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I am the grounded coal
in your hansel.
I shine hard and black
as the shadows of my heart.
Buried deep
and deadly dark.
I pulse with energy's
potential flame.
Touch me 
and you'll be marked;
Strike the perfect match
and the heat will start.

A twist of salt,
sorrow's symbolic seasoning,
The taste of tears
to bring their own reasoning.
I bring flavour
and can clean you
where it hurts.
Add sweetness from sugar,
sunshine candy cotton,
And the bitterest tears
will soon be forgotten.

Salute the year
that's gone
with a Highland spirit
and a rousing song.
I make eyes bright,
footsteps rhythmic and light,
Cheeks flushed,
the past rushed
and washed away,
Let it go, Ro-ho,
Let it go!
Wet your whistle,
feed your thirst, 
Then, last of all
(Or is it first?)
The egg.

Life's full circle
begins and ends it,
Fecund and fragile
and filled with the future.
Let's hold it gently,
nurture its growth,
Protect, respect
and befriend it;
And swear by all oaths
this and every new year
To defend it.

The whole,
I'll bring as first foot
to your door;
Given into your hand
to seal this 
New Year's Eve's wish,

Health to wear it,                                                Strength to tear it...                                                      Or maybe something more.

◄ Celtic Warrior Princess

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