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I'm lose in this hell
I'm still waiting for you
Hope is becoming a cannibal eating me away

I'll keep marching in my ways
I'll wait here until you see me
Even if there's nothing left of me
All the scars never leave

There's nothing nice about
The hell I put myself through 
The show you that I love you

I won't let it in until I hold your hand again
Until I show you love not physical ...

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Aza'timohgo The Feeder

What a wonderful horrific night this was
For the old one Aza'timohgo was out to play tonight
Snatching souls to feed the maker
The insignificance of life
Past, Present, future it's all one to him
For he is the soul collector
An entity to feed them
For he's the gatekeeper
Who reals over all of time
His job is to feed his makers 
But he is not higher than a Little Crow

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Ye is under the sea 
Ye has a name but no mortal can say
Ye made the world and the god and gods you pray to
Ye is not malevolent but is all acknowledge
Ye one look of one of the eyes of madness 
Chaos will own your soul under death is your

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Wendigo (This is a story.)

entry picture

Most of my childhood I spent in Minnesota
My grandma was Native American
We lived on a Native American graveyard
With woods all around

My grandma sent me to get firewood 
On that January night
I'll never forget the crunching of snow
There was a smell it vial I wanted to vomit
I shook it off and I told myself that most of been some dead animal

It about 13 minutes out of me cutting up w...

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Enchanted Desolate

Has It's dying ember slowly creeps away
I hear her name burst into my head
Like a body jumping from the 100th floor
As my mind holds her name higher then any god
Wishing for this thought to be everlong

My grim ghastly appearance 
Could never hold her again
For my body does not need 
To inhale or exhale anymore

For wherever I go the air will grow denser
I am eternally to walk

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Drwoning Self Worth

Why does it feel, like I'm drowning in tar
This paranoia feeling is all around
Why would you care you're just a stranger
Why is the tears just falling from my eyes
I was just happy a couple minutes

But death decided to crash upon my skull
But no one has died
So why do I feel like I've lost something
It's getting harder to breathe with all the tears falling
This is truly hell, pl...

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Another Sad Song (Lyrics.)

So what in the hell should 
I do with all these feelings you gave me
Nothing good has ever came from hope
I was crying in the bathroom
Trying to find out how deep the blood can go
I just want to feel something

What you don't know is 
I did jump off that bridge
What you don't know is 
I did put that rope around my neck
So heres another sad song

A world without you is what I have now

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Pros of a Broken Heart

A rag full of blood
He keeps coughing it up
A menthol cigarette and a thing of vodka 
What else can you call his own

Did you know it would get this bad
Affection bumps all over his skin
His decaying bones would tell a different story
These are the pros of a broken heart

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Vow 2

She is the firefly 
That I care about more then any one
She is everything so why can I show her
How much I need her in my life
I'll do anything to keep her save
I made that my vow with that I'll be here until the end.

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Bravo lime Oscar Oscar delta

Bravo lime Oscar Oscar delta Oscar November  Bravo lime Oscar Oscar delta Oscar November. 
Echo victor echo romeo Lima alpha sierra tango India  November golf golf Lima alpha sierra sierra.
Delta India delta Yankee Oscar uniform tango hotel India November kilo. 
India tango whiskey alpha sierra golf Oscar India November golf tango Oscar Lima alpha sierra tango.

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I could blame this weather 
For the splinters of glass 
Falling in my mind

Most likely it's mama 
Mama why did you kill my soul
You beat me with your words and told me all your lies
Mama the people in my head telling me 
That you can't be trusted

So with the maggots eating you out 
I'll scream Hallelujah
So with the shit that you've done 
You're going straight to hell
Throw holy wa...

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Autumn Wind

We was sixteen
On a cool autumn day
You was waiting on me 
To come to your place for pancakes
But I never showed up 
I never showed up 

I am sorry for what happens next
I am sorry for what happens next
They found my body in the lake 
I am sorry my love

The blood was pouring out of my head 
The last time you seen me
We was making love in your room
Does anyone ever die happy?

My ...

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The Raven

We pray, we pray
Has the raven dances under the streetlights
Did you think the medication 
Was going to fix everything
It's medicine it's not an miracle 
What did you want from it
A little clarity

Sipping idly on your jug
Trying to give her kisses
But it's coming off more like gunshots
As the raven cries for your life
It mocks how she loves another
What did you want from it
A little...

