Only the rivers run free

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In England we can pursue a ladder to the stars

Our nation's due a new beginning. Four hundred

Years ago we executed a king, a commonwealth

Came to be. The English peasant was the freest

In Europe. The millenarian Fifth Monarchists,

Evangelical Quakers, proto-democratic Levellers,

Libertarian Ranters, and communist Diggers.

It was such an exciting time to be alive and free.

All arose out of the mire of civil war. We must

Fight to be free. Nobody will hand freedom to us.

Syncophantic peddling of the Saxe-Coburgs

As the Windsors, as the 'Diana cult'  retards us

Makes us subjects not citizens. Demeans us all.

What is now proved was once only imagined.






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Sun 13th Jan 2019 19:03

Let us all keep burning bright!


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 13th Jan 2019 18:33

I'm still working on that Blake quote. The words about the folly
involved in riding a tiger keep intruding. Wrath is certainly to be
understood when oppression without recourse takes a prevalent position in our lives - essentially "the divine right of kings" pursued
by Charles 1 was the basis for what followed - and that, in turn,
saw a return of the monarchy in modified form that the people of
the time welcomed from what had been experienced in the interim
period...but without the bloodshed.
In recent history, the people have been betrayed (oppressed) by
the manner in which their elected representatives have kept them
uninformed of matters of huge historical importance - and this in
turn will undoubtedly see some powerful reactions and changes that will propel our nation's history onwards. Hardly an unknown

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 13th Jan 2019 06:09

In England and throughout this so called United Kingdom we often forget that this country killed a King in the Street to get where we are. Yes I'll say it again, we killed a King, what greater protest or uprising is there than that?

I used to think of that hypocrisy occasionally when serving in NI. I did though regard the IRA and INLA as my then enemy, really because they were attempting to kill those who wore the same uniform as me and people who identified with my then tribe. I did not hate them or disagree with their historic greivance. The way the tool is crafted into service is of no concern provided it serves its purpose.

I recall the song you have posted very well. I was a big fan of "The Wolfe Tones" whose version I prefer. Often after patrols we would return to our barracks and sing the songs of our sworn enemy, I used to wonder what that really signified at the time. I think I know now. Anyway here is a link to my all time favourite Wolfe Tones song.


Sun 13th Jan 2019 03:47

Oh! what a fantastically written piece of history.

That Blake quote is brilliant

Indeed John as you so eloquently say, we must fight to be free...

Now perhaps even more than ever.


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