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Everything is Funny

I had a beat-up Ford

That wouldn't go in reverse.

I lent it to my girlfriend

Who drove away........ 

and never came back.

Now I drink to lessons learned

And pray tomorrow's sunny.

And I hope your taking notes boy,

Because everything is funny.


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Also by Michael Triandafils:

Proud of the Weight | Songs For Your Quarters |

I am hope.

what used to hurt me

still does

what used to scare me

still does

what used to make me curl up on the floor

shaking to my very core

still does


I am constantly afraid that one day

I will come face to face with my mistakes

a tableau of painful regrets and aches

the times I said I couldn’t when I could

the times I said I wouldn’t when I would


the past stil...

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Also by Lily Petkova:

the things you left |

desirefuturegrowthhappinesshopeself loveSelf-beliefSelf-discoverySelf-doubtstrength

An adamantine distress

entry picture

Like a swimmer driven by a whirlpool of distress, Without a  morsel of hope, lampooned by regret,

In a storm of my own making; beseiged by clouds; 

I hide. Adamantly anchored to a despair, twenty fathoms wide

I'm riven by the whirlwind of my observable distress;

Starving and  alone, my anchor is the live-long day and yet, and yet, I fade away. 

Dressed in a black haze: dappled sunli...

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Also by John E Marks:

Nothing more | Trilobite | Stutterer | Semiotics | Bullet points | AN ACT of TREASON | For Anna Akhmatova | The rising of the north | Vanishing point | Solstice Song | Morning Glory | ONLY CONNECT | OTTO'S LAMENT | The Twilight Realm | TIBET | Granddaughter | The Unwritten | Paralysis | In the sixties |

loves passport check

entry picture


Now I shall unpack

From the attic of my mind

Pull it out into the light

From the place it's

been consigned;


Past their care less checkpoints


ignore the watching queue

shrug my shoulders and my wants

check the time

and walk on through.


Words and images Tommy Carroll


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

r e f u g e | The Woman at My Table | Dragging the luggage | Advice to the Elderly on Bonfire Night |


There is a pit inside of me 

A deep, dark abyss where the negative thoughts grow 

“I will fail” 

“I cannot do this”


That is why 

When I look at you, there is pain behind my eyes

Bleeding onto my cheeks 

Staining all that surrounds me 


This bubble of safety 

Does not always contain it 


This is what high functioning looks like 

From afar, it is well co...

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Also by Cait Abbott:

Silent Prayers; Delicately Heard |

Anxietychangegrowthmental health


There's one glaring all-important difference between Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson as the election

campaign gets under way..

The former is using his Party to protect and preserve Brexit whereas the latter is using Brexit to protect

and preserve his Party.

Those familair with the actions of a previous Tory prime minister who is often to be heard spouting pro-EU

stuff might call it a...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



It was those dreamy old songs on the Juke box

i remembered most – those flashbacks to the

past in smoke filled saloons – full of the South

London Docker types – hard drinkers who had

to stay out, what with a house full of kids and

bedtime not yet approached, and several pints

away before the missus  let the old man home

to the dodgy stew dying in the pan – poor guy

caught b...

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Also by Philipos:


Dear Valued Customer


Dear Valued Customer,

Our records indicate that you recently contacted us on 11/11/2019. We would greatly appreciate your feedback, even though we probably will never read it.


We just don't have the time like we used to. Cell phones and video games now take up

most of our time.  We did not go to college for nothing.

We used to be committed to world class service, but not anym...

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Also by d.knape:

Laughter 'Round The Table | Refrigerator Magnet | Through 7 Year Old Eyes | ANGER | Old As Rock | Every Post Has A Gull | Our Daily Bread | Deodorant | Do Not Die In The Fall | Widows | Bald Heads |

no more.

a child in your arms.
ice cream on a stick.
a class of students.
with a lover in bed.
church bells and rice.
a child in my arms.
a rocker on the porch.
a cloud of memories.

no more.


