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Chapter 1 Mr Depression Lust

I am Mr depression 
I am Mr depression 
Lady Death why did you kill me

Oh my lady death 
I'm dead on this old road
And nothing ever makes sense 
So why did I believe the ghost
That haunts me under my bed

So help me close my eyes 
Help me close my eyes 
I need to close my eyes
Lady Death isn't here with me 

I’m dead now
Do you hear Lilith under my bed
She's moaning for love

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A promise that I cannot break
That's what I made to you
It's okay I won't be like every guy before me
And after me, I'll always be here for you

So I'll like to thank you for showing me love 
But I'll just be a ghost now 
I'll just be a sad ghost
I'll just be a ghost now

My word mean everything to me 
So you can break your promise you made me 
But I'll never break mine 
Your word may...

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Rotting Into

Can you help me?

My blood is pouring out
If this is death then can you see it
I see only light pouring in now

The last two days as been a war 
And god is the devil in sheep clothing
No one can be trusted
This bleed body keep moving 
Even when it's rotting into me

Love is a feeling I could never feel
Glass days is all I have left 
I sorry but I don't love anyone so stop thinking I ...

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Didn't you want love
Didn't you want successful life
Didn't you want see the world

Everyone is self-motivated by their own greed
Don't act like you're so holy
I know I'm scared of what you're not doing 
But you're scared of what I'm saying

I might be a goddamn corpse 
But at least I'm actually doing something now
So what are you doing with all that hungry

Didn't you want love

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Only Hollow

Have you seen the light 
Cause it's fading into the open soul
So are you falling for the right human
Or has everything become bitter

I'm only hollow now 
I'm hollow so don't say anything 
What if my kindness 
Only kills what I love

So you can love me now 
I may never make it to later 
Can you love for me 
I'll tell you desperate lies
As the autumn chill takes you from me

I'm onl...

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The Last Chapter

It's all come down to this
So please don't go tonight
Even if I don't mean anything to you
I'd like to finish the last chapter

Just don't go until this story is done
I met the most amazing girl
Who took my breath away 
She showed me how to love 

So I'll surrender to it
So I'll surrender to it
Because She forgot the love
And surrendered to depression

So when you feel alone
But I'...

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I don't want to be emo anymore
So can you pour me a glass of vodka for I can snore
I know I'm the edgy king but I want to look like Thor
I'm so broke I sleep on my dad's floor
I know I'm not sexually attractive but I have a nice core

I've been self-loathing this whole song
So can you buy me a new bottle of vodka
Because this one is empty like my brain
I'm doing my best to be happy but I'...

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Burning Bright

Hello my old self

If I could tell you this I would

Just a year ago you was at your darkest point

All them times you tried to call out for help

And no one listened to you


So show the world your still alive

We're still burning bright

We're still burning bright

You found yourself in all the dark times


Hello my old self I know it hurts

But the light in her eyes


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Romantically Drifting

Could you keep me up 
Until winter is over
Cuddle me and keep, keep me close
I know time isn't on my side
So can you please stay 

I'm romantically drifting away from you
I'm sorry but if you told me goodbye today
I'd ask you to stay 

Romantically drifting away from me
Romantically drifting away from you

Could you stay I know I don't love you
But I'm scared of dying alone
I know m...

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The Art of Changing

I'mma start giving positivity out like Oprah
So you can sit down 
And do nothing with your life
But I'm going to change the world

I don't regret anything
To regret means 
That you didn't learn anything 
From that problem

I've been in this dark gloomy glaze for too long
Stop being scared of change
So let's start over again see the world
I've become too comfortable
With being depress...

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How can I fight anymore
I'm breathing slowly 
Letting myself fade into the hopelessness
My eyes are full of tears

Can you stop the convulsing
I'm shaking like a leaf in a storm
This is my lowest point in my life

I took the bottle of pills
I'm pushing my bad heart to the point
I told myself if I live through this
I'll stop my self destruct ways

The lights are blinking off and on

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I'm not too sure who I am anymore
After all I when through this year
I've been thinking maybe I'm better off alone
I'm better off alone 

For I don't hurt anyone 
It's still under my skin that I hurt her
I'd give it all away 
Just to tell her I'm sorry 

Heaven can't handle me 
And hell don't want me
I'm praying to find my place
The darkness is all around me

Everyone has someone to...

