Grandad's Christmas Reverie

He thought

All I want is here

the tree that reaches the ceiling:

with the decorations the boy had helped hang

and the lights he could reach

to pull off

He thought

I hope they like my gifts

the presents beneath the low branches:

with the labels that the girls had turned over

and peeped at to see

which was theirs

He thought

I am alone with Christmas

the many years of trees held his mind:

he felt a little hand on the inside of his arm

slide softly down to his hand

and grip his finger

He thought

All I want is here

the family warmth surrounded his soul:

he knelt to see his grandson reach out his hand

for the low looped string of lights

and smile mischievously


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Chris Armstrong

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 10:35

Thanks, Jennifer - glad I managed to get the feeling of family love and warmth over! Happy New Year!

jennifer Malden

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 18:14

Lovely! This to my mind is how Christmas should be - a time to spend with family or friends, especially children when possible. We have turned it into an orgy of spending instead.

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