Monochrome Secret

Known only through shadow 

to your light

Through the clearness seen

Perceived from

where others 

view secrets through glass eyes

thoughts to the past


future events to

Colour the  monochrome

with knowledge

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Death of Belief

What is this life

then to you


With the hand that stabs

twisting deep into the flesh


To take what is not yours

because of your opinion 


To inflict with steel


The core of your belief 

into the body of my soul 


To make me conform

To make me Kowtow 


With my death,I rebel 


For my soul

You will not torture.

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cut copper

At first light 

A burnished bronze horizon

peels back the moonlit sky

revealing ambient scenes 

cut crisp by autumn air

relinquished,they fall;

blushed coppers,

caught on a breeze that weaves

swirling like a river

through the bare limbed trees

they flow all around the woodland

to settle upon the ground

a carpet of cut copper pieces

the autumns rustling sound.

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Seeping River

The river flows turbid

barely moving

Stagnant with thoughts

from another’s dream

Despair conveyed

with reproachful faces

The detritus of a decaying mind 

The faces swim

gaping mouths broaching

Their lidless eyes stare


Slow eddies

draw my mind

Drain white my face to hear

distorted cries

Pulled down to depths

I sink

before the flowing wei...

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You knew what I would do

If you opened the door 

I Would fly

To the woods, to the fire

As the rope swings

I would not recall the warnings;

you gave,at my released 

I would hang to the death, until fingers released

Walk,until legs were sore and embers lit the ash

Then with dirt covered knees, I would recall

A home, with a door 

From where,the pigeon flew

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Shadows stretch

and shadows yaw

Death;a flame that flutters


Clouds chased high,moonlight flickers

the cool breeze blows,and the stillness shivers

Darkness moves in places hidden 

Peering eyes revealed their vision


Doleful words;misfortune heard

to cast a spell on those who heard

In my head were hidden voices

strange is now,they scream rejoices



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Gaoler of dreams

Left unfinished by the dreamer

The book lay open

The last chapters never to be wrote

Left but unforgotten 

The fairytale that never finished 

Lost in a melancholic mind

The thief and the gaoler

of a dreamers soul

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Elegant Lies



you enter ghost like,

dwell,unbidden to my eyes,

elegant with flow,you memorise.

What immortal bliss you bear


Cool, calculated marble

hidden behind,the velum of your eyes

To fall, one and all to your lies. 

With words,you choose,you carefully abuse


To know is not to prove

The viper in your tongue, that I elude  

Is the deceit of anyone,that you ...

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If you dream,you are a traveler

Though to where,I do not know

Maybe to a future,

from where the rivers flow. 

If you stand upon the mountain

Or walk the road below

You walk in the direction,

to where travellers dreams do go.

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The old man and his Grammaphone

He cranks the gramophone into life

Spinning back the years to a younger life

To where their memories were made

To the tunes of seventy eights 


Emotions played from memories 

Cut crystal,tears,as eyes regress

into the malaise of memories 

his stares, reliving all their love     


His face as grained as old dry leather. 

Grim with loss of love

as Sewn to bone,t...

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Empty Hat

His face smiled

One twitch 

From anger

Eyes imploring Sadness 

One blink from madness 

Stuck to the road

He owned a bench

Daily he sat waiting;

For an upturn

In his empty hat

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The Pinnacle of it all

To the top of the mountain 

you carry your dream

Hart worn,hard fought,

the pinnacle 

A solitary wind blows 

Touching the air,you reach;

Grasping the mirage 

of what you believe. 

Hands fall silent,laden with promise 

Eyes hung to the horizon 

Othere mountains,ragged peaks

their distance weary.   

Flags of achievement flutter, desolate 

Remembered, unforgetta...

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We bathe in the moonlight 

Silhouettes in eyes

Engaging the surreal 

Splitting open our minds

Fact fused to fiction

All truths and all lies

In the near and the distant

Without seconds of time

Encased within nothing 

Are we divine 

Surreal is the dreamtime 

Escaping the mind.

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Feral Man

He lies arched to the recess 

wily as a feral cat

This doorway from the world

his space,his patch;

His wall against life

The other side, their rat race

a trap for the unwary.

