Debate Me

Why do you hold your anger so tight?

You know all your rights but you don't know what's right,

Why do you think that your tribe is so strong?

Have you ever considered your tribe may be wrong?


Why do you shout to drown out my voice?

Let me speak, you can listen, or not, it's your choice,

Why do you think that I must use your words?

Is yours the only voice free to be heard?


Am I so "Wrong" and do you so hate me,

That you won't debate me, perhaps educate me?

Perhaps I am wrong, maybe that's true,

But how will we know if I can't speak with you?


Our right to express ourselves came at great cost,

Each word was won with a life that was lost,

Let's not make that sacrifice seem a bad choice,

Shoot down my words, don't shut down my voice.

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