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Family.  Oh how wonderful!

Well sometimes, not always

Raising the kids,

teething and school days

Seeing them flee the nest

Oh what bliss, time for a rest?


But hang on, five years later

All over again you’re Mater and Pater

as yes, the Grand kids arrive

Nappies, bottles, as they grow and thrive

Arguments about how to bring them up

Nursery, the school run, oh ha...

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Hold On

Now hold on to what you’ve got

I know you’re thinking

that you haven’t got a lot

But compared to nothing

You’ve got loads of things

and in the end

when the fat lady sings

There won’t be time to save yourself

Or the stuff you own

So no more time to whinge and moan

Just time to keep holding on



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Life Cycle

The sun rising in all its magnificence

Feeling it sooth you and warm you

Relaxing the muscles and calming

Is very much like being happy and contented


The birds hovering above

Looking for food or nesting material

Squawking to make themselves heard

Very much like people as we look for work to clothe us and put a roof on our heads but complain as we might struggle to survive


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Urban Poet Rap

Hey hear it and know it

I’m the Urban Poet

I perform all over this land

If you want some rhyme

and you like a good time

Come and watch my one man band


I write down what I see

But don’t mess with me

Cos I may write something ‘bout you

How you talk, how you dress

How you like to impress

All the ladies and all the men too


But the show goes on

And when ...

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The Blue World Below

As I eagerly watch my TV set, the

commentator describes for us another world;

‘Forests of kelp flourish in shallow waters

in warm turquoise sea bed villages

Giant fronds rising up to heady heights

creating crowded thickets of life that

fight for food and space to survive

  However the enemy in the shape

of sharp spiky sea urchins, descend quickly,

feeding endlessly off t...

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Elaborate Subterfuge


By the Urban Poet

The agent unlocks his hard flight case

What few clothes he has in there he hangs

Then it’s a mysterious looking orange file

Placed on the coffee table for bedtime reading


Deceit and trickery are his specialism’s

Together with meticulous planning 

All the parts to this mission, carefully arranged

The details complicated, in thei...

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