Turmoil gathers, wakening

Wryly he reaches for his caps 

One to unscrew

One to lay flat.

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Grim Faces

It hung from the gallows 

maniacal in mind;

a noose to your neck. 


You had not forgotten,

though you never mentioned;

the silent burden, weighing heavy.


The way bell tolled,

with the beat of your heart;

that gave no forgiveness. 


With an edge to  your voice;

you dragged yourself down.

Into the fathoms deep


With soul searching eyes 

and que...

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The day they died

My imagination was there;

Within the walls. 

The  information billowed 

like a toxic plume

The weary of hart

gasping for untruths 

The strong,bracing;

For the deluge

Bated breaths, silence 

Cut through the hum. 


Within the walls,living

They are not immortal. 

Under the sediment 

Life falls silent

My imagination walks

Ladened, in history’s gu...

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With her tune,she bound me

Her melody,from deep within

She played the tune,subdued me

With her violin 

She wrapped heart strings around me

And brought me to my knees

She pulled my soul before me

With her fingers deftly ease 

She drew the bow and slew me

I dance a deathly jig 

To the tune,that she plays me

Upon her violin

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Thanks Mom

Your warmth

permeates my skin

holding my  life

within your grace


The beating of your heart

resonates within me

a rhythm of life

that you bestow


Within Your breath

I am breathing  

without you 

I would never be


So I take from you

what you are giving.  

My life,My birth

My destiny 

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The Old House Lament

The rain stains the roofless walls

Rivulets run,in recollection

Timbers twisted,bleed the hart

Mind dwells,upon reflection 

Shattered glass,feeds lament 

Silence felt;The pasts absence

Breathing in these years

In another breath today

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I have walked

where countless have talked

Intrepid steps

lived in footfalls

Some Steps to many

Not counting the next

But the lost, the faltering

To where now is

a rambling world

Footfalls sure

Their world

Of talking heads

Wise words of 

shrunken thoughts

Narrowed,to their

point of mind 

I count,the next step

Lost and faltering

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The Last Leaf



Autumn falls 

Leaves of brown,

crunched with glee. 

Sun in grey skies,

your smile is seen. 

Breaths vapour,your life;

Crisp smiles in your eyes. 

Skipping waves of happiness;

Savouring life,in a cool autumn sun. 

Freedom breezing through your mind  

For those moments, you were free;And I

smiled with you. 

Then the last leaf falls. 

No more glee;


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It's hidden,just under the surface 

Eyes seeing,unseen

Like some crocodilian creature;

lingering for its chance. 

It's ugliness stalks

creeping in shadows;

Waiting,at the edge of fear. 

It clambers Unseen,unheard

into the corners of your mind

Then it screams and strikes

with its fatal bite. 

The bigot devours,all reason.

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From within you

You are within us


From where the flowers 

scream,Sun stained yellow

Hands pigmented

create before, your eyes

Drawn by piquancy 

Life is tasted, tinted

Painted into a world

A canvas lodestone 

The world through

Van Gogh's eyes.

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Lost in stone

Stone faced heads

Stand introspective 

Giving nothing from

thoughts once 

Hewen in stone 

Enigmatic sculptures

With lost conceptions 

Deep Thoughts

From primal minds 

Ancient whispers

From wind worn stones

Eroding from their future

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Let me into your desire

To feel the bliss

The warmth that surrounds you

heady with scent 

Lead me to your heaven

Where the stars fall within 

To grace your flesh

Let me give;your passions take

Allure your caress

Intoxicate me

With your desire

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It's their nature

Her lips

so gregarious

To find comfort in others

Lip gloss and fine liner 

Touting desire. 

High fashion bill boards

displaying invitations 

Of a Carnal kind

This Venus 

Traps the harts of many

To be seduced

The finale surrender 

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You entered my soul

through a hole in my mind. 

A neat little black hole

like the eye of a worm hole; In time.

Then enters your essence

a malevolent presence;

With pernicious,possesive intent. 

With insidious dissection,

parasitic deception,

you undulate, slither and wind. 

Disembodying my soul from my mind. 

With infectious corruption,

avaricious debauchment. 


