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In The Beginning

upon the mountain

there is a song that sings

it starts as the sun begins to set

our bodies trans verge to a heavenly seen

stillness begins

all sound ceases 

the winds in their shifting phase converge in equal force

and for a moment they kiss and surrender to the nature of flow

giving birth to the evening breeze

The sun refracting its  rays through the edge of our outer m...

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It Happens Between The Lines

now for the ramblings of my mind

A point of interest that I can not resist

The constant jibber jabber of the jabberwalkies keeps tick tickity talking

Constant engraining into my membrane

bound to drive a man insane


I think I will go fishing

awake before the early dawn

put my fishing hat on

push out onto the mirroring lake

and cast out my pain

and reel in a gift f...

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The Real Culprit

In this shivered treachorious state of temperature

how does one fathom to prevent solid states of matter

without power it seems as though it won't flow 

so we'll eat snow

my H2O won't flow and doesn't know how to speak of it's matter

It seeps into the cracks and doen't stop at just that

expansion of course is one with the source

it can cripple and topple

this enemy is hard ...

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

No one view point is ever wrong

We must stand with tolerance to get along


A binding force

We find our truths 

A common course

To concieve others can hold  more

More than we bargain for

Lets try not to divide

It is in understanding that we can begin to unify

Lets not let our perceptual paths lead us to distruction

After all 

We are only looking at o...

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I Don't Know What To Make Of It

The empty seat aboard the Yellow Submarine

The journey unfolds, the future unseen

I ran into tomarrow with hair like James Dean's

The rumble of the Harley's rolling down the street

The bars hopping with the funk and the beat

well I don't know if she is alright

She could be a super freak

not like the ones who ware diamonds on the souls of their shoes

This one has nothing to ...

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The Promise

Well, it's a deep subject

I don't want to put you in the pits

shining our growth back to its holy light

we all know what happens to fruit after it's ripe

the deathly fingers of age begin to grasp

pulling you off your mortal path

surely you didn't think it could last

 if we stumble, we might just roll

roll down the hill

out of control

into the pit below

not with the...

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The Great Orchastration

The clouds parted for a moment

The prevealing winds of change were felt

The devil, as if he stopped paying attention for just a moment, began to ride his demons on the oncomming winds

She began to distroy the hearts of the ones she held the closest

Fear and anger hanging heavily in her mind

She said she was no longer going to play nice

The universe watching what was about to unfo...

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Through destiny you were made strong 

So you could withstand

The perceived pains of transition

To not divide love

To be born in its new


Love unifies 

Love sees

Love holds our purpose

Love brings you from your knees

Love is seen in her eyes

Love resonates through her words

Love brushes the comb through the baby dolls hair

Love is in the picture she drew for ...

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The Sun, it rose

Refracting through the cold, crisp, crystallized, snow

The birth of a new day in its silent stillness

All life adapted to survive its harshness

Owned by the earth and cosmos

Conscious to unify in its presence

Thoughts of waking with the earth in the days to come

A rejuvenation of profound beauty that worships the sun

Thoughts of new love and a warm heart as...

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There's revelation in seeing who our pain belongs too.

It's a gift when you've seen how to let it go

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living in the middle

The world is round

There is no upside

There is no down

The life you are living is only the now

So don't move too fast

And don't be late!

And we will live in this moment to appreciate

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severed connection

If I lose the link will it all be lost?

Oh well, looks like I will have to try and rewrite it with some of the glorious pieces missing.


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The Eye Of The Storm

The house is silent now

syliva being churned disturbs the air

A total eclipse of the sun

A total eclipse of my heart

A darkness cast upon my soul that I took part


It took two to sail the ship

Two to be strong


One not fully equipped

The gayle forces did not lift

Tensions bared tight

the main sail torn from the hull

The troubled waters over take the ship


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An ember takes flight in a dark and lonely night, it flickers of its florescence while wavering through the air. A broken, lost and frightened heart dragged down by another hoping and longing to rediscover.  another fighting to keep a beat, must be strong to stand on his feet. indentured to the will of god to keep heart in his soul. trying to re-kindle relationships that have turned to coal, holdi...

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from the light

to the dark

in a world without a spark

to re-ignite a flame

while drowing in forgotten lore

witch craft is brewing

manipulation is spewing

all aboard!!

rough sawn

to walk along

to get from here to there

in the forest it lerks

a book never fortold

written in nature

the spark to ignite your pulpulsion through the universe

don't forget your ...

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Commercial Influence And The Fight

I'm lost in Reason Soft Chew

My Peeps can stick to you

Maybe it's a Big Hunk you're looking for

or a Sugar Daddy so you can spend more

Maybe it's a Tootsi Roll that you need

or a bit O Honey to get you to quiver at the knees

You can stop your gabbin with a Gob stopper

You can gabber your Gob with Hob Goblin(is not a Candy)

You can walk into the House of the Rising sun and k...

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waiting on something from someone else will never get you anywhere

trust in those who have your best interest at heart

be free, and know the hearts to which you are intrusted

be responsible to the planet and youth and keep it intrusted

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Without a Boat




up the creek

the creek that was formed from many squeezing cheeks

the flow so thick but still I sink like a ton of bricks

I should have known that my crystal clear waters would turn shit brown

I should have seen it in your eyes and got to shore before I began to drown

I suppose my patience is my virtue and you my teacher

my tolerance I suspect is at its end


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Above My Home

A top the ridge I sit

The meadow below I live

The sun setting in the west shines new perspective on the eastern mountain tops

The color of gold

a sight with all the riches can't be sold


The Columbia River or Lake Roosevelt from the damn that changed our old ways to new so that we stay in power, snakes down the vally of old


I sit here to contemplate my anger

but the b...

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Blood Transfusion

There's a certain amount of pain

a certain amount of hatred flowing through my veins

Lord give me a blood transfusion

Bring my wrongs to right

My dark to light

And let me see beyond this confusion


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Just A Thought

entry picture

Have you ever wondered if your neuronic arrangement possesses demonic derangement?(Answers can be submitted in poetic or demonic form).

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New Shoes, by the artist formally known as Old Shoes

New found worlds

A new frame of mind

Did I walk or stumble across the dividing line

Did I lead where I left off

was my fight worth the cost

If I walk backwards to retrace my steps, will I come across my Old Shoes that I left

These New Shoes seam to fit, but need some breaking in

Unlike the Old Shoes, where the souls had warn too thin


I suppose there's always time for a...

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