My mummy has a lovely pair

That's what my daddy said

And mummy loves his manly ass ;

I heard them from my bed


I'm not sure what it's all about

So I asked the kids at school

They said they didn't really know

But man it sounded cool !!

Innocencemanly ass

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Don Matthews

Thu 24th Jan 2019 09:14

It may have sounded cool Dave
In essence it was hot
A lovely pair round manly ass
(How long before he shot?)

(Shit Don you'll be kicked out of WOL - too risque
It's all your your fault Dave)

Now where was I....?

Now you can tell the kiddy
Them kiddywinks at school
That Don your friendly poet
Says no it isn't cool 😎

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Shuchi Batra

Thu 24th Jan 2019 07:32

hahahaha... I laughed out loud..



Thu 24th Jan 2019 06:40

Ha! Ha!

Adorable bit of sillynessmixedwithrhyme

Great stuff

Off to a smiling start to my day

what else could one ask for?..... MORE


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