0416 (06/12/2022)

the buds of late spring 
open and tentative 
unflex their pods
like prayers unseen.

they touch moonlight
brushing in the occident
like dreams,
fleeting moments where 
the impossible is made real. 

reminds me of someone that dies 
every night; a real Cinderella story 
that refuses to settle on an end.
instead, we recycle those old sores 
instead, we recycle those old stories

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cinderelladark circlessleeplessskyscapespring

the plains (06/12/2022)

we might not ever know just how long the sky is 

take a walk 
and see how long the shadows cast 
'long this pitted earth 
loam buried neath the falling brass 
sediments, testaments, to the manufactured time
we wait.
the shifting tumbling, ferrid sands
cover greener pastures, laying dormant
and flags decay upon these lands

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rdr art imitates life and the wind howls longlowclear

night physics III (1/31/22)

yep it's about that time

as I look to my watch

it's me. I am 5 years old

Sick again on my birthday.

Always sick on my birthday

the dulled flavor of strawberry shortcake still rests on my tired grin.

mom got me the knights I wanted, the ones from the dollar store 

so many of them and you can switch their arms with each other

you can give this one more armor

good; he needs...

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monogrammed armor core memory oops

night physics II (01/07/22)

saltine splinters 
windless rafts on icy rivers 
sain doom's coming 
as a shearing force from all directions 
nere to think 
what came from below:
all along, it was all for show.
and that's where the screaming lives
stretched out static in the wake of the crash 
a yoke of suffering borne on into forever 
spiraling that fateful, anguished moment 
flattening against the event hor...

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day dreaming and night terrors only please

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