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Also by Fred Nicholson:

In the super market | the A, B, C's skip a beat.* | Seeing all too clearly. |

The Nearness of You

I try not to think of you

Try not to write to you

Try not to feel the urges crawling under my skin


It’s constantly there

I can’t turn it off

Obsessions only get masked by creating another

Yet distractions only last so long


My thoughts return to you 

Your hands and body close to mine 

You’ve never left me

Yet I feel you closer than ever before

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Also by Kimberly Ray:

In Need of Relief | The Nagging |

The Hard Problem

entry picture

Nobody knows what it is to be alive

or at least there is no description 

to satisfy all parties, as to when

the lights are on and why we’re 

any more conscious

than this rubber plant, say,

or for that matter this table

or bent wood chair.


They call this the hard problem,

the one the best academics

can’t plough their heads through,

that leaves us with only best...

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Also by Tom Harding:

The Secret of his Success | Thoughts This Morning | Now | Late Night Movie | Bad Influences |


In gilted gold halls

Between wealth wrought walls

Came the last of the self-pronounced worthy

Their dresses and suits 

Swayed to silver flutes

Music divine and unearthly

And the satirists would depict

Just how all were tricked

And subjugated without mercy


Each position maintained 

And anger reigned

In a rife and rapacious rancour

Each being to steeped to se...

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Also by Joshua Van-Cook:

The causality casualty | River amidst a forest fire | Polarity | Limerick | Sidelined Life |


entry picture





Hello darkness my old friend, once again I must pretend

On my face a smile so wide, hides the pain within I hide

A very sunny disposition, eludes, evades, my true condition

                                Within the sounds of silence

Painted smile upon my face, the truth wills out, when erased

Standing naked within the...

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Also by poemagraphic:

11/11 11:00 Memorial | Faking it | Heros Roll | The Goon Show ii | The way we were | Come On! HONK | White Knuckle Ride | Don't cross the line |


Shadow victim

entry picture

Such ignorance.
In the eyes of the unwary.
Of all that is to come.
Happily singing, in a world of their own.
Late is this hour.
The lonely walk home......
Hatred is rising not far away.

Terror flirting with shadows.
Malevolence prowling.
The scent of flesh is relived.
Tonight, seems right.
Under a bridge an entity awakens.
Stilettos chip away at lose tarmac.
A rhythmic sy...

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Also by Robert holyland:

Why write out loud? | Fields of Glory ( young hearts ) | Rotting Pumpkins | Dream invasion | The End without You. | All will be dust. | Deluge. | To forget me. |

The Oaken Pole

Hand me the yoke brother, sister, I see how much it weighs upon your soul,

It's my turn to take the strain, to bear the pain and your time to rest,

Let me stand in place of forefathers and mothers, let me shoulder the oaken pole,

Catch your breath and still the beating heart within your chest,

Fear not, I will not fail you, not pain nor grief will force me from it's bitter load,

My ...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Aftermath | "Never Never." | Innocent Eyes |

Vita hominum flos est


Inscribed on Emanuel Sweert's painting 'Florilegium': Man's life is a flower.

Like a flower, he comes forth, then withers away; 
like a fleeting shadow, he does not endure.

Book of Job 14:2


While I watched, her blossom

faded from the field

left no shadow


Now all life expects in this eleventh hour

we should revere lost heroes with a flower


But I shall not ad...

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The Place of Dreams?

As I am dreaming of spirit or demon

Driving me on to confusion of mind

Vivid then hazy my eyelids feel lazy

Limbs feeling heavy and fingers entwined 

Floating, show boating because I can fly

Let’s drink as I sink in this place in my sky


I go there, I cry there, not die there, not yet

Tossing and turning, mind churning a lie?

A place that seems tranquil, eerie and dry


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Also by Fred 'Rick' Varden:

The Druid |


The occupation


There is a small house in the sticks of the Algarve

It has been alone for a month and has taken the looks

Of an ignored older man who needs to change his shirt

Moreover, a hot shower.

