The Bleeding Edge

The razor thin space between 
stimuli and response 
is decision. 

I decided to put a  
romcom relationship
where love never ends
and be, just friends. 

It was a defining decision.

He decided that without 
certain stimuli, there would be 
no response, just an end.

Tempting as it is to give in
to conditioned responses,
I'm riding the razor's edge
into a new frontier...

A place of dignity 
and self-respect. 

A place where there is 
no shining armor.  

Stody? Selfish? Boring? 

I'm saving the drama
for the page, and my 
one true love
who rescues me 

who loves me 

my muse. 

She's on edge 
of madness
some may say.

That's okay, the greats
ride the bleeding edge 
every day.

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