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Man in the Mirror

Don't go
Just don't go yet

I'm not going to sit here 
And pretend that it's going to be easy
You have two choices you can stay here
Revel in the past or become a better human 
Prove to the whole goddamn world 
That you're not weak anymore

Your whole life has been controlled by a knife
But you're not that weak are you
Because if you were you would already gave up
To the malicious tho...

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Ouija we are here
Under the bridge 
Where death lays 
The spirit smirk
Three lies they will tell you 

But being dead is what they all want
Summon 1
Summon 2
Summon 3
Ouija we are here

Some of us walk in flesh
Goodbye will knot happen tonight
Only hanging men will be 
The laughter you will hear

Blood curdling sounds 
Coming from the board with words on it
It's so cute the why ...

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Words of The Waiting Man

I've always been impatient my whole life
When it comes to her I just want to wait
Honestly I don't want anyone else
I want her good and bad 

I told you that I would 
Always keep you safe
I would fight for you

I prefer waiting around for her
So don't tell me to stop 
I don't care if it never happens again 
Just as long as you know that I love you

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Morning Coffee

I'm uncomfortably honest
With the words in my head 
So open up tonight 
For they can hold you tomorrow

It's a dreadful life
And everyone's just looking out for their self
My pessimistic ways is pouring out tonight

Can the spoiled brat please shut up 
About how his mom 
Won't buy him that new cell phone
His sounding quite petty 

Why can't just being alive 
Be enough for everyone

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Stay For Awhile

Mutilate the words out of your mouth
You received my attention
When you kiss me with your mesmerizing lips
But the days are going considerably darker
You deserve a breeze that can make you breath

Do we really own the time that we give ourselves
Or is it just a cosmic experience
I felt life in that little kiss
That's been more than a year now

I was never scared to die
But then I met y...

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I have to occupy my brain
For that way the voices can't reach me
I hear the rumbling of them everywhere I go

I beg for quietness
I know I'll never get it
Maybe the voices are right though
I was just born to be alone

Disconnection, disconnection
How long until this pain is over
Cause I miss her

I can't leave her all alone
I always want to try to live for her
Wait has long as a can...

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5 days

My actions didn't have bad intentions to them
When I found out I hurt you 
I cried for two days and I tried to make you understand 
I would never mean to hurt you

You mean the world to me 
I haven't slept in 5 days now 
I haven't ate in 5 days
Knowing I hurt you makes me want to die 
Don't tell me to move on when I hurt you like this 

Could you kill me 
I would apologize for hurting ...

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Broken all alone
But he deserves it all for hurting her
I truly believe that he's a monster now
He's no better than anyone else
Who's hurt her in her childhood

So as the blood runs 
Let it seep until it's all over
Death is all he deserves now
How could he do this to her 

I'm sorry I hope this make you feel better 
I'll keep the blood running 
Until it's all gone 

How much has to ...

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I'm Kind of Drunk

I'm starting to feel that my mother was right
I'm nothing more then a mess up
She should have had an abortion
Even when I'm trying to do the right thing
I find a way to mess that up

The value of my worth is nothing
The value of my worth is nothing
I don't deserve to be loved
I deserve to be hated
For letting my demons win

I think the sadness never ends
I'm drunk again
Writing this ...

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One Side of A Coin

How can you fill a cup with liquor
When you can't fill 
Your head up with positive thoughts

I'm not trying to put you down
It's just the only thing I see 
The only thing I see 
Is a human in pain trying to put a bandage 
On a wound that is too deep

I've never walked a mile in you’re shoes
But I could see that you're in pain a mile away
So when will you help yourself 

The pain is k...

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Mental Illness

I keep thinking of my better half 
Do you think insanity is a curse
Cause it's all I have left 

It makes sense 
The voices are non-stop now
Telling me I've done all I can do 
So end it all and join them

But I know if I keep ripping my skin open 
And getting just a second of sanity
Cleanse myself from the voices
I'll want to wait for her 
So I'll do that 

I'm sorry this isn't a fo...