I take it mice have moved in feeding on my duvet,

Moreover, I have to get rid of them don’t know-how

I could gas them, but I’m no sadist, I could catch them

One by one, rel...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

social housing | the demise | president Chirac | TV | the price to pay | an oddity | a dreaming joureny | the pace |

Running Out of Cotton Wool

entry picture

Running Out of Cotton Wool


You know I grew up on a farm

Could always have drowned in the lake

Died from the fall of a big tree

Or simply from treading on snake


And then there's the horse-drinking trough

Was always near top (pretty full)

Could easily have fallen from a galloping horse

Or gored by our favourite pet bull


So by today's standards

I'm pretty ...

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Also by Don Matthews:

Publish-Time | When You Get to My Age | Like-Minders Society Renewed Attempt to Heal Rift With Traditional Poets Association | Space Reversal | Listen Up There Rhyming Board | Good Question Poet Critic | Editor I Need Some Help Here | Poetry and Me | Once Upon a Time in the Land of Faraway Poetry Lived........ | OH&S Gone Mad | Anomoly of the Law |

Pull yourself up!!

When you're going through difficult times

And nothing falls in place as you planned

When the people you trusted the most

Are the ones to backstab you and cut you into pieces

When the love of your life you lose and depression overtakes you

When a heartbreaking tragedy swirls you upside down

When all your life's struggle goes waste after the success you attained

When your faith,...

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Also by Do.RoThy:

My struggles!! | At the eleventh hour!! | Khamoshi!! | The world of imaginations | Torn pages of the book!!!!!! |


entry picture

Goodbye dreams, you have left me for the last time
Phantoms in the boxcars of my mind, screeching down track
This first taste of cold is biting at my back, and I can't run fast enough

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Ardea herodias | Sleeping among spiders | Bacteria culture | Umbilical | Slave of the flies |

What am I to do? 

Anything at all? 

Is it any of my business? 

I've been gone so long. 

But I see it dying. 

I can't just let it die. 

But if it's what all others want

Then who am I to try? 

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Silent sounds of quiet quirky quiffs

Spent my destiny trying to find someone like you,
went through a decade worth of decaying decoys,
oing downhill with the destroyed disguise.

Spent my love on hoarding hordes of hatred,
yet just like heather hills you're calming for my mind.

And I, need to get away,
so why, keep on lying to my face. 

So this house was built by ordinary men and women,
powering through hustles while we sip on...

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November Collage poem: Grim but Good

entry picture

From spaceships of harmony

Into the fires of Hell

Mouldy undertaking no more


A trodden mind, angry in the Nut Bar

I need more than seven words, please


Neil Young – grim and grizzled –

Summoned by starship –

Says he can’t go because of his terrible I.B.S.


Drinking tears to dry up the well, pointless

Advertising tissues then.


She wasn’t always fifty ...

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2019grim but goodNovember collage poem

The frying pan test

Jim and Kay shared a flat,

Separate rooms,didn't want a brat.

Well thats what they told Jim's mum when she came to stay.

But Jim's mum was suspicious,what more can I say.


After she had gone the frying pan they could not find,

A week passed and Jim missed his crispy bacon rind.

He rang his mum and asked her if she had moved it.

"Ah yes, I hid it in your bed,you're sleepimg...

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Also by hugh:

Avoid building a Berlin wall between us and the homeless | The importance of teamwork | Sleeping rough in Westminster | Tom Sykes | The parliamentary "night shift,"left bereft ! |

The Bittern

The bittern booms - 

in desolation 

Accent of wind - 

cuts through the reed

The flatland listens - 

to isolation 

In solo passage - 

upon the wind

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Late Halloween poem |

The cosmos grunts

You enjoy highlighting
Your reproductive qualities

As if there was a shortage
Of people in the world

You project an image of 
Cool confidence in plastic

Your mantra is “No drama” 
As if the world wasn’t spinning

A thousand miles per hour 
On its axis

And I want it
Although it’s bad for me

Rotating at 67000 
miles per hour around a star 

I think I’m in love
But I don’t ...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Best Things | Geminis | my rationale |

Paradoxical Epiphany

entry picture

A lakeside photo was intentionally
displayed upside down,
and it took forever for
me to come to terms
with my feeling of

The muted reflection
established my Truth
of the world at that
moment, while I
struggled to accept
the clear and sharp
presentation of
existence upside down.

