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Selfish // Kindness

I've been responding in all the wrong ways
I've simply just an idiot
Trying to make everyone laugh
For my sins are carved into my skin
We never want to be evil or cruel
I know that all humankind can be

The human race hates change
The only time we can grow is when we'er uncomfortable
We let fear take over are mind
So we let people weaponize with our fears 
We become the monsters

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I know this isn't what you want to hear
I know my mind doesn't make sense right now
I've been questioning if I should even go on
I've been so numb 

I think after July I'll say goodbye 
I don't see anything getting better 
I've been abused in every way
No one gets a shit about the grave I've been digging

I know you don't read my poems 
So you don't have to act like you do
See I'm just...

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I've been enjoying the death of my mind and it's clear for everyone can see

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Fight For Love

His just trying to make it home 
They call him faggot for wearing makeup
Tell him to be more masculine
No wonder he wants to end his life

Unfortunately we all suffer from depression
In the cages that the government sets for us
You can protest for something better
They're shoot you with a rubber bullet and call you a monster
It's contagious that baby boomers never had it bad
Their parent...

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Peaceful Days 2

Mentally abused all his life
So he cuts himself to fill if he's alive
They say suicide is not a way to go
He's never known what love Is
Never good enough for everyone
Where was his peaceful days?

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