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We are Sand

One head many bones

Corrupted flesh, hung with authority

Lives fettered by hands of woe

Coarse grains we flow

Pouring like hot sand

into the wound

Charlatans cure all. Austerity 

A soothing balm of desolation 

Their chosen words, like

wind on a barren land

Now the truth is solemn

The picking clean of polished bones

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The last Book

I'm drawn to perdition 

Allured by the word

I write,on my page

By reading these words 


The title is silent

An unspoken word

As I open,the bindings

I  unlock a world 


I entered in silence 

A mystical world

Written,on pages

With spellbinding words


Parched are the pages

Letters and words

Absorbing,my eyes

My mind and my world


I turne...

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The Weeping Tree

I grew so proud 

Decades past

Growing limbs

That would forever last


Through storm and gales

Flood and drought 

I stood so strong

I stood so stout 


So what leads to my demise

Is the horror in their eyes

The grunt the kick

The gasping choke

The tautness of a stretching rope


Decaying is their mortal flesh

Hanging there,not laid to rest

With ...

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February Morning

umbrageous night

Clings to a sky of aspic

Sinews stretch

To demands

Of a coming day

Cold wind bites 

Deep to the bone

A February morning


With Tallow moon



Dawn breaks

Through swollen clouds

Saturated air hangs

In Sagging skies 

Ladened with intent

The Morning trickles 

slow eddies 

Twisting to

The sallow face

Of day

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You stare through the silence 

Eyes still, in the night

Disguised in the shadows

cast down,by moonlight 

You gaze to the maze                             

of humanities sprawl  

Then into the alleys and 

dark places you crawl

You hunt, by the moon

Stealthy and light 

You are the boogeyman 

that hides in the night

Long are your fingers 

Skeletal tools

For p...

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Unforgotten Tune


Absence is taken

Handed by a given,loss

The shattered desires still linger

Embedded,fractures in the whole

Grief persists,dull splinters

The wound,aged and healed

Erupted,the melodies

Heard,and unforgotten


Dancing to the tune

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One look, I shook  

She terrified me

Her, tapping on her web

With a bite,she paralysed me

Her prey, praying to be dead

She spun a web around me

A shroud of the finest thread

Then dragged me to her larder


Fresh meat upon a thread

Face to face I saw her

A crown of glistening eyes 

Tears full of compassion 

Like a lover with her lies 

I hung, a silent...

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Away from the sun

Walk with me moon

I Gaze in your light

Reflect with me moon

In the still pool of night

Succour me moon

With your age you have see

More than a mortal 

Has a lifetime to see

My soul Is it mortal

Or will it transfigure to be

Part of the universe 

Far beyond what we see

With your silence you council 

Your reflection in me 

I see through your eyes 

What I ne...

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Stygian stare

Your stare

A faultless black

Devours all

Your darkness plunders

Emotionless you grow

An all consuming future

Condemned to your depths 

Time is reaped

All is pulled asunder 

Then crushed 

Into your 

Dark eyed 


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Fake News

He spun the words

Around his mouth

Wore them smooth

Then slipped them out

Here and there

In ones  and twos 

The people soon

Believed them true


Then spread his words 

From mouth to mouth

People angered 

To shout them out

Here and there

Then on the news

To spread the rumours 

Believe them true

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Something,you said

Follows me

From a space stacked,in time 

Catalogued to the past

You reach

Never forgetting me. 


Into this moment


You haunt

Touching the fabric of now 

Stirring the motes


Long corridors walked

Into my mind. 


Into this moment 


The pinnacle;

Of now

Into the here

Your foot;steps

Something,you said


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Stitched to your mind

The thread of life thinned;

to one sinew of thought. 

Stretching life to the limit 


The pulse fades;

light,lost to the eyes

The last thought,etched to the mind. 

What is tomorrow


The flatline ran,straight and narrow

Eyes pitched to the darkness

The future engulfs

Eternity fall. 

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Bone dry shadows,

peer from long gone eyes.

In dry white,resonates 

a previous mind. 

A life picked clean

from flesh and bone.  

A mortal body

to decompose. 

Death,like wheat 

the reaper sows.   

To gather in 

immortal souls.

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