I thought of the paradox,
and suddenly realized
what Plato must have meant.

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Also by Randy Horton:

Ingress without Invitation | Where Authors Whine About The Poor Quality Of Their Readers |

divided linePlatoreflections

A strange feeling

I sit in shallow waters,

By the end of this bend,

Knees pointed toward the open sky.


I peer into everland,

Little bit more to wonder,

God I wish the rain would come.


It's a cold night,

Within this great december,

And I wash my clothes in the river bay.



Deadly mother,

I sleep in a position that's comfortable.


Frequent in the sha...

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A sparkling drop of golden rain

dripped upon my parchèd brain

It took a while to sink right in

but now my mind is fresh again.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

The Human Effect |


The Queen's Empty Pockets

I don't carry cash, not a penny

so don't dash round here with any


Hence don't send me fifty pence

I dont want a fiver, or a tenner either


Your money's no good here

It's small beer


Listen to what I say

You can keep your pay

I own you anyway

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Also by Brian Maryon:

A CIVILIAN'S PERSPECTIVE | The End | Baaaastard !!!! | The Uxbridge Road |



Our opinions, they are always changing,
And may be neither right nor wrong, 
And what one someone says is weak today,
Next they could say that it is strong.

Opinions are not definitive, 
And are not set in stone. 
What one may think is wonderful, 
Another may think of it and groan.

Opinions govern all our lives,
For they decide for whom we vote. 
And when it comes to elec...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Shopping | Disco |

OpinionsPoliticsStuart Vanner


But once a year

out of obscurity glory flares

in decisive moments every year

far from where bullets tore at the fabric

flags are hoisted high

to a grave whisper of tattered dreams.


No questions asked of why,

better to do and die.

Then the fabric is once more re-stitched

at small shrines again

tributes dusted down, candles lit

trying to make some sense of it,


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Also by ray pool:



When I built my road
I had all the help in the world
But it was up to me to lay the bricks
And it was that part, that sticks.
I'd pick a stone up in my hand to lay it,
Felt like all I did was betray
Myself and my own destiny,
I'd lay it where They told me.
Then one day I guess I had some sort of grand epiphany
The bricks laid down so gently when I focused on me
And a path began to form,

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Also by Josie Harris:

Letter to the Guys That Try To Date Me | Corporation Screw You | Victim |

breaking point

there was a time

when there was time

for now I'm distant

covered with grime


even without feelings

my heart speaks in mimes

shifting to reason

chanting with rhymes


hoping to reach me

trying to climb

a thousand years slime

I crafted around me

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World War

Remember remember,

the eleventh of November.

Where all the soldiers had a hard fall

and poppies stood tall.

Sacrifices were made

and soldiers began to fade.

Families were all unhappy,

whilst they cried tearfully.

Remember remember,

the eleventh of November.



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I See The Nature |

World War


entry picture

Whenever you stayed in that hotel you used to text me pictures of Chloe.
The painting had pride of place in the bar - a naked nymph in all her glory,
chestnut hair piled in a soft bun on her head,
pale skin pearlescent and radiant under the glow of lights.
She was an enigma. A temptation. A contradiction.
Vulnerable yet self assured. 
The pics you sent didn't do her justice.
Still, she was ...

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Also by Kate G:

Watermark | United Nations | Grey mountain | Man's best friend |

The carriage in the forest

entry picture

After three days of arguing the armistice was signed

in the French general’s private train

at a siding in the forest of Compiegne.

The Kaiser left for exile in Holland.

The military, unwilling to admit defeat,

still surrendered guns and planes.


No one told the people how bad things were.

A German corporal, recovering

after being gassed the month before,

a misfit who...

