Switch On And Tune In

When it's all about to go sideways,

Theres a moment, for those in the know,

A moment that those in the know can see,

That sideways is how it'll go.


Like suddenly holding your breath,

And everything starts moving slow,

Then everyone hangs on that moment,

Afraid of letting it go.


There's a peace in those solitarily seconds,

You can feel the ebb and the flow,

There's a chance for the odds to be reckoned,

To prepare for the forthcoming show.


Those that have been here before,

Know to switch on and tune in,

While allowing their minds to wander,

And let their instinct kick in.


Then you wait at the edge of that moment,

Ready, poised and exact,

You know that the moment is passing,

And the next one is full of impact.


What's to come will be sudden and violent,

But you'll have to keep your head,

You'll have to maintain your focus,

'Cos losing it could mean you're dead.


Your body will work in it's own way,

Like a dancer that knows its routine,

It needs to be quick and efficient,

Precise, clinical, clean.


And then when the movement has finished,

And control of the other is won,

You assess what is left of the threat that was posed,

And hope that the fighting is done.

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 21st Jan 2019 14:18

Thanks Lisa, it's really appreciated.🙂

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lisa donohoe

Sun 20th Jan 2019 01:26

Blown away😃
Well done 💐

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