Builder's Shitty What a Pity

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Builder's Shitty What a Pity


Builder cannot take a joke

What a crying pity

Incapable of joshing round

He just gets really shitty


He hasn't yet quite worked out

That when he counteracts

With fangs and fire and venom

I'll just keep coming back


(Seems bit dense to me...)


The Builder he has made himself

A target for satire

It's just all bluster, hot air

His venom, brimstone, fire


I really do not understand

Why he just can't take

Himself off his high horse

And discourse adult make


'Twould make the site much happier

With rational discussion

Instead of spite, agression

From out his mouth a'gushin'


It is all straight and forward

As all good WOLers know

Just take a joke and josh around

Sing hidee hidee ho


The moral of my verse is

The moral of my ditty?

Enjoy my jokes and josh along

And don't catch 'Builder-shitty'


You haven't heard about this?

This type, called 'Builder-shitty'?

My doctor warned CONTAGIOUS!!

You treat with pills called 'Witty'


He gave me much prescriptions

To last for many years

To make this 'Builder-shittines'

Come out when it appears


I said yes thankyou doctor

It's gonna take a fight

To get this 'Builder-shittiness'

All cleared out from the site


The Builder hasn't worked out

(Also dense to me...)

That Aussies we are fighters

Don't give up easily


From your icon don't know

If you guy or gal

So picked my pic at random

To match my gal with Sal


So cast your barbs, your venom

I just don't give a toss

I'll just deflect them back at you

Because? It's all just dross


Don Matthews January 2019

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