 2)

Eyes wide closed in sleepy repose

Sultry sun rays warm the eyelids of the weary

and bleary in the morning dew

Escape into a resting heaven eludes


Pressures of the day abound as demands

in the mind, twist round and around like

torment to the very soul once again

Work and family top the list of concerns


Before long, the dimming twilight skies

bring anxious feelin...

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Lady Penelope

Thunderbirds are go!

I used to love that bloody show

Many years ago when I was a kid

Watching that programme was all I did


The main character was Jeff Tracy

But the one I liked was quite a bit racey

She had long blonde hair and deep blue eyes

So beautiful that I just used to cry

Every time she came on my TV screen

Even when I was in my teens


She was my very ...

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Haiku Football

Football can be played by women or men

It’s a game of skill, guile, and judgement

Relationships can be exactly the same


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Alexa and Siri (a digital love story❤️)

They met whilst travelling the digital world

Alexa on the Amazon, Siri at the iPhone tower

Alexa had no hair, no not a single curl

Siri, lithe, dark, no frills and no flowers


Both very different in many ways, but some things in common, voice recognition

And worked twenty four hours a day

They reacted and obeyed in any position


Hey Siri! Alexa would shout, to get atte...

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