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Unnaturally Out of Place

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I could never be a poet

Of Nature and Place.

I have no literary skills

To describe how the ground

Gives way underfoot as

You walk into a bog unawares.

I don’t notice the coal tits,

Kestrels, grouse, pheasants,

Or even curlews with their curling call.

I know neither the names nor

Topographical features of

Kinder Scout with its downfall,

Mam Tor, Eccles Pike, or W...

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What I Never Told My Students About Descartes

When teaching Descartes, I dutifully described his dualism in detail.

 I discussed his importance as the father of modernism,

But also his common ground with scholasticism.


Together we examined the ways he attempted to prove God

And the reliability of both mathematics and his own senses.

Also, some biographical information including his early education,

Military service, tra...

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History of Philosophy in Rhyming Quatrains - the 20th century

Still working on 20th century and contemporary philosophers, but here are a few.

Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980 CE)


Our awareness of what is not,

Gives us unlimited possibilities.

We have radical freedom, but

The other’s gaze can bring us to our knees.


Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986 CE)


We are free and must strive for others to be free.

Men and women can strive i...

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I've seen you with other lovers

I’ve seen you enveloped in passion

Entranced and wandering aimlessly

In all consuming lust as you fold

Into taut skin stretched over

A well-tuned bicep shimmering

With the sweat of ones who

Would possess you,

Confiscate your love,

Loyalty, lust, passion, devotion,

Breasts, lips, thighs,

And even your new mountain bike.


I’ve seen you capitulate to complete


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Waking Life

“I just watched a movie,”

She said, “That was

Just like a dream.”


I had difficulty explaining

That she was dreaming

And had just had a dream

With all the filmic qualities

Of art house cinema.


Although she was comfortable in bed

With the covers nestled around her neck,

She had trouble believing me,

Because she is always in a state of unreality

When she ...

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History of Philosophy in Rhyming Quatrains - the ancients

Just for fun, I've been trying to write a brief history of philosophy by assigning one rhyming quatrain to each philosopher. In a few I try to capture something meaningful about the philosopher. In others, I just toss out some snark or irrelevancy. Anyway, here are a few of them.

Laozi (604-531 BCE)

If you can describe it,

Understand it isn’t the Dao.

But the Dao encompasses

All tha...

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Love Like a Cliche

You are certainly not a metaphor,

But you may be sort of like a simile.

You are my rudder and sails on a turbulent sea.

You are like a force that guides and propels me.


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