It's only right we should cheer ourselves up

when hearing of the death of innocents,

of those fresh from the womb,

and of those who have outstayed their welcome

through age; of those who were

in the way of someone's plans

through strife, moving objects,

gun or knife, it's only right.


It's only right we should feel guilty

though innocent ourselves, for who would not

rather be here than dragged off to uncertainty.

So let's raise a glass, or two or three or four,

as we cheer ourselves up a little bit more.

It could have been one of us after all,

it's only right.




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Fri 18th Jan 2019 16:22

Hi David. I appreciate your experience in the field and how it has coloured your perspective; those that will listen may learn , but to what avail? Life threatening events can or should be life enhancing but who can say . My poem was a dig at the sofa psychologists and those who pretend depth of caring as if it was an ingredient in a selected meal.

I'm sure by now that the moderators have run out of moderating capacity too. We'll have to see whether poetry itself is on trial and found guilty through lack of discrimination.( Another word that has been hijacked). A mind that is discriminating makes true choices.

Hi Big Sal, Thanks for the glowing report!

Hi Jennifer; we are a curious lot aren't we, but learning is better. I expect there are many who would prefer to open their paper today to find carnage instead of someone walking.

Thanks all!

Rich, Jon, Anya and Becky thanks for the likes!

jennifer Malden

Thu 17th Jan 2019 14:44

Great writing as usual. We have become anaesthesized to horror through seeing it every day on the net or on TV. Also here anyway our newsreaders pile it on -' burnt to death in their car' -' stabbed 45 times' etc. Do they need to be so explicit? What effect must this have on the people who loved them? Today they were talking about an assassination of years ago, and they had to show the poor victim bloodily dead in his car. If that gets them a bigger audience we are really in a bad way. There is no compassion any more.


Big Sal

Wed 16th Jan 2019 16:25

A torch too heavy, but just a candle too bright.

I always enjoy your 2 stanza pieces, Ray. It's like unfolding a chapbook per, and in the end we're all better off for it.

Constantly developing, forever improving.?

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 16th Jan 2019 15:56

Very briefly -
It's right that we should sympathise
With those who've missed life's bus;
Yet thinking, as we avert our eyes -
Thank god that it's not us.

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