I Can't Understand

Can you run from me? 
I was the devil 
You was the sinner
Beckoning radiance of love
Please don't for get me?

I've seen light pour from your skin
Can I worship at your altar of delusions?
I'm only asking because I want to be 
A creep that takes everything
Can I bargain with you 
I'll keep you safe if you end me 

I can't save myself 
From the blood dripping down your vines
Is this ...

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These Year Have Took a Toll

I used to be an artist, with poetry in motion I've fractured my soul and lost a part of my heart on this empty road. Now I'm an empty vessel quarantining memories that have already gone.
Slow decay, a buffet of memories that is already went away. Suffocate on dreams that's long forgotten fill the holes with the happy memories for the terminal illness of sadness will always remain

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