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First world warsecond world war

Felt Feel

entry picture

Felt Feel

I feel the King of my world

Alone as on a glacier

With only Nature as my friend

The rest of them ignore me

For this is what they do

When one is different

And a King all powerful

It’s fine though I ignore them



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Ongoing Situations | Cannot Be | Giraffe Extinction | Our Vets |


There's a town

There’s a town

Where there is a street

Where are all the cobbles polished

By the rain

Solid and set for good

Each and every house one after another joined at the hip

Slates cut perfectly aligned

Where the rain falls

In steady showers

Off rooves down pipes

From cast iron

Black as night gutters

And doors shuttered but never locked

Red steps meticulously cleaned


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Also by Martin Elder:

Born into this suit |


Far too clever for his own good

Deceitful and quite crafty

He got up to stuff that no king should

In fact, he got plain nasty


Killing folk and cheating death

Is not proper or obedient 

Thus when it came to his last breath

Zeus couldn’t be less lenient


Forced to push a boulder up a hill

But never reach the top

Could make a chap feel queasy-ill

If not allow...

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Also by David Lindsay:

The Other Side |

Greek mythSisyphus

Common Sense

entry picture

Mr Reel-Fogg came home exhausted after a hard day of talking. Those green leather benches were so confoundedly uncomfortable and one could never recline in peace.

After a brief attempt to assist Mrs. Reel-Fogg to achieve her ambition of having twelve children he fell into a deep sleep.

Around one thirty in the morning there was a confounded noise outside. He sent Mrs. Reel-Fogg to investigat...

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casualtiescommon senseescapefirefirefightingGrenfellinfernoLFBLondonRees-Moggtower

too good

i miss you

 i miss what we had

but i should've known

 it was too good to be true

 to be loved by you. 

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Also by marlie:

find yourself | you can heal me | haiku about you | the wait | come home | fuck you | above | roots | november 1st |


entry picture


A good place to start is Sydney Tower,
With its enthralling panoramic feast:
Olympic grounds - west; to north - the harbour;
And beautiful beaches - north- and south-east.

From what is quite a jumbled C.B.D.,
A good walk is through Botanic Gardens
To the harbour, Opera House, then the Quay -
But, of other good options, there are tens.

(C) David Franks 2003 ...

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The Folly of choices

One day you will see the folly of your choices 

Ihave always been there from suicide attempts to all your tormenting voices 

I have never cheated even through the pain i stayed true

All i wanted was a friend that had my back and it just wasnt you 

And these are regrets that you will never forget 

so get serious or stop useing me every time you get hit

And its obvious there is no ...

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Your screen goes black
The orgy of your show
Now done

The euphoria of empathy
Feeling your beloved characters 
All gone!

Foreshadowing that kept you on the edge
Clever plot that kept you clicking “Next”  
C’est fini!!

You regret your urge to binge
You mourn your loss
You self-soothe 

Then you wait 
And wait
For season two



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entry picture

Mercury retrograde is at the phase where it is giving us the chance to revisit lost opportunities with a second chance in sight. Useful to take note of whether you believe in astrology or not.



Clockwise has closed


Backwards beckons

Tocks become ticks

A reversal of seconds

Repairing the wreckage

Reckoning with time

Another chance


Before the


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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

Poements | Snow White Updated | Smile | Shadow Of Temptation |



You ask if I'm okay,
because I am 
unusually quiet 

I'm just tring to keep memories 
behind the flood gates
so they don't sweep me away
to a dark place.

Thank you for being my escape,
a bright light,
my way home, 
my touchstone. 

Your love helps ease the pain.
I don't mean to push you away.
There are so many things I want to say,
but I must go, feed Jake. 


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Also by Vautaw:

Cactus Kisses | My Secret Life | What is Poetry? | Breaking | Beautiful People |



The world turns

And so do I

Time moves on 

So I must follow

Night and day

To ride the waves 

Through each of my tomorrows

Changing seasons

The cycle goes

Those ever changing tides

To planetary gravity

I must and will abide

For I cannot control the time

Nor see where it will lead me

I have to trust and hold it's hand

Let Time guide me freely

One small...

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Remember & Reflect

entry picture

Life is a never ending raging battlefield

Freedom is a real live achievable dream

War and conflict are sadly a necessary evil

Liberty equality and fraternity reigns supreme

Lives are selfishly sacrificed for our survival

Lambs to the slaughter is very often the case

As politicians frequently decide our children's fate

Adversity with resilience we must ultimately face

Old so...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

A Guy Named Fawkes |

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