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Black roses

Her fingers spread

Black roses hang

in melancholic grip

And of her touch

of no remorse

pale fingers stitch

The frozen white of lace

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In the demeanour 

of seduction 

you rouse the dreams

of sleeping men

to be writhed

with torrid affection 

sleep as your guile

into the mind

to wrought desire into chain 

fetter harts to your will 

beguile souls to obsession

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It clings to you like a feeling

Personal, intimate 

like a second skin:

of eyes that stare;

perceiving your world. 

Every thought clicked; a motion 

To cleave its coils closer

To know you more

Than any lover can

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Grey smoke weaves


no succour for the soul

as flame licks, ascending 

no desire for judgement 

no awareness of heat

or holy cleansing   


flame does not know

of pain or purifications 

of devoutness or death 

of heresies or belief 

just that, what was

is now what is



Consumed new of god

of succour for the soul

of devoutness...

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angst of night

How you cling 

to the roof of my mind

That esoteric creature 

Of folded wings;

and hueless eyes;

of quiet gaze: resounding 


That creature of dream

Of unfurling wings

Of torment of mind and;

angst of night

of stretch of skin:

flit of shadow; in candlelight


With bead of eye; and

beat of wings; bedlam through 

the night you bring:

Like moths intr...

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I see you through

the glass of reality 

Naked; to the truth 

Bared; to my soul

In the unforgivingness;

Of honesty

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The beauty of Age

I see your face 

is cracking 


the flaking of old paint 

But beauty still remains;

in the Nirvana of

the final sun

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The lid of darkness 

Unclosed by prying eyes;

of light upon my face:

Too rest my head 

as shape upon a pillow:

Alas this cannot be

For morning seeks 

that stirring motion;

and life’s warmth betrays

the mortal me:

Alas I cannot languish

in nighttime’s 

bed of lethargy

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Under the Mountain

We will not pass through, this world together 

Our presence - now times apart:

I descended into the mountain 

Time worn, to the smoothness of stone 


I dragged you back - you filled my eyes

to the clicks of a Rosary 

I prayed for me - did you prey too

Or did you fall; into emptiness 


I reached for you

A hand with broken fingers:

Under the mountain - the weigh...

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Crows Winter

The caw, crows no more    

held silent, in gape of hoary beak;

bleak eyes see eternal

through the mask of winters storm

But as the cold winds blow

through the bare limbed boughs 

the spirit of your freedom;

impales you high into the sky

your blackness to be immortal

so fly now high and mighty

to soar the winters storm

For you will be forever 

the voice of winter...

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The thought was traceable 

Back to your heart

As you yield 

your love and flesh to me

Your grace, with passion, 

In our desire of

flesh on flesh

I give my soul to you

For we shall yield together

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Time has Fallen

cold is the loss


as strangers pass - within us


this emptiness - is all of you


bereft - is that smile I miss of you 


that warmth, of brightness


so near was I - that moment of truth,

                           when I met your gaze


in reality, I lost - for love felt

                             was my insecurity


time has fallen as tears - ...

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I feel the freedom 

you gave with your life

Those who fought for Liberté 

Your mettle to my ipseity,

Like wind to my face,Your 

touch to my freedom

through all time  

Born by your death

the strength to our hands

The ideal of Liberté 

like grain to the land

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The cello player

pale light 

through the darkness 

that Indomitable flicker - of eyes


       desire, passion - to the edge of

                                   That perfect moment 


vibration - the strings

trembling fingers - create


         tenor, illusion - inner thoughts 

                                   invoke supernal emotion


within our sight 

through the da...

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We’ll meet again


Even as the passion spoke

in the warmth of love 

of the last embrace 

She knew the words

where lovers lies 

Spoken for comfort

in their last goodbye 

Thoughts they run 

to a distant shore

Where death awaits

and last thoughts lie

But remembered is 

that last embrace 

As only she, remembers now

How dead men leave 

their grief in harts


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death couldn’t take you

life held you; close, intimate 

to the warmth of its chest

In the shroud of its breath...

Air heavy, hung close;

Crushing words to whispers...

hidden within; within life itself;

that you never understood

the embers of pain, the heat

like hot coals to the lungs, 

as you grasp, scant air 

pulled with the breath...

close; closer to you 


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The Opal of my eye

Pearl with lustre 

The moonlight 

of my skin

Opaque with opal 

the sheen I glisten with

Delicate with beauty 

My hart hangs from my chest 

Benevolent, my hands

As I bestow my loves; caress 

Emerald the green;

the desire I

leave you with

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Seeing the light

I watch from

The height of obscurity 

Looking down,

not god like.Simply I, 

gazing from reclusion 

Towered in the sky,


the whole world before me

painted to the horizon;

Pressed against the glass

Unaware of my touch

Upon the latch

Of the caress

I feel as loneliness 

I wonder of life 

How vacant am I.

To open that window

And let my life fly....

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Your persona drifts

trailing, thoughts heady with desire;

in your wake, 

in your dancing, fleet of foot;

eyes, rest upon your face

sounds; the hounds are baying 

Your blood, soon

 to be fresh upon their lips

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Death of a doll

your breath wails


                forlorn hope of oblivion


to close your eyes too


disappear forever


                   that black smile 


cut across your face


                     But death waits


As the pin stick, passes through 


                       Your hart


But not your eyes



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They step

from the darkness they step

as the light simmers with heat

silhouettes harsh like 

statues against the glare

feracious Streets hum,

low pitched as 

figures flow, stirring the neon air

shrill notes scatter, wildly

piercing before they fly

vaulting high into the night 

Harbingers of death

as the night turns to hell

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Past Window

The plate glass grinds

Splinters in polished; Eyes

that desire to touch

that release from longing


To see that past child of mind

Withered within this flesh

Eyes bled dry; Husk

of disused memories 


For hopes have withered 

Into pasts recollection;Windows 

into our lives, displayed 

To gaze, In self reflection

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cool walls siphon, taking reason;

closing doors to your thoughts 

as your presence aspires;

to draw life’s warm breath 

Insentient limbs, silent.               

to your will

aspiration unheard 

No scream, no tears to the eyes

loss gains.                                    

blind is the stillness;                        

you do not hear.

