As I meander along the inner city streets

as I enter the department stores or supermarkets

I find myself drawn to the faces about me

young and old alike, I see their eyes

their expressionless looks of boredom and sadness

disinterested in what surrounds them

Vacant expressions, glazed eyes

the eyes of the predator, the wounded

Icons which exude loneliness, the unloved

The angry are also there in their impatience

Sad, lined faces of past pain or disappointment

worried eyes, wide eyes, eyes of expectation

eyes of concealed desire

Eyes behind glasses, a different story

haggard expressions of anxiety and concern

Searching eyes with a glimmer of hope

no eyes but a guiding dog or white stick

Nervous eyes betraying shock or suspicion

eyes of concern, filled with compassion

Alas no eyes of joy, few smiles

no laughter only misery behind parchment

I search for eye contact, a fleeting smile

a needle in a haystack

Bales of baleful humanity

are we all so apparently sad

Has joy foresaken our hearts

where is that beaming smile?

◄ The Cloud of Fear

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keith jeffries

Fri 4th Jan 2019 09:48

Thank you one and all for your valued comments. Ray, I also think most people are searching for something but don´t know what it is they are looking for. They are lost, vulnerable and afraid. I agree about markets as they are a different kettle of fish altogether with many jovial faces especially from the stall holders.


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Thu 3rd Jan 2019 22:52

I think we like to be spoon fed happiness instead of discovering simple joy in ourselves, simply giving in to worldly wants and worries. There is much within that can keep us alive and wanting precious life. You will find more happiness in markets than in supermarkets of course, so go and look for them, support them and their contributions. (I say).

Well written from the heart Keith.


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