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Sour Patch Kid Letter To a Firefly

I made an oath in until I die I'll stick to it
Even if I have to drag my limp body through this existence
I'll always be here when you need me
I promised you forever until the end
So kick me make me feel like shit if it makes you happy
Don't talk to me for months and months and make me worry about you 24/7
I haven't missed a night telling you goodnight beautiful
I may be losing time and my ...

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3:32 AM

Hi, I’m sad. What’s your name?
I don’t know what it’s like to not feel broken and alone
even my soul is tired
I’m not trying to be difficult I swear
Why do I and people I love pick people that treat us like we’re nothing?

It keeps getting stronger and growing like a virus with no cure it’s unstoppable
What if I never love again?
Sleeping is the only thing that can make me feel happiness

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Space Cowboy 14 Old Ones

Oh Space Cowboy you are home
Mother has missed you so much
It was Mother's void that pulled you back here
You no longer have to shoot your way to victory
Mother is only love from the sea 
Just talk to the man from the lighthouse 
Always waiting for love 

The Sleeper has buried himself 
Into the core of the Earth
Fascinating letters from above
Also time assuming you'll find in love
So ...

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Unfortunate Lack of Events

Drifting through life 
In a empty husk of a body
The soul was made from religion
Don't let them know that I need 
Her like a body need water

Smile I'm leaking out love
If I'm not good enough for you
Then I'll cut my body from oxygen
Please stop torturing me 
Your my symphony I've been work on for years 

I wouldn't bother you if my love was a lie
Don't take cloudy moons over clear vo...

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Has time flows into death's hold over you
The innocence of your life start to show
Yesterday is something you can't have back
The moments that happen then it's just that
The most beautiful lies is death is your enemy
Without it there is no life to treasure
There is no love, no hope and no life 
Death is the end of the adventure

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A Long Night In Sanitarium

You talk so cold and precise
Verbally I can't express myself
Body language alone would tell you I'm a nervous mess
So can I extract my dirty secrets to you?
Just for you can stab me in the back

I should have known better
Did the predictable thing and fell over heels
Tell the mortgage cremate my body
When the Equinox comes for me
She defines hope in my eyes

Please keep the tone of you...

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How Much Longer

How much longer do I have here
In the name of love 
The road is stone cold
I've been bashing my knees on 
Grey skies and blood moons

Sapphire blue eyes in my nightmares
They fade from existence
A bottle of liquor can change your life forever
Who would think biennium and a whole lot of bad decisions
Has left me here believing in nothing good 

How much longer do I have here
Until my m...

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Pink Water

Sitting in a bathtub full of pinkish water 
A razor blade in one hand
A head full of excuses in the other hand
This is nothing new you have been like this since birth
They told you life would get better but your 20 something
Thinking about suicide how much easier it would be
Remember when I told you things would get better
This is being mentally ill before you knew what it was
Runaway from...

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Old Man Happy Ending

It's been two years 
Since I could say 
I was truly happy
Two days we slept away 
In each other's hands
Is just a memory of my happy ending
I had my chance to die happy
I decided to live for her
No lying there's a part of me that gave up
I should leave this life behind and focus on death
I have 1 year and 10 months left 
When you look back you 
Just know I loved you  
I waited until t...

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Words of The Waiting Man 22

I lost my shadow and you can't
You can't love me 
You can't hold me 
You can't feel my lips
You can't be with me
That means I can't 
I can't wipe your tears away
I can't hold you 
I can't be anything but transparent
I told you love always will
Sometime it's a word away form the sea
You're not coming back in a boat
So why am I waiting in a lighthouse
I promise I'll be here when you com...

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Cigarette Smoking Hearts

Love is equal to drowning yourself in tar
I'll take another drag from
I may never win your heart back if I quit 
I'll keep taking my drags until it shows you I love you

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Pushing Up Daisies

entry picture

I'm someone I actually like when I was with you
I miss you but I'm drowning now
Under the waves where the air can't reach
I was a mess when you found me

There's no recovery from the first relapse
I love you too much to let you think
That I can live without you

If I could only medicate the love that you gave me
How did I get out so far
There's no medication for this love
When I'm with...

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