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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She was the woman that fought for the nameless
She was an icon too many
She was a trailblazer
She may not be here anymore
She should always be remembered 
She fought for equal rights
She was the Notorious RBG

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Firefly Truth?

You're the type of girl 
That can make me jealous 
I don't want to see another boy around your waist
You pick snitches and cheaters you
Haven't had a real man in so long 

Don't get me wrong I was the absolutely worse back then
I've changed a lot since then
So how long are you going to pull these poor boys strings?
The truth is I know you more than you like 

I know you're devious  

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Life Story

I can’t do this anyone
I can’t keep lying to myself
I’ve been walking but my feet is bleeding
So hold right there

I’m pessimistic without an rainy day
So what’s the awareness I’m looking for
I’ve been playing with the end

So you win I can’t keep these up
I can’t breath anymore
I’ve saved some friends from the end
But they wouldn’t do the same

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Soy Sauce Flavor

It's okay to be over emotional
To all the people that calls you toxic
That really shows their maturity
Running in circles like they're an ass
They can never understand being an emotional wreck 24/7
You beg for suicidal thoughts to end
There forever until you stop breathing
I'm not weak I have to deal with Suicidal Thoughts every week
So I'm braver than most I haven't took my life yet

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Boys don't get hurt
Boys don't have feelings
Boys can't be the abused
Shut your mouth right now

Boys can't be sexually abused
Boys can't be abuse by females
Boys Don't struggle with depression
Shut your mouth right now

Boys don't have abandonment issues
Boys don't have panic attacks
If they do there're labeled week
Stay strong don't let them get to you
You're allowed to have emotio...

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The End Soon

I just wish I was everything you wanted
I wish the devil didn't sour the air
You're like chalk on a chalkboard
Your toothpick stabbing in my foot

I hate myself for loving you more than you could love me
I"ve only wanted your hand in forever 
The slightest bit of red in my carport
I'm a fork in an electrical socket

I can't be the same without you 
I know the end it's happy 
It's me al...

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No Smoking In The Coffee Shop

All I wanted to do
Was spend every day with you
To hell with that, you had to leave
To hell with that, you had to leave 

I wanted to spend every day
By the fire holding your hand 
It's been about four years now 
Time not been nice for us 

So could you understand it's all fine 
Autumn's coming and I'll fall with the leaves
I'm going away for a long for a long 

All I wanted to do

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Light By Death

I'm becoming so jaded 
That the green is oozing out of my skin
I don't know what love is 
I've never been shown it

I can't fix myself 
I stop the PTSD turner into another anxiety attack
I just want to stop breathing 
So the pain can fade 

If I could just turn my brain off
I don't care if you love me 
Please just go away 

I've got two weeks 
Until the world stops 
I'll never be o...

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Words of The Waiting Man 35

Listen to melancholy chemicals
It's like a candle burning on both ends
I never know when to let go until I'm already burnt
The crumbling foundation is all I have left
The scenery will change but I'll still feel the same

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Attachment Anxiety

This abandonment issues 
Has my attachment anxiety
Oozing out like a black sludge

If you show me, love 
I'm holding on forever 
I don't know how to let go
You know you'll mess with 
My head until I break again

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