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The House I burn Down (Death Part 3)

House of horror how lucky are we
With all our words you hear
How long has it been 
Since you seen your own sanity

You were there when he took my sister's innocence
You were there for every one of my mother's lashings
So today when I will end our strife
At the end of this I will burn this house down

For it knows the hell 
We've been through and I want a fresh start
So that's how the s...

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The House Sister Hates(Death Part 2)

What a moment sweet like vinegar
Dad what did you do to sister 
And why is mom crying
Her face is turning black and blue

Sister Oh sister why won't you 
Come out of your room
I miss the days when we played games
Father what have you done to our family

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The House That Father Built (Death Part 1)

Wake up it's all over
I know you killed them 
But with blood on our father hands
You'er go into the light 

The goodnight it's fine 
Don't you cry and go back to sleep
I know god is sinking into your skin
If a crooked smile could sing
Would you asks for more 

So with this could you kiss me 
I know I'll show my red
But I'll show my true colours 
So put your tongue to sleep 
I'll tuc...

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Ashes, Ashes

At the sound pierces through your lungs
You'll see roses blossom in the cold front
Ashes, ashes we all fall down

Where is the coast guard
This light is way too bright and why is my family here
All I remember is this heating feeling all around
It was suffocation at it's best

Can it rain now let the rain fall please
Ashes, ashes we all fall down

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Beautiful Storm

I want to tell you that 
I see value in your smile and not your private
I'm not like other guys who promised 
You forever just to get laid 
I'm keeping this promise 
I don't want sex I just want you to feel important

Burn me at both ends
But in the end I'll still tell you I love you
My dreams of you feel so real
Please don't dismiss me
I swear on my father's life that it's the truth


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Deep Red

Deep blue how far will go
Until it turns deep red
I'll wait for the ambulance to come
Please don't go I need you 

This night when from a wonderful night in the city
To me holding her crying 
Telling her not to go into the light
Please don't go I need you 

I'm swallowing my tears now
Love don't go into the light
Why did this have to happen 
Your deep red is all over me 

I can't do...

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Goodnight I love you 
Hey so how has your day been?
I see you have been crying yourself to sleep 
Tell me everything I'm here for you
There's nothing wrong with you, you're perfect
Don't give into your demons 
I'm here for you tell me everything
I want you to know I'm never giving up on you 
I won't let you down.
Please don't forget me, I'll always love you
I know I'm sour then I'm sweet

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By Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms)

Cause our lips, can touch
And our cheeks, can brush
Our lips can touch here

Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me
Whispers "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly"
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly
Now there's no place else I could be but here in your arms

I like where you sleep,
When you sleep, next to me.
I like where you sleep... here

This song remind me of ...

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What is my worth, without you?
I wish, I could turn around
But I'm still here, crying out for you
Use those 3 words, and I'll use this love pistol to blow you away

This doesn't feel right, can you please come home?
I'm choking on romantic words, that need to get out
Waiting for you has me worried 
Are you okay? Are you even thinking about me?
Cause I know you're the last thought, I think...

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Rambling of A Madman

In this land of make believe we all die 
So show me how to cry for life
I want to see the lights in your eyes
So in a world where we can't lie 
Can we find love or is everything doomed?

This little tree on a hill
Will be the death of Christ 
But is that a story that can be told
In a world of scientific facts?

Bite your tongue young man 
You're giving away the whole plot
Is this just...

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Dope Died For

If you only know 
I love you and if your demons 
Try and take you I'll kick them down
I"ll start this fire again burning away
Everything that want to hurt you

Cause I love you 
So tell me everything
Your not a freak your great 
What do I have to do 
To make you understand your the girl 
I'll dope died for 

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What's Real Anymore?

Our beliefs create our reality
If the ending is where we begin
Then where do we truly end?
What's real anymore?

Living off unsanctioned words
Repeating in my head because they're not love
But I keep fooling myself that they are
What's real anymore?

Do you really believe in God or 
Are we just playing pretend?
Your eyes are dilated from the drugs
What's real anymore?

I don't know ...

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I Can't Breath.

What will I have to do 
To show you all 
Why I feel so lonely 
All the lights are out 

I can't breath! 

