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A Lonely Memory

I wanted to tell the story of us
I realize you bring the better version of me out
I fell apart in the shower the night you left me
Is it better for me to say goodnight?

I became friends with straight razor and a lighter 
I can't fall asleep lately 
The nightmare of you dying in my arms is on the repeat
I fell apart in the shower the night you left me

So tell me what's good about my sit...

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Southern Belle

I should have told you this a long time ago
I miss the alcohol on your breath
I should've never let you out that day
I should have hold you down in the bed
Should have told you how much you meant to me

Never regretted much but these things I do
If I could go back I would hug you tight
I'd never let go of you, have faith in me
I'll always be forever yours

All the promises my love I've ...

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The Black Annis

Leicestershire oh  Leicestershire
It's portaging on the definition of Blue
Eating lambs and children
Tying the children's skin around her waist like a trophy
Her howling is a terrifying fright
Don't go to her cave the oak tree in front
Don't look at her face Madness will consume
The Black Annis will kill tonight

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Pink Sundays

This isn't one of my normal poems
My intentions are pure and I'll always care for you
The delusions you've made around yourself
Is the layers that I keep pulling away

I'll bleed out for you
I'll die for you
It means nothing to you does it?
I keep matching with blood blisters on my feet
It's not enough evidence until you kill me

So cut me like a hog
My last dying words will be the wor...

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Relapsing, Pure Misery

Sugarcoat the lies you tell yourself
Slowly embrace the blood running down your thigh
What do you have to say for yourself?
6in down and still bleeding

you broke all the promises 
you told yourself you wouldn't do
What do you have to say for yourself?
There's nothing you can do about it now
Just burn the wound back together

There's no other words to explain
The dread that pouring out

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Words of The Waiting Man 28

Damn I guess death is a thing
Trying to make you feel special
Remember them days that 
You stay out drunk, I'd always walk you back
I wanted to raise you higher than the platform

It's unsettling how my head feels numb
I don't think I can smile anymore
This is what I get for trying 

Where's the bright side at this
I'm too tall to fit into the square
I guess you all can say I asked for...

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Falling Into Pieces

Always alone 24/7
I'm broken and bruised
Wishing you was here
So spare me a moment

I've been waiting forever 
I'm face down and crying my eyes out 
I've been bagging for you 
So why do I feel so numb

Could you save me from myself
I'm drowning without you

So spare me a moment
I need to know this isn't a nightmare
God if you could of understand 
This lonely road has been killing m...

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Dreaming of Firefly

I've been dreaming about firefly
There was me and her lost in a forest with kids
We were laying watching all the leaves fall
In this moment I forgot what sadness was 
A smile lifted upon my face I finally had my little family
A son that wasn't mine and a daughter that was 
The woman I waited for forever kiss my cheek
With these leaves falling I swore to protect my family

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Memento Mori

In a dark corner a unsettling evil drifts
Into the open-air of the womb that consumed
All light that was visible at the time
The boards are creaking miserably with a violent melody
I unravel the fabric laid around my body
With one spring of a movement I was vertical again
For death itself cannot steal the light no more
When I checked the floor was not cracking
For has my mind faded into in...

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The Old Ones

Oh Henry, Oh Henry
Your nightmares are getting worse
Into the ocean no one will come back
A city of green ooze pouring from nowhere
The protector of The Old Ones is rising
Whispering my child come join me
I'm sorry mother but the voices are calling

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Unreleased Poem

I've been trying to break this awful addiction
These sharp objects are whispering
Words wrapped around my throat
To end my existence in one sweep

I know you don't want to hear it
This melancholy rainstorm has a hold of me
I'm not worth saving 

Lies never got me anywhere
But telling the truth got me here
With roses burning out your ears
If it was up to me self-destruction 
Wouldn't b...

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A Letter To Firefly

I hate where I am In life 
What's good about breathing 
When you only do it automatically
So can you tell me what good about this?

My mind misses her more then Hou Yi and Chang'e
I'll die young if she could live forever
I need her to be happy because I'm miserable
I tried to sell my soul for her to be eternally happy
Find out that we're both depressed

She's the reason I'm still alive

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Love Me Please?

Please don't abandon me like everyone else
Beat me up bring me down it's okay my dear 
Just don't leave I don't want to be left alone
The voices in my head say that you truly don't care
They want the worst for me everyday
It's not fair blissful ignorance is the only way to be happy

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This Is Decaying Alive 

This is the end of the road if I relapse
Tonight there won't be a coming back
All these sharp objects looks so inviting
This is decaying alive 

I miss you it's that something simple
I guess I'm the only one that's left fucked up
Can someone please help with this void
It's all consuming and there's not much time left
The wolves are all around and I'm not much of a fighter anymore

This ...

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Cafe of Blues Coffee (Roots)

entry picture

The way she showed courtesy
With them big blue eyes of hers
To the way she speak calmly to the voices in my head
Not questioning my sanity but letting it be
Showeds that she could truly be trusted in this lonely coffee shop
The way she pressed her lips against mine 
Allowed me to see more than just blue on this rainy day
For the roots of my heart find a place to grow



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Dear Firefly I'm sitting in this room sipping on coffee
Missing how the corners of your lips turn into a smile 
That would pierce through my melancholy
You'er still the girl that saved the world in my mind
I only stop time to save you 

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Dying In My Sleep

I've been chewing on my cheek lately
Thought I seen her today shopping
Burst into tears so I had to leave quick
It's not fair I'm so lonely and missing you so much
I puked behind the trash can only blood came out
I guess that's what I get for dying in my sleep
Wake up gasping for air having a major headache
These last years have done some permanent damage to me
Firefly if you only knew how...

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