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lead III (12/12/2017)

a shape
a solidine spectre throwing shape
over my shoulder, bed filled with weighted shale 
sheets hanging over a floor dropping out forever 
and I wish more than anything I could describe what it is 
or was
or might be

it's shears
cutting and reshaping all the new growths I've made 
sliding together with intoxicating blades 
oil dripping, whipping in strings as we pray

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high grain low octane

consumption (12/01/2017)

wring me, 
colored plasticine 
marbled fractals in my veins
til im indistinguishable
from the grey we sought to escape

every time you touch me i get smaller
morphine musicians' hoarders' holler
caught in a fever dream
and i swear that I was falling sand
too fine to catch between your palms
as we played on ligaments in neverland

"don't let me go--" 
gasping and blue, 
holding fast ...

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homestead hospice neverland

being like them (12/06/2017)

Little too literary 
Exquisite pain of visionaries 
scalding spray of mercenaries 
losing wars on aviaries

I was a dreamer once
Now I'm just a dream catcher
I was a dreamer once 
now I'm just an ex pastor
Fingers feeling the lines 
where a collar chafed for decades 
like a leatherneck
saving my voice from demons
but it was all a wartime ruse ;
ideas rusting in disuse

we spent lif...

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not very good at this

torquemada downtime (11/06/2017)

The warm waxon wood of tables
Lined in Heroes' hallways, notched
by us:
Hatchet traders,
Toothless Raiders
Deserter hellhounds chasing sunsets
Roping and reigning 
Cheating and feigning 
Silverfang'd denizens of dives and drag shows
Wrangled beneath
The white hot board of kinship
growing like mould in spaces 
secret and sacred, sold sages
sharing scar and syringe, rattling cag...

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underdog world strike warrior poets

benkei autocannibal (11/11/2017)

powered teeth on milk
bag-mixed, shorn mylein sheaths and 3-deep mausoleums
Meat on meat, marbled hope herein
overdose on javelins
Stuck upright across the bridge
Skewered lifeless, but livid-limbed
drained: stasis columns pouring in from heaven
fully posable, sentenced to room temperatures
running only kills you faster
Running only makes it worse 
Running only makes it w...

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fall in fallout benkei's last stand

almost crashing into a concrete barrier late at night while thinking about the recent death of someone i didn't really deserve to know (09/27/2017)

sleep, don't wake me:

If I could paint
I would these half closed blinds, lit and peering by paranoid neighbors, half asleep: half in a dream, an abductee of a frozen frame, a refugee caught in a dried and rotting wooden square

if I could paint you'd be a sunset
long since gone, but whose laughter echoes in the dark
stark as halogen lamps
ark buzzing the shell of life into these streets,

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unkillable pillar please don't take me highwaymen

kuro silica (09/24/2017)

glass and ebony cages
charred femurs in a row
gluttons filling the staring void
crosshatched and drunk 
where laughter is the mind, running
sprinting naked off the churning cliffs
of the hell we create

'this is my town'

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tekkonkinkreet kuro cellphones daniels

waves of thomas (09/14/2017)

i could write on every page ever pressed

but it could never stop time like silence, like absence


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i could have shared whiskey with you and im sorry

how are you? (09/15/2017)

 im really just a spectre of the internet killing time in the real world, occupying space in a suit of hollow, fleshy armor. between shitty vaguebooking and bad poetry written for the cold, glib laughter of women that have asked me "why are you not romantic anymore?" I find nothing but time and time and time to stare up at the california stucco to wonder about why it's there. If you do that long e...

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cold graveyard shift unkillable

allusion III (09/17/2017)

he who exists only does so as an amalgamation of hairline fractures

standards drawn in blood and rapture 

tinctures spilt to cure us of the greater-known gods, floating down the drain

reacquainted with the nameless
life's extinguished pedastals 

we all float down here 

laughing and prancing
singing and weeping
here on the devils dance floor

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cure me cure you pugilism scar tissue

cowboy relic (09/17/2017)

scented concrete dust
made in lines to build tomorrow
in use today to evaporate
the hopes of hours prior

the remnants of bridges to nowhere
abused by the patron saints of spare parts

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cocaine for the relic

letters III (07/19/2017)

i am so full of love it's criminal
a faucet with a broken spout

I am everywhere; I'm a mess
I'm the locker room nosebleed that just won't stop
won't stay
won't coagulate
any jostle, any change
And it's just hours and hours
until you're dizzy and think about calling an ambulance.