This is taking over 
I can't do this on my own 
So take my hand 
I'll show you the acts of a dying man

I feel like I'm drowning under this avalanche
Hollow and gone where is the light?
Where is the light?

I can't breath!
I can't breath!

I can't do this on my own 
So can ...

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My Twisted Side

You always let me done
I wish I could kill the part of me 
You made cause it means nothing to me 
I know your me and I'm you 

But you love to hurt 
I'm a pacifist 
But you'er in this body with me 

I've done decided that you're the problem
Because you're in love of causing pain
I really wish you would just go away
I know this Firefly has a twisted side 
That you're in love with


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Devil In a Suit

With the devil crawling on our backs
Telling everyone it's okay
It's the outcasts who was picked on 

So let's burn them 
Let's show the world a little blood
Nobody move chaos is all around us
Look what words have done 

(His an unstable psychopath.)

It's heavy all around you
The devil told us it's all okay
God will save the children
The man in the suit doesn't care for anyone
So t...

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The Ghost

The empty vacuum in my mind
Is searching for you
No one can love a boy 
Who let's depression to control him

I needed a friend 
But all I got was my mind
Telling myself to end it here
That winter almost killed me
I loved her so much and when the cold air hit her body

I should probably stop talking about this time
When I rather kill myself 
Than ever follow through this promise
I was...

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In Her Honor

They said I don't have a heart
That I only love 
When it helps me look good
But loving her is easy 
Doesn't help my reputation
I don't care about what anyone thinks about anymore
I'm going to make damn sure 
Everyone understands I love her
I'll give every breath in my body to keep her save
So I'll fight for her
Make me bleed but I'll always have her back
My heart maybe dying
But it won...

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I'll sleep in my body bag
So shut my eyes 
I'm just a ghost that love you
So I'll always worry about you 

One day it will kill me 
I'm a one note man who lose himself 
Drowning in alcohol 
There isn't anything more then you 

But I'm slowly killing myself 
I can't just stop caring about you 
I'd give up video games just to hold you
I don't care about anyone but you

So call me self...

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Pine Sap

I like to skate just for a little bit longer
I'm sorry that I'm not as educated as you
I'm not as smart as everyone else in this town
And I'm not going to try to be

Holidays never make me feel real, without you
I've got pine sap all over my hands 
Because I'm trying to find you
In this old country town

I'm climbed every tree looking for you
I've got pine sap all over my hands 

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My Family Misses You (Lyrics)

I don't understand why you had to go
You loved me and my family
So why did you have to go 
My father misses us being a thing
He wanted to call you his daughter-in-law

So what happen?
Don't say I didn't love you
Because I love you more than I love myself
I stay in my room missing you

So tell me why you had to go
My family misses you
My aunt loves you like a daughter
They were all ha...

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The Friction In your Mood

You say it's all okay
Using it will keep us going forward
A little self-reflection killed mother and all of her nature
The bad man in your dreams crying
Tells everyone he doesn't want to be this anymore

Every word could be a lie
I'd like to have faith in humanity
Heavens just a concept 
We made along the way 
The truth is we're all just going to hell

I don't think there's anything to...

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Nothing Like You

I hope I end up nothing like you
After all the things you put me through
Did you think I was just going to let you back in
Yes you gave me life

But you always hurt me 
I'm done with holding onto this anger
Yes I don't like you 
But I need to let you go and move on

You're why I have pieces of me I don't want to be
I hope you see I'm nothing like you
I hate the way you owned me 

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Because of Her

Therese other woman
Don't mean anything to me
They all can go away
I got this issue of loving her too much 

I just want to take care of her
I'd drop everything to be with her
God she's the best thing every
Got me drunk on her love and
Now I am tell her how she's the best

I got nothing left to live for but her
So can you understand your my light
Theat makes me want to be better
I ju...

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You took this too far
You let your hesitant tongue slip to your thighs
Breaking the bones that you straddle to find something new
I was too blind to see the truth

You let my cries for help go on deaf ear
So who is the real monster?
Is it my unflinching will to keep this promise
Don't think too hard about it
I've gave up lying because I was never a good liar

We spent seven years togeth...

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The Walk

Red roses at her door.

I guess it's time to walk. 

She is beauty.

