Tomorrow Will Be 41

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Tomorrow Will Be 41


Tomorrow will be 41

Degrees, that's bloody hot

Table tennis cancelled

No-one to call “Great shot”




I'm gonna have to find myself

A place to vegetate

Seek, absorb some coolness

41? I hate


I could stay home and turn on

The conditioner, cool the room

But this would make my electricity

Account hit roof - like zoom


(Forget it...)


Another option for me

Is go down to the mall

Join all the squealing kids there

Who wanna have a ball


(Forget it...)


I could go to the library

The problem is though, here

They don't serve cappuccino's

Or ice-cold cooling beer


(Forget it...)


Hey Don have you forgotten

Your favourite coffee spot

Cafe Hillbillys down the road

It's very cool, not hot


(Problem solved...)


Don Matthews January 2019

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Don Matthews

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 10:26

Kate I hope you're cooler there
Must get my gin and tonic
Think I'm getting addicted
To alcohol, getting chronic

So while I sip my medicine
At 9pm my time
I'll sit at my computer
And think of UK clime 😎

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Don Matthews

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 10:17

I thought I had mucked up again
Had Trevor gone off, strayed?
I found UK's not Fahrenheit
But firmly centigrade

But hang on Don he could live
He could, indeed, he might
Be living in the USA
And using Fahrenheit

There is another option
Themometer's not worn out
It still works fine on Fahrenheit
It's not yet up the spout 😎

(rhymed in good fun Trevor. No offence intended)

<Deleted User> (19913)

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 09:52

You just made me look up the forecast Don. 😊

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Trevor Alexander

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 08:46

41 would be quite hot
in Centigrade it's true
but here we work in Fahrenheit
that's why my toes are blue

There's always options.... 😉

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