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He walks in time on withered legs

The weight of life and death upon his back

And around his neck a pendulum hangs 

Swaying to his beat 


He sows, he scythes gives love and grief 

The steady pace of time 

And lives he reaps to history’s keep; 

Succumb to the march of time

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child like

the snow whispers, gently falling 

a child like dream revealed

Crisp white snow 

upon a starched white path 

To a wonderland I will go

To make a footprint 

To slide along

To build a snowman 

a carrot for his nose

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The red wood



What can I give 

that you have not taken

In the red wood I followed 

withstanding fear

And bled true passion 

from within my heart 

The hart you betrayed 

to use against me


You corrupted

what was freely given

Deceive and abused

what once was love

As blood bleeds from 

that cut to the throat

My blood for

your existence 


As I fall i...

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Ochre stained thoughts 

fleshed to the rock

finger withdraw 

from the space conceived 

Here, I am this space 

But you know me not

But in millennial you’ll see 

with intrigue 

That once I was here

And wonder of me

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Do not wander into this fearful night

Do not wander into this fearful night 

For he who covets darks eternal life

Will bid you aside from gods lucent light

Into the domain of eternal strife


Do not wander from the refuge of light

Do not wander into this dreadful strife

For he will deceive with all of his might

To lead you away from god lucent life


He who stands within the darkest shadow

and fears th...

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The falling man

The form breaks in vibrant heights 

To fall like stars from heavens sky

And visions writhe as scarlet tears

Torn by thorns of others eyes 


Malign words rake your maladies 

The Dissolution of your mind

Word for word of your mantra built

To fall as dying stars

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Must I await you 

Cleaved by emotion

Like a limpet 

to a rough sea wall


Do I await the tide 

Though it ebbs

To a distant shore


Surely as moon and motion 

Move the vastness of the sea

Surely my emotion 

will bring back the world to me

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His voice was laden

guttural sounds heaving words

the weight of lead

Sagacity spoke 

winnowing lies like chaff

from the grain

And within his mind fell depth

a deepness

welling from the soul 

pouring forth his wisdom

softly spoken in dulcet tones

His eyes smiled; veracity

Of truth Sagacity spoke

Gentle with a giant touch

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His voice weighed heavy

guttural sounds, heaving words

of weighted lead 

Winnowing life to the grain

Chaffed with dark humour 

His eyes smiled; an edge of wisdom 

Gentle with a giants touch 

Wrought from; the fire of life

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