It's time to take the walk.

Did you get to feel love?

Why does depression have to overwhelm your mind?

Simplistic wording to make everyone feel better.

I'm overly charming with all of my words.

It's time to take the walk.

Don't go.

I love.


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The Devil Son (lyrics)

Is there anything left here?
I think it's all gone. 
Do you feel it getting heavier
I'm not alive but far from died 

It's the devil she whispering in my ear
I don't believe in these things 
But I can't help to think that there

It's not me, It's not me who is say these things
It's a constant repeating of words 
That falling out of my mouth

I need rainy days they remind me of home

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All he knows is waiting there for you

He love you unconditional 
So please don't close him out
His got this a plan to give you this life 
That you think that you deserve
 So please don't give up on him

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I'm Drunk And Will Always Love Her

I know I love you 
I just want to talk to you 
I'm so drunk and all I want is to hear you
So can you talk to me
Cause your everything to me 

Your everything I want in my life
So can you comeback soon 
Cause my body felts like it's shutting down 
But when I hear you I'm unstoppable

So can I make you laugh a bit
make you glow like a star
Because your beautiful and intelligent

So ca...

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Little Crow and The Human

Little Crow Little Crow why are you following me?

Little Crow Little Crow why is your eyes made from buttons?

Little Crow Little Crow why are you so perfect?

Little Crow Little Crow what do you mean I have to remove my eyes?


Human oh human how wonderful I want you in my collection.

Human oh human for no one can have me, I see you there wanting my eyes.

Human oh human I am pe...

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By Bring Me The Horizon - Follow You (Lyrics)

So you can drag me through Hell
If it meant I could hold your hand
I will follow you cause I'm under your spell
And you can throw me to the flames
I will follow you, I will follow you

Come sink into me and let me breathe you in
I'll be your gravity, you be my oxygen
So dig two graves cause when you die
I swear I'll be leaving by your side


I do not own the rights to this song. All...

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Hollow Bones (Lyrics)

My fate is my own
This indecision wasn't mine 
Is this my life (I don't believe so.)

These grey skies are so dim
These hollow bones
These hollow bones 
Breaking under pressure

I cannot fear what you cannot see
Throne of thorns and wire behind it all
Is this apple wretched or is it forsaken now
Burn your letters now 
The memories of them will still be there
Is this more than you can...

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Crooked Little Thoughts (Lyrics)

How could you ever understand 
It was never about you

So take me to the bridge
String me up like a Christmas ornament
And leave me to die

Oh it's not appropriate for me to say
On my knees crying to God
I'm forever gone, play me off with a fiddle
Did you think everyone 
Was just going to end with a happy ending

So take me to the bridge
String me up like a Christmas ornament
And le...

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This is not a fever for my bones hurt 

This is not a fever for it is hard to swallow anything

This is not a fever for it is getting harder and harder to breathe

This is not a fever for my hand is numb and my heart is hurting

This is not a fever 


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Words To A Firefly

I'm worried about how this will end

Will anyone even miss me?

I didn't do much in this world

Goodbye isn't something I want to say to you

But If I don't do it soon will I get to

Before my death comes for me?

I don't want this but I can feel it in my bones

I don't have much time left

So I want you to know I love you and thank you for everything.

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Words of The Waiting Man 8

Forever waiting 
Is that what they call this 
Most of you would call me dumb
And tell me to move on 

But I won't and I can't 
I gave my word and I'd always be here for her
I'd always love her 
It comes so easy to me 

So yes I am the waiting man 
The lighthouse is on fire 
But there's a storm coming
I can feel in it the air

So with this I want you to know 
I'll never give up on y...

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Do you remember me?
The ghost of you I chased 
Left me wishing death would come soon
You can only drink so much 
Until it doesn't numb the pain anymore

So let me give you my love
I won't let you sink into the agony like I did
I got your back forever and always
So let this be my word let this be my vow

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Words of The Waiting Man 7

I'm never going to give up on you 
Even when you push me out
I'll always be yours

I'll fight for you, you're worth it
Firefly I'll try my best to make you laugh
I will always be yours 

I still get lost in your voice
Could ever be enough for you 
Cause you're precious to me
I will always be yours 

Like I told you I would walk through hell 
Just to hold you'er hand 
I'll always be ...

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