Can this exist?

Or, Am i stuck in this mist.

Will this produce?

Or, will it be cut loose.

Will I cry?

Or, just act like another normal guy.

Is this normal?

Or, am I the only paying at this toll.

Should I act okay?

Or, think of something to say.

Am i thinking too much?

Or, is it okay to crave your touch.

Should I lay off for a bit?

Or, be your heart’s first-aid kit.

Will she be scared?

Or, understand I can repair her heart that’s been teared.

Should I tell her?

Or, keep myself in the shadow of this fading blur.

Will she understand?

Or, am i going to be just another grain in her sand.

Will she be okay?

Or, think twice next time about how she says “Hey”.

Can we still be friends?

Or, will this be one of those rough dead ends.

Can this exist?

Because, I want to be on the top of her list.





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