I am the unhealed ribs of a boxer training his way out of foreclosure, one cough away from falling apart


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love hurts

carbon (07/24/2017)

like an anchor hits the deep
Under the weight
of what these pills promised me

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black ink ships sink heroic pills

what is it charlie (07/31/2017)

a late summers breeze
the breath of a familiar lover
the chatter of magpies against 
a cool and depleted sun
lazing on the horizon
laying on its side
looking back at me
filling me with secrets, light and whispered
about an afterlife you can't buy with good deeds
and tithes

it doesn't feel like a prison if you know where to look

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charlie bronson andy love he draws birds

aquamarine linocabinet (08/01/2017)

i had a dream about you

found me on the bathroom floor in the dark, where the details don't matter. but during the day, it seems so absurd, doesn't it? even though my best memories are cool and sterile, stippled, well-loved linoleum against my cheek and you, pulled up to my back,
my ribs, 
my shoulderblades.

kind of describes things now, doesn't it?
at the time, in the dark and secret spa...

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keanu reeves codebreaker daydream

pride (05/22/2017)

brazen bulls and burial
conquered Adam and his ilk
interred in pride , embalmed on silk
keelhauled in the ethereal

passion's pride's a viper pit
syrupy fevered daydreaming
static-eyed and seeing, screaming:
omnideath on advent yet

swallowed down on honeyed eyes
choked back, from wombs untimely ript
hades steeped me on my own pulpit
dissolved, succumb'd, and self grandized.

Pickled soul...

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proud unkillable devils named me

silvermane (0513/2017)

a shuffle against the fence
in alleys overlooking
the potholes where the world once filled

and now,
age measured in silver teeth and winters
the season of harvest for your kind
grey-feathered and stronger every year
but more alone
weighed down with the unmarked graves of Us
though fewer
we are never smaller.

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old man logan and left silvermane azlan unkillable

wisp: John Wayne 0344 (05/20/2017)

what is important if not art
as the gasp of mortality
should at least contain the awe
of quantifying our mutual malady
labelled Human
but found to be more together than apart

and all it took was writing on the wall

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you don't exist and that's beautiful unkillable

i need you to wear this bolo tie (it's office policy) (04/18/2017)

sickly purplish fleshy lips 
pleading and heavy
a nasally whine drowned out
by florescent buzzing and gunshot wounds

 there's an itch:
a dead twin living in that darkened spot
stamping out nightmares of the worst kind
a hardening shrieking excitement
pearl-yellow, shattering teeth in ecstacy
at the winning end of blu gun-metal

there's an itch
stapled down and locked away
saved for tomo...

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i didn't ask to be born i can love more than you

camidien (03/21/2017)

beneath a chiding veneer--beneath the toothy and fleshy laughter, there lies some terrible truth and absurdity as tired and twisted as the utterance of the oldest names of the oldest gods, and older still than our kind: a death as old as life.

lo, beneath that, the comedian quivers and shakes under the weight of sweat-soaked sheets -- the company of painkillers of every color -- he knows the sh...

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the comedian unkillable eldritch horror

hfo (03/10/2017)

not burned nor spurned
by song or wraith
palmed marbles, drawing lifelines
pleading, pleasing escape

a wist rising west, clawing and aching deep
to burst forth into apocalypse days
castles walls built of crumbled, gypsum walls
cut with dreams, sniff'd up in wanton ways

a drip; a drag, slid across a fine carpet
a taste, a touch of trepidation
a hurricane of pallid thoughts
phoned in,...

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Alessandro Nivola 1602 (02/09/2017)

do you remember when we indulged those cliches? laying cheek to cheek on the floor, our feet pointing to opposite ends of the room, sharing our favorite songs with one another?
that feeling was my first high on being complete,
and ive been chasing it ever since.

and i don't think you even remember me.

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tragedy of being totally fucking unkillable

crusade 2 (1/27/2017)

cross-stitched dregs: the innocent
amputees march under burnt barons
welder's waltz on bitumen
danced through europe on red herrings

could I dare to fit the mold?
backstep quarry as I am
red-cooled as the iron folds?
to slay my fellow Abram's men?

all us may bear alike it seems
unstained by winter's medusa gaze
frozen hearts' slates and slips and screams
buried neath the grounds where c...

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abrams men listless hell restless

the rifleman that played in minors (1/27/2017)

a hoary night, a winters' step
sleep comes weary at your door
but fenced back by coffee on your breath

picked clean, the bones of ivory, faux
days stepped upon that sacred ward
tweed rope reminders hung, row on row

pistols gripped and emptied, here
waterfalls of brass and shame
cowardice is to shed no tears

through ground and churned the manic hour
approaches in the thinning breadth
of ...

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it's so much colder inside

ache 2 (1/22/2017)

My thirst for words, a euology
written in breath, without or without me
exhumed puzzles without rest
in sterility I acquiesce.

 a lion's mane to split the feifdom
ten thousand pieces, ever smaller
'Tween strong war cannibals, these chieftains
diminishing the old relic honor.

 so much smaller than the shatter'd sum
of parts so much heavier in drowned
soaking weight of blood carried, succu...

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on a throne he wept himself into a sea


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