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Plastic Boy

Told myself I could love you more than 
I could love myself 
Truthful that's a fucking lie
I think I kind of wish I was the guy
That you crashed your car for
No one could care that much for me

Another stupid Coldplay song you can listen to
Your yellow jackets makes your blue eyes pop
I told you goodnight would you even look at it
I've been reliving something just like this

I'm just a...

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just a song

If I wrote my story down 
Everyone to be amazed 
So I try to be less then you
It's a cold world out there
So everybody put the gun to the temple
Blow the brains out and watch them laugh

It's a cold fucking world out there
No one gives a shit if you live or you lie
I've been trying to be a better human 
But that's a lie that's a lie that's a lie

I guess you don't like my music
It's n...

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