Poetico Ego Some

Wanted to write about the creative urge and how it relates to ego.  A bit philosophical, so Descartes' famous phrase I think therefore I am, Cogito Ergo Sum, came to mind for a title.... Not really polished yet, but see what you think...

Poetico Ego Some


I write therefore I am

What I want to be,

I read because I can

Have others listen to me.

I think I’ve found a rhyme,

And thought a new idea.

Three minutes is my time

To connect with all you here.

Self composed, life into words,

Scraps and fragments, voices overheard,

Frankenstein my poem I will create

I will show ‘em, ego I’ll inflate.

Leaving some kind of mark, 

Igniting a spark, receiving a nod,

As in the spotlight I deliver

The message from this poet God.

All about me, of course,

But all about me are others,

Most better, few worse,

Wordsmiths and rhyme-mongers,

Invite us with a hunger

To walk in their shoes, expose the lies,

To share the views, through their eyes,

Make laughter, tears or sighs.

Soul on the line, heart’s lows, love’s highs.

The pause at the end -

Polite applause some will lend

A fix of approval, rush of self esteem,

And not just your usual, same old theme,

I’m the next big thing, headliner of next year,

A poetry king, worship me here.

Why do we share the rumbling of our minds?

Why should you listen to the rambling of my lines?

My ego is unleashed, shyness pushed aside

May not be the best, but at least I tried

And who really cares, whatever I say,

But I’m at the mike, king for a day,

For I am a POET, don’t I just know it?

Like it or lump it, just please now showit….


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Don Matthews

Sun 13th Jan 2019 04:08

Cynthia/Mike - we are, therefore we write. Poets can't resist our inborn urge to write. You are right Cynthia. Sharing is a bonus. If others enjoy it, fine. If not ? Still fine. After all we write for ourselves? ...hmm ?

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Don Matthews

Sun 13th Jan 2019 04:00

Who really cares
What I write down
Just need to get it
Up from up down

That's why I write
To say how I feel
Take it or leave it
I'm trying to heal ?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 12th Jan 2019 15:31

Very interesting. And honest. I applaud honesty!

For me: 'I am, therefore I write'. I have to write. And such a poem then exists for itself. I have no logical explanation.

Sharing is always a bonus, via written WOL or on a 'mike' evening - especially performance which allows more personality to be involved, from poet and listeners.

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Paul Sayer

Sat 12th Jan 2019 10:12

Oh please please please keep banging on
don't stop

This is bloody great not a load of old rot.

Drop the mike

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