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Soul Food

I think we get confused sometimes, in fact I know we do. 

The curious mind trying to find something exciting, something new. 

Losing sight of our paths, forgetting that... all of this? It's actually a part of our journey. 

I think we try too hard to understand. 

To comprehend

who, what, when, where, why... how? 

I think we forget to live in the now. 

I think we try too hard to...

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White Lie

Lie to me 

I don't believe you

Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm wrong 

but believe me, I know the truth 

I can feel the emptiness behind your tongue 

speaking of fictional reality 

Try to fool me 

Eventually it will bleed 

I can feel my heart sink into my back 

oh you should have known

even the whitest lie is spoken by evil 

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white lies

Let Go

It's time to let go.

It's time to move on from the past, 

from whatever it is holding you back

The random pain from memories 

coming back to you as if two years was instead, two months ago

It's time to be free of all that is not meant to be

You know and I know 

The universe will show you which way to go 

Find true connection from within

Only then will you find clarity 


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Self-destructive beings 

This is all humanity 

Taking 10 steps forward and.. no steps back 

Our perpetual focus is what we lack 

Oh society, how blind can we be 

It's right in front of our eyes yet we ignore to see

We are the reason of madness 

The cause of natural depletion 

Is the constant hunger for more the process of our own extinction? 

Destroy the world to save th...

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Humanity aliens selfdestruct

Dark Days

In these dark days of gloom

The never ending uncertainty 

Whether you'll make it or break

You feel hopeless at the lowest low 

And the starvation for genuine happiness is real

A constant war is destroying your brain 

But there are always sunny days 

You must find gratitude 

Grasp onto it and feed it day by day 

Get up 

It's time to move 

Your mind is strong enough ...

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gratitude gloom happiness


I love the rain. How euphoric water from the sky can be. How it goes perfectly with coffee. 

I love the sun, the warmth on my skin. 

I love the moon, how powerful it's energy is. 

I love the beach and the ocean. Calm but so fierce. 

I love snowbarding, the exhilerating freedom. 

I love yoga. Connecting mind, body, and soul. 

I love putting pen to paper. Something about my thought...

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