Don't Try To Be Happy

Don't try to be happy, you'll set your sights too low,

Accept you need adversity and pain to help you grow,

Don't fear sadness, it's part of who we are,

Without it we are shallow grinning fools who won't get far.


Don't seek comfort, unless you've first felt strife,

It's easy to be lazy when you've lived the quiet life,

Don't fear pain of the body or the soul,

Take it and embrace it, let it drive you to your goal.


Don't seek love, unless you give yours out,

In giving you'll receive it in the end, of that don't doubt,

Don't fear anger, but don't let it take control,

Learn to master it and hone it, let it fortify your soul.


Don't insist you're right when you know you might be wrong,

Admitting to mistakes is a sign that you are strong,

They say, " Don't suffer fools," but that just isn't true,

Because fools have as much right to walk the earth as you.


Always tell the truth or at least try not to lie,

It takes a lot of practice but it's worth it if you try,

'Cos when you've nothing else and your voice needs to be heard,

You need people to know that they can trust your word.


Never needlessly be cruel, never hurt for hurtings sake,

Always think, "What can I give?" and not, "What can I take?"

Always try to do these things as fully as you can,

They're the things that differentiate a boy from a man.

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