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Sonnet No. 2

I tried to write a sonnet. I was quite proud of it, but it didn't win.


Engaged since birth against one deadly foe,

A mortal combat all must surely yield,

No clemency or kindness can we know,

No soul alive will leave this battlefield.


The lines of combat proudly crease my face,

My hair turns slowly, unabashed, to gray.

I must accept with honour and good grace,

to b...

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Know something's amiss:
Passing paperclips
Beneath fingertips
Tingle with promise

The ego gone wrong
In fashioning pain
As some kind of game
In guise of being strong

Yet elsewhere bombs fall
Of course we can care
The cowardly dare
To answer the call

False means to atone
For wallowing guilt
At all the blood spilt
That isn't your own

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