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The Fear

It’s not as if it creeps up

like a hungry predator

stalking the silence

Or that the blackness felt,

is mixed with the slightest

tinge of grey 

But the fear is tangible


It is strangely and eerily simple

Easy to reason, but not entirely

comprehensible in any sense,

because it causes trepidation

The fear is real


It’s now too late to realise,

that a sol...

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Glass Fruit

Sitting in the steel bowl

like pearls of wisdom:

Glass fruit

Glass apple

Glass pear

Glass pomegranate

Yes it’s there!

Glass orange

Glass banana

Glass grapes

No wear, no tear

No teeth marks

I swear, in my

Glass house with

Glass table and

Glass chair

Glass ornaments 


Blondie singing

'Heart of glass'

On a glass turntable

from d...

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Underwater World

An underwater house

In an underwater world

With underwater guys

And underwater girls

In a subterranean

homesick land

Where mermaids

take you by the hand

Their bodies gyrating

to water music

With a strong backbeat

you can shake your booty

Some of those maids 

are raunchy fish

But not in it

for the money

If you get my drift

So if you fancy copping o...

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When did I sign up for this?

The stress the strain and endless pain

Is normal in a world where sun is rain

Where white is black

and you daren’t look back

or answer when they say “hey what’s up?”

When was it that for all this I signed up?


Don’t get me wrong I do the caring

not for money or gifts but for love and sharing,

and promises I made on that special day

but hey!  When did I sign up for th...

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Moby Dick

Richard Smith is on his way

To sell his products on this new day

As a salesman he’s cool and slick

On his van is painted ‘Moby Dick’

Nothing worth buying that ‘ain’t on board

From milk and bread to fags of course

From early morning his round is set

No need to surf the internet

For anyone else to deliver your stuff

Of Moby Dick people can’t get enough

Sausages, pies, c...

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Hopes and Fears

Hopes and fears for the coming year

At a time when we will all be divorced

from the European Union of course


Will things really change, with much less pain?

Or are we set for a bumpy ride against a roaring tide, of situations we can’t control?


A need to be braver, stubborn and bold?

With the benefit of hindsight and 20/20 vision

will the year ahead bring better decis...

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Grateful  am I for the things you do and all you mean to me

Remembering all the times we had and all those cups of tea

Appreciated are the favours given when I’ve been up against it

Trouble, setbacks, mountains to climb, and worries over Brexit

Invaluable your advice has been to put my life into perspective 

Thankful am I to one so kind, and one so well respected 


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