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Sweetest of Places

I guess them cigarettes just caught up to you
You watch me grow up into a man 
Thank you for not letting my mom adopt me out
I know things won't be the same without you

Can you not go yet
I know it's selfish to ask you to stay
But you always cared 
I just wanted to thank you for that

I don't know what to do right now
This water just keeps pouring out of my eyes
And I don't know how t...

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My Birthday Wish

On my birthday I used my only wish on you
Cause your what takes my breath away
So one day I hope you find your way back to me 
So I hope you sleep well

Because I've never seen anyone smile like you
Just seeing my face you light up like a Christmas tree
So who in the hell are you trying to events
Cause I've been sitting in this chair 
Just trying to make you understand that I love you


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The Waiting Man

A man told me if you can wait for love 
Then you truly love them 
Well a year has past by now
I can say I love her even more now

The waiting man will wait 
At the waiting Tower
Just to stop time to 
Hold her one more time

I don't need a promise to do this 
It always been willingly
I know all good things are worth waiting for
So why wouldn't I wait for her
She made me the happiest I...

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Letter To April

Please let me sink
Into my anxiety
Where I belong 

I know your gone forever
I'll never see your face again
You will be going where I can't go
I'm sorry my love 

I miss you everyday and I've tried to let go
But I feel like that isn't right
After all you took my innocence away and I took yours
That night still means the world to me
Yes I did found a new girl

I give her your title

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Not Alone

You don't have to decay
Little firefly didn't I tell you 
I love you and only you

Your never alone I'll always be here
I don't want to live like this 
I'm a mess without you here

You don't have to be alone 
You don't have to be alone 

Them pills they have me on 
Doesn't help my heart 
When I know you're trapped in the dark
I'd die for the thought of conversations with you

You d...

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Good Morning Sunshine

Nowadays I don't ever want to wake up
I'm just an old habit 
I don't own anyone apology
For the suicidal thoughts you put in my mind

I'm better off a sleep why the rain dopes 
Alcohol is all I need
Who needs a chaser 
When I'm chasing all these ghosts

I'm unattached to everyone around me
All my friends are addicted to something
Well I'm too busy cutting out the problem
I'm getting closer to the R...

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Forever Girl

Baby I don't want to be your fast one
I want to be your last one 
I want to heel them scars
I just want to show you what a good man is

Cause all them boy around 
Only sees you a piece of ass 
I know that's knot what you want to hear

Baby your my only girl
I want to be your last one 
I want to heel them scars
I want to make feel like a goddess 

Forever is a long time but I'll fight...

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This isn't healthy at all

I miss you so badly


So didn't you want to runaway with me

Didn't you promise me that you wouldn't date my friends

Or was that a lie, cause I'm starting to think that you lie


How could you tell me that cheesy line

That I'm too good for you

How could you hurt me like this

Did you really love me


So didn't you want to runaway with me


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My reality is fading into a blank space
If it was up to me self-destruction 
Wouldn't be our only hope
But we all know this the end of it all
My existence is fading into time

Did you feel?
Did you feel the blood?
Did you feel the eternal sadness growing?
How far until we hit bone?

Can you fill the hole in your heart
How long has it been like this?
How many minutes have when by in th...

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As my bitterroots tingle around my feet

I slowly embrace salt water rushing down my throat

like the secrets I could not keep


So unaware with my consequences

My secrets impaled me with all of its force

As the blood flows out can I hold your hand

So I can feel something overwhelming


As my bitterroots tingle around my waist

I slowly embrace that this is the end


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Vivid Colors

Do you remember all the vivid colors

Pouring from your pores

That night we made love on your mother's couch

Or was I color blind with the thought of you loving me


I know you've been painting

This family portrait for way too long

So can I undress all your insecurities

And show you that you're beautifully fantastic

I just wish I could touch without pricking my finger


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Prove Us All Wrong

Now we're seeing your true colors

We thought you were the happiest kid

You prove us all wrong

You prove us all wrong

You prove us all wrong


With roses burning out your ears

The porch swing break the night

You prove us all wrong that you could fly

But all in the wrong ways

Now Waters falling from my eyes


I heard what them girls were saying about you

If onl...

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