Why I Voted Leave

Something divides you and me,

Plain as day for all to see,

A multi layered bureaucracy,

That was once called the E.E.C.


It started economically,

But then it grew, politically,

But sadly we can all agree,

It's not a true democracy.


So many died for you and me,

So many spilled their blood you see,

So many gave their lives that we,

Could live one that was truly free.


And not just us, they did it too,

They fought for what was good and true,

They did all that they had to do,

To make sure tyrants paid what's due.


I love our friends across the sea,

I wish our union could still be,

But surely we must now agree,

It has to change politically.


Our votes they came at such high cost,

Of blood that spilled, of brave lives lost,

That to truly honour every drop,

Each vote must count right to the top.


And this is where the problem lies,

For this system in demise,

This multi layered bureaucracy,

Could be a true democracy.

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