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pied (02/20/2018)

autumn's autumn, 
writ from right to bottom 
plagued with plagiarizers 
drinks downed and capsized her 
black powder fingernails
tapping on the glass of patients 
grown up into big-boy rails

dreams curdled in a blue whale
swallowed by the swallowed 
Noah the knower and his betrayal
edible, the way we like our drinks

talked up;
planting seeds with a monster truck
hallowed ...

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autumn's autumn left right center of left

sea-faring (02/13/2018)

setting your watch to a belly of a dog

springs and sprockets carried on a Crimean surf

cards with men wearing sleeves stamped with mermaids, anchors: momentos and hexes and the names of lovers stranded by the low tide

like us: dried up and bottomed out,
stamping timesheets , winking at dirty jokes 
eating dinners in silence as the hull whistles 
thru bullet holes.

counting the days ...

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cannibal beach head dunkirk

strong (02/05/2018)

From whence cometh strength ?

A rush in a side by side, an absence of fear on the rides, gleaming-eyed steering, searing, leaping thru the Ides normally marched

Beer-battered into dark rooms and
Ultraviolent and hasty retreat from the wombs and
licking wounds and injurious seasons for seasoning, tasting waded reeds and chasing reasoning for the aching kingdom of war--
praying to be on pos...

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fallout whence cometh strength ashen world

"write about us" (01/30/2018)

"I love you"-- laboratory euphoria
crossing stars and sparks,
bridging blackouts and cold sweats
and pleas that I come to bed
"I love you" -- biting feeding hands
and still you feed me,
nourish me, hold me
and push us to grow
in the well tilled garden of one another
"I love you"-- oil slick Oceana clearing ,
chasing the sunset,
healing by eternity ;
it feels like my lungs were made to ...

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i love you keanu reeves

half tilt (1/18/2018)

wear the tithe of poetry 
devils buying drinks on interest 
swollen basement stills, brewing the poison that lets you feign forgetfulness

man's truest, fastest sprint made in fear 
from every and all truths
that point to our entire species being fradulent

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garbage medals imposter syndrome

inplanted future (01/18/2017)

celebrate celibate victories 
shallow seashells shorn and sold 
like virgin tides, rising high and never receeding
to drown the world in obsolescence
to spike the seawalls 
and watch it flee on hubris 
innocence mass murdering ignorance 
until the young become the old
and feel life owed to them
How true that exchange would be 
as true and cold as hypothermic absolutes
kept breathing and...

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prayer deux ex future viscious cycle

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