The falling step

To ...

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The Hurt bleeds  

when they cut

when the tongues scythe;

through,behind your face 


silent cuts

that stun before the pain

that runs, to aimless eyes

of disbelief 


Your mind grasps

For what was lost

For what was taken; by

Sharpened tongues, that reap

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Bare eyes to the world

You speak awkward 

Struggling for words

Yet you captivate

with your desire to be

Someone who cares

In the clean gaze of your eyes

Honesty is a realm 


I drink in your tears

They cleanse my mind

And bathe my soul

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Within the wind

How the wind deceives 

With its taste of freedoms touch

caressing the dream laden 

with distance

No further from this place

Within the wind

a field with a view

seems a world away

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It was,it was not,

it existed as nothing

Eluding creation 

unseen, unheard,


Veiled in darkness 

present,by absence

It was, it was not

before the beginning;

then into existence 

and after the end

Hidden in the eyes

Of the gods

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Red Window

Opaque face, 

gilt with the art of lust

desire used,

a product to consume

When lips smile,

as the grin swallows 

an  inch at a time,

the palpable loss 

to the soul

From sentient being 

to the cut price of flesh

Trick for the wheel, 

tolls for the pleasure

Bare to the world

Two sides to the pane

Eyes at your window 

Gilt with the art of lust. 

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His Demise


emptied him of time

as the solid drains

Ephemeral moments 

lose passage 


Beneath his boots 

fissures crack,his

monuments crumble

new shoots climb

to his demise 

his old coat worn

to be hung

Upon the new

to sieve heartbeats

for their precious 


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From winters bleary 

eye you stir

To wake from slumber;

Of nature earth

To breathe as mist

on this first spring morn;

To awake the land 

that in torpors gip,

has lain this winter past 

And with your breath;

life is borne

To this bleak and somber land

With running sap and;

Bursting bud to;

Rouse the promised land

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I see no face,of moon


a different angle shines 

as seas of green push

white cap surf

to reflection in my eyes

to hear the sounds

that pull the the waves

from shells

to listening ears

as in the sand

beneath my feet

the ripples disappear.

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Owls eyes sharp

Silent beat of wings

Talons reap

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When the wall falls

into your head 

Lost In the rubble

of a broken mind

Debris collate 

Misshaped, malformed,Into

hideous creatures of self malign;

intent on destruction

Of your beautiful mind

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Like Eve

From what space did you fall

Like eve into eden

As sudden as it was

It seemed to pass forever;

Into reams of dreams

Lasting like an ocean 


In the cool blue of your eyes

I taste 

the forbidden apple

In the beat of my hart

The blood red

stab of desire

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The stone of time

It is all as stone

As the shadows pass

Withering to the new 


For forlorn wishes have

ripened into empty hands;

emptied of futures worth

A passage back to the forgotten 

So they may think anew 

With wit and guile to triumph 

To carve their day in stone. 

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The path lay 

Nowhere special 

Leading to steps 

that descended 

A wall lined ally


Paved with warmth;

Life lay basking 

Absorbed in the walls

like the warmth 


I left a memory 

Still living

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Edge the hog

I’m edge the hog

been running the road

dodging the rubber

on the darkest of roads

Seen many a good hog,die;

laid flat to the road

for getting the red eye

while running the road. 

Maybe I’m unhinged

adrenaline,drug king

but dodging the rubber

gets me into the 


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Pilgrims Choice

Heaven come

take me from this road

It runs too straight and narrow 

For I do view the distant light;

Further away from me

So hear my voice and feel my plight 

from this endless path I follow

For a pilgrims choice I have made

So can I die tomorrow

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As the crow flies

Fate casts the die

As the crow flies

in my mind

The world meanders 

towards my fall

To where;

 the crow,can never fly

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Grey Moon

I feel his hungriness

in me

away from the sun

his strength of desire

in the distance we run

seeking horizons

away from the light

like shades in the darkness

in the greys of moonlight 

I live in his eyes

in his ways of the night

as he bays to the moon

I prey for the light

I prey for the end

on this darkest of nights

I prey for an end

to this wolf in m...

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As the stairs twisted steeper

deeper into the prefect black

He filled his eyes with darkness

To see beyond the light


He walk with no conceptions 

And found to his discontent 

The darkness that he walked in

Was the absence of his life.

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Dead Anger Haunts


Then there they where       

Twisted emotions,stretched

Thoughts,push through veins 

nerves frayed,edges blunt

as we fumble for words;into 

silent moments.

We speak as strangers

though veins throb

as tension hangs

Breaths held; as we

wade into hopelessness 

Dead anger haunts 

our absent faces

Empty eyes that look away

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The lamp stood,distant


Its monotonous hum,

coalescing to

the sounds of the night

It’s arched neck protruding 

Casting sodium light onto

a still monochrome of life

Thoughts are drawn 

like moths to the light 

To flutter vainly 

In the still monochrome 

The hum of the night

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Sound in the silence

The sound crept alone 

unheard In the absence

Aware of its own being 

It ran

Like the peeling of a bells

Resonating through

Felt but unheard 

Loud with the pain

Absorbed with thoughts

Silent to others

Without empathy 

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