9 The Hermit

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9 – The Hermit Inner Intuitions


Now that the fool has found his strength of heart and understands the lengths in which he will go to in order to obtain that Divine connection of gentle strength, he has now come to a point where he seems to find himself longing for a unfathomable connection with himself. A connection only found in the quiet, solitary reflections of one’s self,… which will once again take the Fool down a strange and fascinating roads of enlightened discovery. With now finding the gentleness of heart within himself the Fool now comes to seek a stillness of mind. The Fool now seeks to find with secrets within so that he can still his wondering mind. Here he will seek out the wise old Hermit and this is where the Hermit will show the Fool how to still his mind long enough so that he can hear his intuitive self-calling to him from the Caves of Solitude. Here the Fool will begins to look within his great halls of existence and here he will embark further on his path to self-discovery and self-awareness. By mediation and inner reflection the wise old Hermit will show the Fool a world beneath his own and by becoming a Hermit himself he will understand the value of quietness. The Fool will now begin to walks in the Hermit shoes and with trusting in the Divine the Fool will also learn to trust on his own inner guidance to lead him exactly where he needs to be. Within the Caves of Solitude the Fool will come to completely relying on his inner intuitions to be his guiding source of light upon his journey of enlightenment. Here the Fool will withdraw himself from the mundane world so that he may venture down deep into the caves of solitude in order for him to find a stronger sense of self-discovery and to establish a unfathomable bond with his intuitive knowledge, leaving all his mundane treasures behind, trusting that his path of enlightenment will take him to where he most longs to be, among the Stars to dwell amongst his enlightened Ancestors of Old.

And with the reminder of the Hermit red shoes the Fool knows that there is no place like home.


Interpretation:  when it comes to the Hermit there are many various interpretations for this card so the seeker needs to consider the question at hand. The complexity of this card ties in with the complexity of the individual doing the reading so try to consider that when interpreting this card.

The Hermit tells us that it is time to withdraw into solitary space and reunite with your Self. This is a time that you need to remain calm and rest. Meditate and contemplate on the situation at hand. The Hermit advises patience and a time of waiting so that you can better understand what is going on around you. This may be a time of keeping to yourself and that you are considering matters very carefully before taking any action. Be still, be quiet and listen to what the universe is saying to you. Your answers lie within yourself and only you can take the journey to discovering what they may be through the craft of mediation and trusting your intuition. You know your own truth, it is time to listen to that inner knowledge.

When the Hermit appears in a reading, it often mean that is it perhaps time to undertake a spiritual journey so that you can find the answers you looking for and also to find yourself once again, even if that journey is just a journey of true self-reflection. Sometimes we need to venture away from ourselves in order to find ourselves and often the world around us can get way too confusing for us to find the lessons needed for us to learn from them. Self-awareness will be one of the longest journey’s anyone could ever take in order to find themselves.

Something you are not aware of may be hidden from you and right now your world may seems very overwhelming for you to bare so there is nothing wrong in just taking time out to be still and figure yourself out. Perhaps a more esoteric solution is required in the situation and some form of self-reflection and a spiritual strength might be what is needed. Become aware of what you need to know but keep in mind, to do that you will need to step very lightly in order to find out.

This card could be telling you that you should take a more mysterious approach to your life and see who your true friends are. Take the time to be patient and completely aware of what is going on around you. Venturing into your cave may sometimes be your way of defending yourself and that is okay, but don’t forget there is a living world out there and it needs you to also live in it.

In a relationship question the Hermit could indicate that you are very solitary and seem to be in need of hiding. Depending on the situation maybe it is time to take that chance and trust in who you are and rely on what your heart is saying to you.

Maybe you should have a good look at your relationships you have and see the value of them and figure out what it is they mean to you. Maybe you are alienating everyone around you and distancing yourself for a reason, either for a good one or a bad one. Either way the Hermit tell the seeker that self-reflection is needed to figure out what it is they need to know. 

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