Grey Moon

I feel his hungriness

in me

away from the sun

his strength of desire

in the distance we run

seeking horizons

away from the light

like shades in the darkness

in the greys of moonlight 

I live in his eyes

in his ways of the night

as he bays to the moon

I prey for the light

I prey for the end

on this darkest of nights

I prey for an end

to this wolf in m...

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As the stairs twisted steeper

deeper into the prefect black

He filled his eyes with darkness

To see beyond the light


He walk with no conceptions 

And found to his discontent 

The darkness that he walked in

Was the absence of his life.

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Dead Anger Haunts


Then there they where       

Twisted emotions,stretched

Thoughts,push through veins 

nerves frayed,edges blunt

as we fumble for words;into 

silent moments.

We speak as strangers

though veins throb

as tension hangs

Breaths held; as we

wade into hopelessness 

Dead anger haunts 

our absent faces

Empty eyes that look away

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The lamp stood,distant


Its monotonous hum,

coalescing to

the sounds of the night

It’s arched neck protruding 

Casting sodium light onto

a still monochrome of life

Thoughts are drawn 

like moths to the light 

To flutter vainly 

In the still monochrome 

The hum of the night

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Sound in the silence

The sound crept alone 

unheard In the absence

Aware of its own being 

It ran

Like the peeling of a bells

Resonating through

Felt but unheard 

Loud with the pain

Absorbed with thoughts

Silent to others

Without empathy 

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